Chapter 18

He was really genuine, this time we had some random conversation on the way to Mumbai. He was literally, staring me all the way,he was literally looking into my jobs,as if he is seeing something inside me,like a looking glass. He was making me observe him. I was getting scared, thinking' hope I may not fall for him'. I don't know why but he was making situations awkward for me,like the one this morning. He was lying on the couch,pretending to be asleep. I went closer to him to look whether he was acting or .. I knew he never sleeps at 11:00 am in the morning. I went close,he suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him,I stumbled on him,I was supported by his chest. I was trying to move but his grip on my waist was getting tighter. I finally calmed myself, I was feeling his hard chest on my back. His scent was enough to melt me down. He slowly whispered, " I am gonna miss you. I am gonna miss your sarcasm. I would be a lone creature without you". I chuckled softly and replied, " Enough ,nautanki kahin ke, bas naatak karo tum, aaj bade khush ho". Soon we reached Mumbai. I don't know what he was trying to do was he trying to say something, or expecting something from me. I love the way he flirts. I was not in support of his decision of getting divorced. I was happy, he was normal atleast. Suddenly, my phone rang,it was Malvika, she informed that the baby is being delivered and I have to bring him to the hospital, it was mandatory for the DNA test to be carried out in the supervision of court's in charge. I said everything and we left together, he said softly," Priya are you fine? If you want you can rest at home". I smiled at him,and hugged him. While on the way I decided to take cake with me to the hospital. I personally believe that let Ruhi be anything, the child is innocent it's not it's fault, it deserves a welcome. I felt happy,when I saw the baby. So innocent, he was. My heart felt,' even if Aayush is stuck,the child can be adopted '. Though the child will be a symbol of his sins, I also felt the need of leaving him by looking at the child. I knew it, that I couldn't be a barrier for the child.  Soon,after the DNA test,I insisted to take child in his arms,he refused after convincing so much he took him,literally he had tears in his eyes. He was shaking all the way ,towards the home. In the evening, I went to meet Tarun with Malvika and Mr.Pranab . We met him at gym. He was shocked by seeing us. He was trying to pretend as if doesn't know about Ruhi. Soon,my tempered raised. I banged my hand on the table and replied, " Are you insane,if you can't bear responsibility, why you are so eager to fuck with someone.  See,the DNA test is done,if it came to be you,then police will see you and you will be under charges. Better handle your reputation or else I will ruin you completely." Malvika tried controlling me and said," Priya let it be,and Mr. You have to be there as a witness. We know everything. What was there or is there between you and her. Look your decision can save four lives please be there,you can save the child,please atleast think about it". He replied finally," Maam I understand, I said the same thing to her but she is not ready to accept it,she wants to be with Aayush. I don't know why,but I know the child is mine but it was not me it was her who did it and ruined it". I said annoyingly, " Do you really love her? Please be there,your DNA test is scheduled as well ". I was happy atleast, someone is saying the truth.



Two days later.

It was the second  and last hearing. I went with him to the civil court,to comfort him. He was a bit upset today. Before we left the house,he grabbed me in his arms and hugged me tightly. He was really scared. He murmured, " Priya ... I am scared,i don't know what the decision will be, will you be there?? ". I didn't replied, anything because I thought why not tease him a bit. He was serious regarding me,he was behaving like a kid,his tears were just about to flow. Suddenly his phone rang. It was Malvika, she informed the changed timings of the court.

At the court.

The judge entered and as a to express our gratitude we all stood. The session started,the judge ordered for her witnesses.  She presented her roommate as a fake witness, claiming Aayush's invasion in her room. It was really unbearable to see all the lies in the sequence. She presented her maid,as a witness as well. Now it was turn for Malvika to defend us. She presented Jacob, he said," I saw her with many,before hanging with Aayush and after as well. I warned him not to go and fling but he was high. "

Then we presented the Tarun,she was shocked to see him as our witness. He said," I agree that the child is mine and I love her, I am ready to take the responsibility of the child". When the judge asked for DNA reports it confirmed Tarun was his biological father. Judge declared him and Aayush was set free. I could see the relaxation on his face,his face was lighten up. Soon we left the court and bought sweets for Malvika, Pranab and other associates. When we reached home we both went to our room,without uttering  a word, he knew something which I didn't ,was I really falling for him? My mind and heart was synchronizing together. But I didn't what he feels and he wants to separate  us as well. But ,somewhere my heart knew the answer.






'Nautanki kahin ke ,bas nataak karo tum,aaj bade khush ho' - it means dont act in front of me,you keep on pretending it,you are looking  hhappy today 


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