It's an Imaginary Feeling!



It has been two months since the national lockdown has been declared. Bodies and souls very scared of what the world has come to be, who would dare step foot out of their homes of the safety? Not the good and obedient citizens, no, that follow every rule the government sets for them, not even the rebellion rebelled for the first few weeks. When they did, other neighbours would stick their noses on the other's businesses because they think they have the right to tell other people what to do. These rebels are old enough to know what is right and what is wrong and just as long as they are not putting other people's lives in danger. That is reasonable in my opinion. 


This pandemic has washed poor unfortunate souls who ruined their lives and did not get saved in time; who didn't learn the true meaning of life. Who knows when the last time was that anyone saw their loved ones? I haven't seen my parents and my older sister in 6 months. They went back to our homeland, Angola, for holidays and to treat their visas. That's what being a foreigner in another country is. Constantly, vfs or Home affairs and rejection letters and application money and a whole lot of prayers. Anyways, they went there for holidays and to treat their visas and Boom! The national lockdown in South Africa started and so did "O Confinamento Nacional" in Angola. 


We all know what happens next: People can't travel back to their living country because the borders are closed. So, in other words, if you had travelled any time before the lockdown and were planning on getting back only on April or God forbid, decided to travel just the day before the lockdown was announced, yOu weRe ScReWed! 


I know, reality sucks, right?


Life isn't easy. I am stuck at home with my baby older brother, just 19 months older but I have to babysit him. Cook for him, clean the house for him, shout at him, share the dishes with him and luckily he cleans the outside of the house and takes care of the garden without me. That baby batman.


Life hasn't been that unbearable for me because my brother doesn't just annoy me, also makes me smile. Makes a whole lot of jokes and never lets me down, unless when he's feeling very lazy and I need to force him to do things. 


For a matric year, this one is not even close to ideal. My parents weren't here on my first day, I have read on the news that we'll be staying on lockdown for a while. But what about us? The Matric class of 2020? Do we not matter at all? I always knew there was something wrong with the class I was in since Grade 6. We were always the naughtiest. High school we are not the strongest academically, we are the bad seniors of the school, the rotten apples who will ruin the school's 100% Matric pass rate. I mean, if the teachers are going to compare us to the class of 2019, then do but can you compare a strawberry and a blueberry? They are both berries but are not the same. Why not judge us for what we are and not what you want us to be? That would be a great change. This matric year was already academically weak as if corona couldn't make us more disadvantaged.  


It feels like I've got five years older each month it's draining, working from home. There is no motivation, homework these days is very overwhelming. Every time I get an email, I always hope that it is not from school because it has become like cyber-bullying. Math emails are even worse because they give me anxiety. There is no rest for matrics because there was a project due last Sunday. Our human rights are thrown out of the window because we are not humans but working machines that need to satisfy Angies.  


Funny enough, I feel like I'm ready to be a mother. I can take anything from any situation. It is just a weird feeling. I feel like something good will come from this storm. I can feel it.


"Miss, are you alright?" The waiter asked as I looked up to him in confusion.

"What?" I asked not getting why he was asking. "You just shouted " He said in a concerned tone.

I let out a yip as I covered my mouth with both my hands.

"Sorry... What did I say?" I asked with a shy smile that went unnoticed due to the fact that I was wearing my mask.

"Something about typing-" 

"Yes! Thank you! Can I please have 2 tostas de Chouriço misto, por favor?" I asked mid-sentence turning Portuguese.

"Of course, anything to drink?"

"No, thank you, I will be going home soon, don't you speak Portuguese?" I'm curious because this is a Portuguese business.

"I know very basic, but it will be better if you teach me." He said...Cringe!

I went so off-topic with my speech, I will just choose another topic: "... is like a boomerang."

"Wait!" I stopped the waiter. I really feel like orange juice. 


THE GIRL WALKED out of Vida e Caffe, with headphones plugged in her hears, listening to the calmest music she has yet moving as if the songs were hardcore.

"HEY, LOOK at that girl. She's good for business, she doesn't even care about her surroundings. Easy target."

"No. Not that one... There is something about her that screams, "DO NOT TOUCH!"

"David, are you scared?"

"No. Enver, I'm simply cautious. " Enver said with a relaxed "But she isn't, look, she might just bump someone"

"That girl is dum, listening to music, with food and drink in her hands. Dom, I tell you" The chunky man said as he removed the shades he had been wearing.


I FEEL SO alive when I hear this song and it's almost at the end.


Crucified, layed behind a stone, he lived to rejected and alone like a rose. Trampled on the ground. You took the fall and thought of me... Above all.




I just bumped into someone who wears a strong scent of perfume, okay, don't lookup. Just apologise and run! He might be a filthy rich man who gets richer by selling human organs and I might be the next in line. Why am I thinking like that? Oh God, please have mercy on me. I still want to live and all, I didn't really mean it when I said that I want to parish into thin hair, please don't do it.


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