John, Mary And The Beautiful Forever

Shotgun weddings, small towns, and the truth.

Mary had seen it all, A part of me had thought that I was the only person watching the world around me, that was a lie I told myself to seem different. Mary watched, and she probably had more valuable thoughts about it then anything I could ever infer. She watched the Trayor boy get knocked out, she saw me put on my armor. She saw it and she never let me know she was watching. I wonder if this is how characters in books feel. I wonder if they know they got eyes on them watching, and can see what's gonna happen next. Mary knew that I was gonna hit the Trayor boy. Like how I know Huckleberry is always gonna find his way home. I wish my life was a book, I wish I could skip to the end of it, and tell myself if I'm gonna be ok, or more importantly if the Trayor boy is gonna be ok. I wish Mary yelled something, not that she could have done something, I just like the chance that I could have stopped this. I'm not mad at her, i'm not the type to get mad at people. I'm not the type to pin any kinda strong emotion that could be attributed to her because of a scenario I just made up. I am just not.

I had packed away my gear in a bag that they gave us, and I sat next to Mary. She looked at me, then evaluated the stains on the cotton shirt in the bag with her eyes, then darted her eyes back up. She pulled her bag close up too herself. She unzipped the front pocket, and pulled out two candy bars, with silver rappers; She hands one over to me.

“Eat, It might be a long while.” she stares into the distance.

“Ya, guess your right, where did you get these?” I ask with a sense of wary caution.

“I won it, in a game of poker.” she bites down onto her candy bar.

“You know poker? They allow you to play poker?!” I give her a grave look. The smaller classes were basically holding pens, since middle school had tests that weren't important to the district and thus they got the least amount of instruction for her grade; She is in the seventh grade.

“Ya, I'm not very good at it, but Laurie’s reflection on her glasses helped me win though.” She made eye contact with me, she realized that I was not pleased.

“You cheated?” I ask. She gulps

“Ya, you can say it that way.” her eyes dart at her unopened candy bar.

“Mary! You cheated!” I don't raise my voice by much just in spikes of volume.

“So? I had the chance” she knew she had just said the wrong thing.

I took the candy bar from her hand, and threw it on the ground, my foot hit the wrapper and the deed was done. Chocolate and mud.

“Never do anything that will come back to bite you in the ass.” I say as she looks at the bar horrified then at me, her eyes dart between me and the bar.

“Why The fuck did you do that?!” She shouts at me, anger in her voice. Then silence, it consumed the anger like a bucket of water cools an red iron, Then an audible sadness was left behind, like vaporized water it burns then cools.   She wasn’t mad about the bar, she didn't even like sugar stuff like those bars anyways. She looked down at her feet, then began to cry. I knew I had to expect that from her, still something inside of me cringed. I was the last straw in the picture. All I heard was heard was her muffled cries, nothing was left here to make any sound besides me and Mary.  

“I'm sorry” I say looking at her, the muffled crying tries to gasp for air, with a guilty conscience I tilt my head and look straight ahead towards the empty flat lands. Dow Chemical Promised the school a pool there. We never got that.  Mary wiped her face, somewhat less hysterical now.

“I just wanted to make waiting here suck less” she looks at me with her reddened eyes that still had the tint of blue left. I couldn't help but break my stoic demeanor and pull her closer. She couldn't see my face, we wanted to keep up appearances now.

“I know, I know. We can’t take the easy way out . Never ever, Mary. do you understand that” I took a brief pause and let her turn head from my chest to look me in the eyes her eyes clearer now, she shook her head “Don’t cheat, Don’t steal, be honest, be nice.” It was simple phrase, but I remember learning it the hard way. Papa had found out that I took money from my mom’s purse. He took me out for a car ride, to the very spot we waited now, out in the flatland part that was right within my view. He parked his car, told me to get out. We walked a little bit, and then he stopped me and simply asked.

“Did you take that money?” He asked with no emotion.

“Yes sir.” I pulled out the twenty from my pocket, and meekly handed him the money with my head to the ground.

“Ok.” He said, and then proceeded to walk off back to his car, and drove off. He did it so quickly and emotionlessly that it took me five mins after he drove off for me to understand what had just happened. When Night fell, I walked over to the same bench that me and mary sit on now and curled into a ball. It would be a few hours after that, He would pick me up and tell me the same things I told Mary.

Mary pulled away,  and let herself droop, her head looking too the dirt, she then turned “Why do you care?” She paused for only a slight second looking deep into my eyes “Why do you care if I cheated? It's just a candy bar.”


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