Chapter 5

The next whole day I was pondering how to explain her. I really needed an apology to stay calm and overcome my guilt. The bells in my mind were another trauma. It continuously exclaimed,"Love or Lust". I was completely frustrated,wondering how to deal with it. After a few minutes of disgust,a colleague of mine said," Why not ask her out on date?". I was delighted after thinking about the discussion. When I reached home,I tried to ask her,but every time I tried,I jumbled my words and started stammering. I couldn't  believe I was sturring, I never stammer in front of girls,she had something different to make me clumsy. 

It was late 12:30 at midnight, after so many trials I grabbed all my courage and knocked her door.Priya came with a frown on her face and questioned, " What happened why are you dying?". I replied,"I want to ask ...i mean I want to show you something ". She exclaimed, " Is it that necessary?". I said," yeah or else I won't be able to sleep." She said," chalo warna mujhe sone nahi  doge ".

( I won't let her sleep, if she didn't came)

We both headed to the outskirts of the city. She kept asked about the place ,I ignored her by maintaining  suspense. Soon we reached the beach. She exclaimed," Are you crazy?". We slowly started walking towards the water. It all seemed beautiful with her ,It was just me and her under the sky full of stars. Slow wind blew her hairs,which made me stare her while walking. Almost half hour of silence,she questioned, " You asked me on a date ,so late at night ,am I right?". I just answered her by blushing. Slow roaring of waves,sailing wind and a beautiful evening, what else is required for a date. After having some stupid conversation, I decided to lie down,she just ignored and started to  convince me to leave. When I asked her why not now? She answered with a childish  face, "My hairs would get dirty".I smiled and dragged her down on me and with a dirty look,she lied on my arms tying her hairs up. We kept talking all the time. It was just the most beautiful moment of my life. Soon after a long conversation we returned home.

After staying together for a month, we still stayed in different rooms. She smiled at me and moved inside her room yawning. I went inside of mine. I removed my night suit to change, I throwed my shirt on the bed. Suddenly, I felt somebody is holding me when I looked at my waist,it was Priya. She murmured, " stupid your abs are too attractive and now you will realize how does it feel to be caught from behind". She started walking out towards her, I pulled her towards me and said," Priya...",before  i could say anything she covered my mouth with her hand and she held me tightly. Before I could think anything she kissed me as badly as she could. After that she moved back to her room leaving me blushing. 

I was still confused between lust or love!!💗❤🧡💛💚💙💜



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