Irresistible Invitations

Chapter 23

Zachary Pov

Something warm touched my arm and as I opened my eyes the phone was shoved right into my face as Juliette spoke in an irritated voice “How many times have I told you to mute your phone in the night? Even the vibration mode disturbs your sleep,” she murmured as she kept the phone right next to me and turned over to sleep. As I picked up the continuously vibrating phone, I frowned seeing the name displayed in the caller Id as ‘Ms. Cristina Dimir.’

Now, what does she want?

“Ms. Dimir, whatever the matter you even care to check the time before calling?” I spoke through a hoarse sound of sleep.

“Mr. Sullivan! Oh Thank God you picked up!” she cried from the other end that got my attention and suddenly the sleep went away as I grew alarmed hearing her distressed voice.

“Ms. Dimir? Is everything alright?” I asked as I sat up straight on the bed and threw the cover away. Juliette turned around and frowned at the my action before sitting up on the bed and looking at me while I spoke on the phone.

“Mr. Sullivan, I think I’m in trouble. Some people have followed me home from the time we left Mr. Lascar’s house after making the house deal that you wanted to buy. It seemed Mr. Lascar didn’t really bother about the wrecked house but I guess some people from his home or I don’t know just doesn’t want him to sell that property to us. They have been knocking on my door and yelling at me to go away and drop the plan on buying the house or the consequences won’t be good,” she said out of breath sounding frightened to death.

“Are they still there?” I asked but judging from the sound of her squealing and some people yelling in the background it seemed they were still there.

“Did you inform the cops?” I asked and she screamed a yes from the other end.

“Alright! Don’t worry. Keep or move something before the door stopping them from barging in and lock yourself in your closet or in your bathroom. But before that make sure to lock every window and door to your balcony. I will be there in a moment,” I said as I got up from the bed and threw on a white polo shirt and jeans before running to get the keys when Juliette handed it to me and I sprinted to the door.

“Lock the door. My guards are out here,” I said hastily as I opened the door and was just about to close it when she stopped it using her hand.

“Take one of the guards with you,” she said and not wanting to waste any time on argument I nodded a yes and close the door before running to the parking calling Seth, one of my guard to prepare the car.

It seemed they were some hired bullies sent to scare Cristina in hopes of indirectly warning me not to buy the house from Alex’s father. The cops reached before us and by the time we arrived we saw them handcuffed and being escorted towards the police car. Cristina Dimir was perfectly fine but she continued sobbing and kept on mumbling how scared she was to death. As I talked to the officers about the bullies wanting to know who exactly sent them over they told me that the group of bullies won’t open their mouths and then they would inform me as soon as they confess everything for the purpose and who sent them over.

One of them crossed me handcuffed and a cop followed him to the car but then the bald strong built guy stopped in his tracks to look back at me. A smirk remained plastered in his face as he spoke in his deep drunk accent “Oi! Are you already scared by all this?” he asked and I tilted my head to the side squinting my eyes as I heard just what he wanted to say.

“Don’t worry. If you want to save your sorry ass then just stop thinking about buying that house and move back from wherever you have come from. You stupid businessman just don’t have any idea with whom exactly you are dealing with. So, before you sit there crying for your sorry ass, get your ass safe,” he laughed hysterically mocking me and Seth took a step forward intimidatingly wanting to hit him but stopped as soon as I signalled him to stop.

The cop pushed him towards the car and he got in all the while showing his tongue out at me.

“Interesting...” I muttered.

“Is everything alright?” she asked as soon as I entered the house, locking the door from behind.

“Why are you still up? You should be sleeping,” I said as I held her by her shoulders and turned her around pushing her towards the bedroom. “Zac. Zac!” she had an irritated look as she turned around to face me. “Can’t you simply answer my question?” she complained and that made me heave a sigh before telling her everything that happened.

“So, you are saying that you went to Mr. Lascar this morning to finalise the house agreement?” she asked and I nodded before lounging on the couch.

“But I don’t get it. Why are you so keen on buying that wrecked house?” she asked as she sat on the coffee table to look at me. My eyes fell on the scar on her knee and involuntarily my hands reached out to touch it. It was probably from the accident few months ago and that boiled my blood.

“Juliette...” I spoke up for the first time thinking of spilling everything out.

The thing that I have hidden so many things from her had always nagged me to the extent that I felt suffocated. I felt as if I was betraying her and a part of me was responsible for everything that had happened to her. From the part where I marry her for the sake of saving her from Nicholas to the part where she gets into an accident, I felt responsible. If only I had stopped everything that happened that year, then probably Juliette wouldn’t have to go through so much.

If only had I....

“Hmm?” she whispered holding the hand that was touching her scar.

“I have kept so many secrets from you,” I told her and sat back from my lying position as I looked at her straight into her eyes. Finally determined to spill everything out that I have been keeping inside from a long period of time.

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