Confused Heart

Chapter 3 Meeting the Host

Why am I always the last one to find out about these parties? One would think that I don’t exist, anyway im new in town and I need new friends, my thoughts are disrupted by my mom who had been trying to get my attention for a while now, by the way my name is Alexandra, but my friends call me Alex my mom’s company transferred her here and as always we all had to move with her, by we I’m referring to my seven year old brother Thomas, he is such a bright kid, all this moving has been hell, we hardly keep a social life.  
She promised not to ever move again hopefully she meant it, I’m a senior this year and it’s about time I get a social life. I need friends which is one of many reasons why I’m going to this party. I’m on a mission to sort out my life, I have a lot to do and a lot of things I want to try out. But first I need friends.  
I don’t even know why im telling you guys this, I guess its because my mouth moves on its own sometimes, literally [lex let me help you with your hair] my mom says as she comes close to my chair  
“thanks mom, I need to make a good impression” [ oh really who are you trying to impress?] “nobody do I need a reason to dress up for a party” [ baby I’m your mom, so tell me who’s the unlucky girl?] “why are you talking like that, there is nobody I just felt like dressing up that’s it” [ your hair is done, don’t come home late, you’re starting a new school tomorrow] “alright mom I will try”  
Tonight is the day and who knows, maybe I might get to see her again. It’s not everyday that you get to meet a girl that freeze upon seeing you, it’s kinda cute  I type in the address and as I’m about to start the car, I get a text from mom telling me to start the car already, apparently I have been in the car for sometime now and who can blame me that girl is cute, hopefully I get to meet her again. Anyway let me move before mom texts me again. 
I arrive at the party and as expected you can hear the music from afar this party is going to be EPIC, there are few teens who are already drunk right in front of the door I don’t even think they know what they are doing anymore, one can tell that they are not used to drinking this much and why am I even feeling for them I need a drink, a very strong one. I make my way inside where there is bunch of teenagers dancing and grinding on each other as if there is no tomorrow, I finally get to the bar and I order two shots of Ciroc vodka and a cocktail, I need to take a tour of this house and find the bathroom too I need to do some touch ups, as I’m heading upstairs a certain black haired girl comes through the door and it comes to me, she’s the girl I met earlier at the icecream stand let me go and introduce myself, Suddenly I’m stopped by a hand on my shoulder 
“hi im Nancy”  
Me: hi nancy im Alexandra but you can call me Lex 
Nancy: nice to meet you Lex, are you new in town? 
Me: yeah and how did you know? 
Nancy: I just guessed and it seemed like you were about to go somewhere before I stopped you 
Me: yeah I saw someone familiar so I wanted to go and make sure but it doesn’t matter anymore I don’t know where she disappeared to, maybe you can show me around sometime 
Nancy: sure no problem, I attend St Lukes high so many maybe we could meet after school 
Me: no ways I will be starting school tomorrow at St Lukes, can we exchange numbers I could use a familiar face there 
Nancy: no problem give me your cell, here is mine. Can I pick you up tomorrow so we can go to school tomorrow? 
Me: I would love that, I will text you the address as soon as I get home. It was lovely to meet you nancy do you mind if you can show me around the house, it looks small when you’re outside and seem big as soon as you step in 
Nancy: sure come on! This is actually my house, my dad bought it for me last week my parents are Always busy at the hospital and our previous home was so far from school so they just decided to buy me a house that is close to the school instead. They come visit every Sunday just to check up on me or just video call me whenever they get some free time 
Me: what do they do? 
Nancy: they are surgeons  
Me: that makes sense, don’t you ever get lonely? 
Nancy: sometimes but Im used to it, anyway enough chit chatting lets go and party. 
Im walking around the park with a girl, our hands are intertwined and we are talking about a certain wedding, there is a sunset and we are sitting on the bench that has my name engraved on it. Why would a bench in a park have my name on it? And who is the girl, why am I so comfortable with her? and why are we talking about a wedding? My dream is disturbed by my mom’s alarm tone, I don’t even know where she got such a tone, its so spooky and horrible. 
I get up and start getting ready, within an hour im done and ready to go, I head downstairs to eat breakfast and as soon as im done I hear a horn outside, that must Nancy. “bye mom” I shout as I rush to the door and hop in her car. SCHOOL HERE I COME!!!!!!!! 
We walk through the hallway of St Lukes and wow this school is huge, I wonder how my mom managed to pay the fees this school is not for people like me. Now that I think about it, how did she manage to pay for all this, this school looks expensive anyway let stress about this later, right now I need to make my 2nd goal come to life, I NEED A GIRL I know im knew here and all that but I have been single for so long now and I need some action in my life, I don’t remember the last time I kissed a girl, or just had a legit relationship with someone genuine, I need love I need some loving, oh wait I see someone, not just someone, its that someone. Where is NANCY? I have been on my mind all this time that I didn’t even notice that I was talking to myself all along, where is she? Let me call her. why  isn’t she picking up?  

Great! The bell just decides to ring, where do I even go? Let me look for an office so that I can get my schedules, oh here it is. 
“excuse me! Im looking for the reception” [ this is the reception, how can I help you?] the lady behind the desk responds! “ uhm okay im new here and Im here for my schedules” [ okay no problem you must be Alexandra, right?] “yes that’s me” [ alright here is your schedule, wait for me I will call a student to come and help you out]  “that would be helpful thank you mam” I take a sit on the sofa that’s next to her desk, and now that I think about the receptionist, she looks young and cute, she’s really pretty! 
“Alexandra? Alexandra?” who’s disturbing my thoughts again, I turn to look whoever that is calling me and there she was THE BLACK HAIRED GIRL!! 




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