Chapter 5



The wave of fun, carefree and happy life strike me when I put my one step in. The loud music came to my ear, it's not I hate clubs, just that I don't have time to visit  , I guess it's my second time I'm here. First was on my 20th bday, when Grace take me here to celebrate. And that day I know that I have not even zero but negative tolerance against alcohol. I puke on random guy after kissing him that day and he was the manager of that club and we had been thrown out. And I'm sure I will do something terrible this time also. But one thing I like about club is you can live this moment without worrying anything, without carrying what will happen next just live in this moment. 
Mark take us in . I think I should give them some privacy, I feel like third wheel with them ," Guys! I think I should let you enjoy each other's company. "
" No!! Stay here. I don't want you to put any stunt  after getting drunk. " Grace said. 
" It's ok!! I'm 22 now not  20 , I know what not to do. " I said and slip from them and went to bar before they both can say anything. Alcohol didn't set me good but it was two years ago,  what is the harm in trying, right? 
I order myself one cosmo. I didn't get any company so far but who need company, I can enjoy with myself.
After having one drink down, I feel on ninth cloud, the music get intense, I forgot everything , all my worries and just feeling happy, very happy that I have never been till now. The voice of crowd is getting loud, and I didn't even know when I stand up and went to dance floor. With every beat my body is moving on its own. I feel alive again. I feel energetic. People said music is best combination with alcohol and  hell yeah it is. 
I feel a arm snaking my waist from my back. Only to withness those steel grey  amusing orbs I turn around. I doubt if anyone else have that color. His brown black hair were coming on his left eye. And his sharp jawline  as sharp as knife. He smile when I see him and those dimples anyone can kill to see those, to touch that pretty face. I feel like I'm dreaming, I never saw someone so  handsome and pretty. I blink several times  and rub my eye to make sure it's dream. No one have right to be this attractive. I closed my eyes hoping to wake up soon, but when I open my one eye to confirm  that I'm not seeing things under the influence of alcohol but he was still there looking at me smiling again. Hey!! Don't smile I will have heart attack. I want to say but those words never came like cat got my tongue.  But the only words came out of my mouth were, " Are you real?? " He chuckle after hearing me . His everything is perfect. Hell perfect. He's handsome like devil himself. He bent over my ear and said, "Yes!! I'm real." I got freeze. I can't believe someone can be this attractive in real life. 
I think I need a drink  from stop seeing illusion. I went to bar and order myself a cosmo. His voice again came," It's on me." Sending chills in my nerves. 
I gulp it in one go. 
"Heyy!! I'm Ayden. " He said while stretching his hand. I want to confirm he is real, I ping myself and them I pinch him. He is still sitting in front of me . Yes!! Now it's official he is real. " What happen??  Why are you behaving like this?? " He asked, looking at me like I'm some crazy. 
" You are too handsome to be true. " The word  came out of my mouth out of control. He laugh at my statement, but wait how can I say something like this to a guy. I should apologize. " I'm sorry, but you are feeling like a dream. " I said what I think is true, I really feel I'm was dreaming. 
He said it's fine. And then I  start blabbing everything  that is in mind I'm sorry again. "I don't know what I'm saying. It just this alcohol, I shouldn't have it. I'm blabbing things I shouldn't. But what can I do, I can't control it. It's just coming out. " But he didn't complain and said it's ok.  He asked me for a dance and we go for a dance. 


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