Chapter 4 Mom's gift

[chris wake up or you will be late for school] Mery’s voice echos in my head and as soon as my brain process the whole thing, I shoot myself up as if I was not sleeping like a dead human two seconds ago, “I’m up I’m up” I head to the bathroom and start getting ready to school, yesterday’s party was EPIC, I drank a lot, I don’t even know what time I came back but I’m sure that it was pretty late, all I remember is drinking some awful tasting juice before going to bed, anyway I better hurry, I don’t want to be late for school on the first day 
Thank God St Lukes isn’t like those typical expensive school where they make all their students put on some ugly uniforms, and just like that I’m done, wow I look good! And how do I know that? My mirror told me  let me go and get some food in my stomach before I pass out, I’m actually starving. I ran downstairs and I find Mercy standing at the dining table as always, she has outdone herself. All my favorites are right there, staring at me. It’s as if she knew that I was starving,  
Me: good morning mercy! How was your night? 
Mercy: it was okay, how did you sleep? You came back home at 2am and if it wasn’t for my hungover concoction, I don’t think you’d be this relaxed this morning. 
Me: I know I just lost track of time, and thank you for taking care of me mercy 
Mercy: it’s okay and this invelope came for you 
Me: alright let me take a look 
As mercy hands me the invelope, I take a look at it for a while and it my mom’s signature on it, I wonder what it is. I find a letter inside with my mom’s handwriting on it and yep it is definitely from her maybe she just wants to tell me to behave at school as she usually say, the letter reads as follows 

‘Dear chris it’s your mom, I’m not good at writing letters but for you I’m trying, I hope you are doing good. I know I have always been tough on you, but I did it for your own good, I’m not a perfect parent and I’m not the best parent either and I apologize for being an absent parent to you for all this years, I know that I have always shout you out and I apologize once again, I will come home in two weeks and I want us to spend time together, I know I don’t say this often but I love you and I am extremely proud of you, don’t ever feel like you can’t speak to me, you can always tell me anything, I have something for you outside the house and I hope it puts a smile on you, think of it as an early birthday gift 
Hope to hear from you soon,  
With lots of love MOM’ 

I wipe my tears that has been falling all through when I was reading the letter, I never even thought in my wildest dream that I’d hear such words from my mom even if it is through a letter, wow I wonder what she left for me outside, I grab my bag and head outside to take a look at whatever she left, maybe it’s a puppy, I have always wanted a dog, and my brain freeze the moment I open the door, what have I done to deserve such a gift? Did I really behave that well? What has she been eating lately? I am starring at a Black AUDI that looks like heaven, I don’t know anything about cars but this must have cost a fortune and why do I care? She has hundreds of fortunes. I get in and start driving it to school, wow the sound, the leather seats, the engine, the car sound is out of this world, I punch in my mom’s number and she picks it up immediately “ hi mom I got the gift” [ do you like it?] “ no mom I love it, thank you so much it is the best gift ever, thank you thank you I could kiss you right now” [ wait for it, I will be home in two weeks baby then you can give me that kiss, honey I got to go we will speak soon, drive safely] 
I reach at school on time and there is an open spot right next to Laura’s car, I park my car and rush inside to look for her, I need to show her this. As I am running the bell rings and I realize that I need to go to the secretary’s office and check if there are any new students. two years ago, the headmaster gave me this responsibility apparently because I happen to know the ins and out of this school, and I’m so sure that it is because my mom is one of those parents who make decisions for the school, I don’t even know what to call it. She hardly even have enough for me but who cares? I’m so happy with her, nothing can ruin my day today they can all try their best. 
I bump into the secretary at the entrance door and she tells me that there is a new girl named Alexandra and of course I already know that it’s a new girl I need to show around. I walk through the door and head to her office, on the way I can see a blonde girl seating there, as I get close and closer, I start getting nervous, why? I have no idea, finally I reach where she’s sitting and she looks as if she’s thinking deeply about something, anyway I need to do what I have to do and also attend classes 
Me: Alexandra! Alexandra! Hello 
Alexandra: hi, sorry have you been standing here for long? 
Me: not really, I just got here. You’re the same girl at the icecream stand, right? 
Alexandra: yeah you’re that girl that froze  
Me: yep that’s me! I’m chris, welcome to St Lukes 
Alexandra: thank you chris, you can call me Alex 
Me: alright alex, can I see your schedule? 
Alex: sure! 
Me: that shouldn’t be hard! We have the same class, I can show you around the school and if you’re not busy, you can hang with me during break, it’d be easier for me to show you your next class after that 
Alex: yeah sure that sounds great! Thank you chris 



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