Legend of a swordswoman

Chapter 21: Meeting with An Acquaintance and A Warning

At the auction hall………………………………………………

Roars of crowd cheering can be heard loudly as they set their eyes on the most beautiful slave they can find.

I grabbed one guy nearby and asked what is with their huge reaction. The guy was shocked and ogled me as he saw me but then saw the blade on my waist and looked away, then he explained to me the reason of their reaction.

“Don’t you know? Today they are going to release their top 10 merchandises to us. And rumors heard that 5 of them are male and the rest are females. The males must have very strong combat power while the females must be damn pretty to be listed in top 10!!!!’ The man explained with strong hint of excitement.

“I see.” I replied and decided to find a good spot to overlook the whole event. As I sat at a good viewed seat, I heard the chatters of the nearby people. I looked to see a familiar face. Then I went to say hi.

“Hey Kaito.” I called out

“E-Eh? Who are you?” the guy named Kaito called out.

“You don’t have to know who I am. I just want to know why aren’t you with Ryuunosuke? And you are here to buy slaves?” I asked

“Y-Yes I am, why do you care about that?” Kaito asked nervously

“Nothing, just curious as to why you want to buy slaves. I remember that your level isn’t in the top 10, but……why is it that your level is over 50?” I asked Kaito as well as telepathically asking Ryuuhou.

“W-Well….I worked hard too, you know? Along with Ryuunosuke and Kyosuke as well.” Kaito replied nervously

(He is lying, I can sense demonic power in him. It’s not as pure as yours, so this means he signed a possession contract with a demon. That demon must’ve tricked him in saying that it will give him tremendous power but in the end it will consume his soul.)

“Huh, I see…” I said as I activated my demon eyes and looked at him.

“W-What?” {What!? She can see me!?} Kaito and the demon reacted

“I got what I needed, I shall take my leave then.” I said as I left them alone and returned to my seat

“What a weird girl, I didn’t know that she was this weird. I had thought that she is just cold, but inside that cold icy exterior she’s just a weird, huh?” Kaito said loudly

(Ignore his protests, I’m sure he knows that his avatar will be erased the moment the demon consumes his soul.)

“What? How did you know about levels……What are you…Ryuuhou…” I mumbled

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen!!!!! Welcome to the annual year end auctioning!!!! Today we shall sell of our 10 best products for all of you to enjoy!!!!” The announcer announced

“WOAHH!!!!!!!!!” the crowd cheered

“First off, let us display our first product!!! It’s a female beastman!!!! She is very top-grade!!!! Now her price starts at 10,000 gold!!!!” The announcer continued





“Woah!!!!” the crowd took a deep breath at the price, and looked at the source

“She will be mine!!!” Kaito announced

“Commander, this is Barret. Steyr and I have arrived at Byakko City. Our helo is on standby to extract you out if required.” Barret reported

“Roger, stay alert. I have a feeling something will happen.” I responded

“Roger that. Also, we have sightings of Suzaku army marching into Byakko city. High possibility is that they are coming for you. M4A1 is leading her team to sneak into the city. They are heading to your location now, but I’m afraid they won’t be on time because Suzaku army are headed straight for you.” Barret reported


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