John, Mary And The Beautiful Forever

School, Courthouse weddings, and driving lessons

I woke up, It was still dark but light was peeking through the sky turning it into a monotone grey that could be painted onto the side of a schoolhouse. I got out of bed, pulled off my shirt; and sat on the edge of my bed, letting the sweat of my body evaporate off. The cold caressed my body; I liked it, except I knew it was too cold to keep it up. So I grabbed my CD player, and put a disc in that I had burned at my school. While I was at it, I took a shirt from the closet, a black punisher T-shirt as well as an extra plain black shirt for when I was done with my run. I slipped on shorts, then I walked through the house. The soft light fading through the windows, everything lit by a faint glow. I saw the plastic Mezuzah on the kitchen door. It was one of the few things that you could use to figure out we were jewish. My mother was always paranoid about making a deal out of it, so she didn’t, we went to a christian church, told to understand what was going on the new testament but to make up our own mind.

I walk out the front door, and put my headphones in, I start running, towards the forest, and I hit play on the CD player. War pigs comes on. Everyday, I would choose a new place to run in the woods, because I liked to change up the scenery, sometimes I would take the same route as the day before. This forest however it always seemed to change, even with the same route. I would find more and more interesting things, Like the gun parts. Now i'm finding axes and shovels, and what looks to be construction equipment, in the forest, the deeper I go, the more I find. Part of the reason why I run in the woods is too uncover its secrets. It’s motivation, even if the secrets are as mundane as a Monday morning.

Luckily it's Friday, so that's even more motivation to get this session done with, I run through the flat field surrounding the house, then finally make it to the edge of the forest. The trees loom overhead, I take a breath and bolt. My breath foggs as I chugg through the forest. The soft light getting harsher and hasher. Soon it will be time to get back. So I run harder and faster, my legs burn, my core burns, I really want some water right now. So I push harder. Air moves past me, heat exerts off of me, and sweat comes from me. I was angry. I don’t like feeling this way, I don't think anyone does really. Still Here I was being angry, and running. I guess this is not the worst way to let out anger. Still I felt it. It would probably get worse once I turned to go back and head off to school. Thank god it’s friday. I look down at my dinky, plastic watch. It's almost seven. I had been running since six. So I stopped. In the middle of the forest. The cold of the world seeped into my spine. My Punisher T-shirt was soaked. I was right, I am still pissed.

I took a moment and looked ahead of me. I saw a metallic car chassis. The same one with the bullet holes. I got far today, so I decided to go a bit farther. I walked up to the car, the windows were broken in and the leather seats had eroded from the sun and I looked inside the glove compartment. I popped it open only to find a metal cleaner and a bunch of papers. I took them out and looked at it.

“Windom Greenbow synagogue construction plans.” I was in shock, Greenbow was the street our house was on. I wanted to read through them; however I realized time was running low. So I put them in my shorts, and I took a second look at the car, then a rather unpleasant thought hit me. The bullet holes in this car are probably from a disagreement. I look South from where the car was departing, no trees where in the way. I made a note of it then ran back. I'm not sure if I had just uncovered a crime scene or the spot of bored hunters. I'm hoping its the latter. I Pushed off from the ground and continued down a straight path I used to make my way here. The world turned into a montoneus blur, as Ignored the pain in my body. I pushed faster, and harder. The strings of the guitar and the drums helped. Black Betty played. I liked the pace, I liked the speed, It helped me focus. However I always wondered what the hell the lyrics meant. it’s Probably nonsense.

I pass through the trees bordering my property, Soon enough I can see a bright light on the other side. I bolted into it. On the other side of the trees I wheezed for air. No one was outside yet, it was seven fifteen. After I regained my breath I moved towards the house, light had fully broken through, it was obvious morning had finally come to full term.

It always amazed me how the grass around our house had remained green, even through times when we neglected it, the grass stayed a peaceful green albeit a patchy green. I walked onto my patio, then crossed inside my house. Someone was cooking, it smelled of smoked bacon, and greasy eggs. I walk into the kitchen on the left. Mr. Handson stands over the stove. bacon grease popping over and ejecting itself from the pan.

“ Good morning, didn't know you had a morning ritual.” he smiles while handing me a porcelain plate.

“Good timing on the food this time.” I say while I chomp down on a piece of bacon from the plate.

“No problem, I always cook myself something in the morning. It's good to have a ritual.” He sits down at the kitchen table. With his own plate of bacon and sunny-side up eggs. He had a bathrobe on, with a newspaper tucked in the front-pocket of his robe. He pulled it out, and started reading it. I sit down across the table from Handson. He looks at  me then smiles “Rituals are important, part of what makes us who we are, tells me a lot about a person.” He says as he covers his face with the paper.


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