Chapter Six

Thank God for Saturday Kiara thought and stood up from bed

She brushed her teeth and combed her hair. She wasn't ready to take a bath so she ran downstairs and did her house chores before anyone wakes up

She knew that others don't wake up early so she picked out some pineapple from the refrigerator and walked to her room

She took her bath and sat down to eat some pineapple. She had to reach the studio early to pick out one of her paintings she forgot for her art exhibition

She wore some random clothes and picked the car keys

She drove to the studio quickly, her art exhibition starts in two hour.

It's her second exhibition and she didn't want the disaster in the last exhibition to happen again

She picked out the painting and drove back home

Liam sat down on the stair case of his house panting and sweating heavily

He watched as Kiara entered the drive way with the car

"Where did you go this early?"

"Studio to pick a painting"

"Can I see?"

"Hmm no how about you come to my art exhibition then you can see it" she smiled

"What time and place?"

"Art gallery at 9am"

"I'll be there"


She ran upstairs and picked the remaining paintings to put in the car.

she took her a long bath and curled the edge of her hair

She picked out a pair of white Jean, white polo shirt and a white suit. She packed her hair into a ponytail and wore her wrist watch she knew the family were already awake

"What else is left?" She pulled a pair of white canvas and wore them

She did a little makeup and looked in the mirror, she smiled and put a pin in her hair

Kevin sat on the couch watching a movie when Kiara caught his attention

"You look stunning, where are you going?"

"You rascal you forgot my exhibition"

he stood up and walked to her with guilt in his eye

"I'm sorry for what happened yesterday"

"It's okay"

"Thanks" he kissed her forehead and he pulled her to the kitchen

"Someone is ready for exhibition" she hugged her mum

"There's my baby girl" her father grinned and she hopped into his laps

"Papa are you gonna come to my exhibition?"

"No one is gonna miss it honey so get going"

"Bye guys and Kevin, where something official"

"Seriously?" She giggled and shut the door

She hopped in the car and drove off to the venue

Her palms were sweating and her mind was racing in different thoughts

You can do this k she said to herself

Her exhibition was a total disaster

"Kevin can you help pick the painting from the studio?"

"Sure, I'll see you guys over there"

She cleaned her sweaty palms on her dress and kept bitting her nails

"Honey you're gonna be fine just trust yourself"

"Come on guys we are going to late!" Her mother yelled from outside

"Let's go"

She walked hand in hand with her father and sat in the car, she hopped into her mother's laps and her mother arranged her hair

"This is your first exhibition honey and I know you are gonna be perfect"

"What if something goes wrong?"

"Be positive young lady"

"Thanks momma"

They dropped out of the car and walked inside to the venue, Kevin was no where to be found and the exhibition was about to start

"Where is he?"

"Right here!" They heard him yell from the door

"What took you so long?" She removed the cloth covering the painting and almost cried

The painting was totally ruined with paint, tears stream down her face and she exit the venue

"You must be miss Logan?"

"Yes how may I help you?"

"I'm your guide"

"Oh sorry how are you doing?"

"Very good can I help with something?"

"Eermm here help me with this inside" they carried all ten paintings

The gallery was bigger than what she expected and three other artists were already there but they were far older than her

"Ma'am there's someone here to meet you"

She turned to see Liam standing like a business man waiting for his car to arrive

"Hey handsome" he turned around and smiled

"Wow!" Was all he could say at that moment

"Thanks, did you come alone?"

"Yeah why?"

"Nothing the exhibition will start in ten so keep your eye open" she walked to her stand and noticed her family were already here

"Ma'am it's time for the exhibition here's the remote to remove the covers"

"Thanks Chris" she walked to were other artists were

She greeted the other artists with a hand shake or short hug, they were quite surprised to see someone as young as her in the exhibition

"Hey guys" Kiara raised her head to meet with a guy with a black hair in black suit

"He's the winner of last year's exhibition" one of the artist whispered in her ear and she looked at him again

"Let's see what's gonna happen this year, what's your art based on"

"Graphic design"

"That's nice I'm into painting"

"You're into painting?" The lady asked in shock

"Yeah why?"

"Well basically you're the only painter her"

"Are you kidding me?"

"No I'm not. Felix over there is into music, Daisy is cinema, Peter is architecture, Bella is pottery and Daniel the last year winner is into sculptures and literature"

"This is surprising and Interesting each artist with different works I love this competition"

"It's really interesting and every participant will go home with a price but the top three will go home with other things and to top it all your work can be sold this instant"


"And be ready for the media and photographers because Immediately you show your works they will attack you will questions" she giggled

"Am I the youngest one here?"

"I guess so"


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