Chapter 8


The time I was about to get up by myself I feel cold and tired. 
Let's not wake up!!! My inner voice agree to me for the first time. 
I just pull my pillow more to me and hug it tightly, back to sleep. But wait a second why my pillow get hard it was so soft before and it's so big, did it increase in size in one night. But I prefer soft pillows. I quickly open my eye realising where did I end up this time drunk and on speed of light the whole event strike in my head. I get up and look at my left only to find that God like man sleeping peacefully and start looking at him, he is looking so handsome even in sleep. 
Girl!!! You should go before he wake up.... 
You got a point this time. I stood up and wear my clothes and take my shoes and phone and came out. Wearing my shoes I look around and found the place very familiar. 
But what is it to me let's go home fast and sleep. I came out of the building and what I notice is surprise that I never want and I also definitely don't like it. 
Hell!! This is building where you live..My subconscious . 
It's where we both like, not only me. I said back. My friend you really got no chill. 
But he live there too..... 
Do you have to remind me bitch.... I stomped my feet at ground in frustration. 
" Fuck!!! Fuck!! Fuck!!! " I shouted at the top of my lungs. And people around me look at me like I just came out of mental hospital. At least that's what I'm looking. 
I came back to my apartmentapartment and notice what I ignored last time. 
Do I have to be this unlucky. I get in my apartment as fast I could. Because it was really tiring to walk this much. My legs feel numb. 
Hey!! He is our neighbor, let's run away from here. 
Yes I should run. What the hell is wrong with my brain. I throw myself on bed as this whole information is  going alot for me to process. First, I went to some random club for finding a boyfriend on the advise of Grace. Hell, why I just trust her stupid idea. 
Second, I got drunk even know what happen last time. And third, I met that hunk there and ended up losing my virginity.

Say what you want but the sex was bliss.

Shut up bitch!!! Have you forgotten the one I screwed is no one other then our neighbor. What was wrong with my brain, why did I drink when I know I will do something stupid . 
Before I  ended up thrown out and got banned from that club and this time I ended up losing my virginity. I should never drink. I get up from my bed and take a paper an pen . And write in bold letters. 
EMERSYN, DON'T EVER DRINK. ALCOHOL IS BAN FOR YOU. And I paste it on my front wallwall of my living room where I will see it everytime and never drink alcohol. 
I think you need a doctor. 
Oh shut up!! Just shut up you. 
I need a shower now a  cold shower, I just make my self a mess. I went to take shower and thought what will I do if I ever come across my neighbor. And ended up coming on decision that I will act like I don't know him and nothing this happened . Perfect!! I said to myself . And just then I hear a door bell. 






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