Just a bad girl

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Chapter 1

'Café Del Paradise & Hotel Blue Rose'


The day I promised myself to never cry till now I have never cried out of sorrow. If there were any tears in my eyes it was only due to lack of sleep or due to happiness. But never have I cried out of sadness.

After that day our restaurant made huge success in many years after too much of hard work and determination from both dad and me.

And now 'Blue Rose' hotels are one of the top 5 famous hotels. Dad started his career as CEO of 'Blue Rose 4 years back and now he is a great businessman, apart from that he still loves cooking, so to keep his inner chef's soul alive he bakes cakes and muffins and deserts on Sunday in our little café cum restaurant, where we started our journey of success, the little café where dad and I kept moms memories and her things.

We have still kept that café just the way it was in the beginning, when dad and mom both started this business while having me. All our memories and family incidents were held in this café. So dad and I thought that instead of shutting it or selling it we can still work there.

So whenever dad is busy with handling his works as CEO of Blue Rose I and three other most important people in our life help in keeping the café alive. Many customers come and it's quite busy during weekends. Most of the customers are either families or teenagers of my previous school (This is their favorite spot).

Now the word 'previous' is used because my old school kicked me and two idiot bestfriends out because we pranked our school principle by shaving his mustache in half , so he rusticated us from the school, permanently plus dad said that he wanted me to study in same school where mum and he studied, so I agreed and now from tomorrow I would be starting my 'new school' life.

Currently I'm working in our café as waitress. And customers are rushing as its Sunday. And the three important people who I mentioned earlier are helping me.

"Alexia, give these chocolate muffins for table 4. It's Mr. Robin, he needs them for patty." That was Amy, she is a late 30s pretty, tall, very talented women. 5 years back when the café was growing quite popular she started working here as a cashier as she wanted a job urgently so dad gave her that job. We were very close so she always used to visit me and we have a great bond but then one day she left her husband due to some reason which we never asked her. So, since then Amy and her daughter who is currently my age, started living with us. 

She is a really carefree, calm and always happy lady and we all love her so much that now we can't think of living our lives without her, few years back we found out that she always wanted to have her own salon, so we gave her our house, which now is turned into a salon, Amy works there with her daughter and two other girls, so whenever there is appointments or customers she comes here to café and work as cashier but whenever she is busy her friends from I don't know where come and help us in café. So she is the first and most important person in both mine and dad's life.

"Mom, we've got few bloody customers, who are getting on my nerve, don't blame me if I strangle they're neck. They fucking irritate me."

Well that's Amy's daughter and my best friend and second most important person. Isabel, sharp tongued, always arguing [without even a reason] and totally crazy girl, we are kind of like each other except that she is way more arguing with everyone and I am a little less troublemaker than her. Yet I am still a little troublemaker. She loves dying her hair each week but one of the favorite color she uses to dye her hair is red and it suites her personality.

"Calm down belle, they were just messing with you." And that is Cameron, the third important person and my best friend. 5 years back, just few months after we met Amy and Belle, we met him.

It was a normal day and finished up our work in café dad and Amy were cleaning the place while Belle and I were playing, when we heard someone sobbing, I opened the closed door of the café and found a 11 year old boy who had blonde hair lying in front of the door all bruised near his eyes and jaws. We quickly brought him inside and then took care of him.

He was very sweet and within few weeks he was recovered and within few weeks he conquered our with his sweet, gentlemen behavior and since then he is living with us. Dad took care of us with equal love, care and affection.

Everything he did to me was equally done to belle and cam. He loves and adores us. So with me these both are attending the new school, and so just like that we are stuck together even in the school just like every other day in these 6 years.

Belle took care like twin sister, she was my partner in every little crime from stealing chocolate muffins from café and selling it in school to breaking into principal's office and leaving few mice in his drawers and dumping garbage in teachers staff room. We were always enjoying, pranking and annoying everyone.

While Cam, was always protective and caring just like a big brother. He helps us in every difficulty; he even rescues us from teachers and principal. He is fun, loving, caring sometimes protective but still always helping us in our pranks and mischiefs. But just like every other siblings I and Cam always love arguing and teasing each other while belle always acted as our referee. We love each other and never kept any secrets from each other.

"He was freaking flirting with me, that son of a-" belle's voice brought me back to sentence but she was cut off by her mother.

"Language Isabelle, we are in café." Amy said while signaling at some elders who were staring at us. She apologized at them and then turned towards belle and gave her a 'Use that language again and you're sleeping with blite' look. Well blite is our dog, he had this black and white spots in his body so we synched both the words [black + white=blite] and named him. Don't ask me anything it was on of the Cam's genius idea, he is really unpredictable, sometimes he is so mature that he even teaches dad manners while some other time he acts so reckless and childish than us.

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