Lifetime: Journey from childhood to adulthood

Chapter:4 More About Past

When they left me or I can say I Ieft the group I felt so lonely, embarrassed and guilty at the same time but my life took one more turn and I was on a new page again, our section's changed again when I was in 8th standard Cindy and was on same section this situation felt like "deja vu" and here Rubby got transferred to another school and the group that Cindy has was shattered all were on different section and here Cindy was alone with me.

A new journey started to begin since in the whole class I only know Cindy and she knows me we cleared our misunderstandings and become friends again we met three more new friends; Kyra, Banni and Simii. We have a nice group of of five and we always use to call our group "The Qints". In our section we also have the most popular boy of the school his name was Leo he was charming and very intelligent too. If Cindy and Leo will be together they will make an amazing pair The most popular girl and most popular boy of school are together but he doesn't have a girlfriend neither he wants one because he was a way too religious and because of the Indian society norms that dating is considered something distracting so he followed that ritual because he may be distracted from his big dreams and goals in his life. I developed a secret crush on him he was always good me and somehow our and his group sometimes hang together when we were free and boys in his group were also good tough some have a mysterious behaviour.

New changes were starting taking place as we entered in our teenage physical appearance as well as new hormones changes occurs in body of boys as well as girls. We all know about menstrual cycle (periods) that happens every month to a girl on her teenage when her sexual organs starts to function I was well known and aware of these things because of seminars held at school but when my first period took place I was very afraid. The story starts like this; a night before my periods was ready to come I was having a very bad stomachache, my mum and I thought it was because of my wrong eating habit might be I have eaten something wrong so I slept as the pain was berable. In the morning I happily went to school as my stomach was good and no pain was there but around the last class when school was about to end I realised I felt something wet around my private area so I took the permission from the teacher to go to washroom when I went there my pants were wet with blood since I was aware of the periods it was okay for me but I was scared I don't know what to do I was afraid that even if I get the pads I don't know how to use it so I remain silent because I will be going home soon and I was wearing a lower as today we had our PE classes so the stain was not visible through the black lower. I hurried for my bus and put some papers on my seat so it doesn't stain the seat and when I reached home I ran towards my mom and told her everything I cried out of anger and anxiety but she calmed me and then she taught me how to use pads and then I was in relief. Period cramps are very painful now also I cry when pain become unbearable but one nice thing happened from that day mother and mine bond become more better and since then I shared my problems with her. I found that she is a very different person that I have imagined she is very kind and generous she always spread love and takles every problem with warmth and sweetness sometimes I become angry at her nagging but later I realised whatever she says is right and we all should respect our Mothers because they are always right about us they know everything what is going in our mind. We are born from her and she will never harm us so it's my request to all the teens that; mother's are annoying I know that but we will miss her annoying nature when we will become old so never hurt your mother she is a very precious peice made in heaven.

My school life started becoming interesting I love to spend time with the Quint but again that best friend policy ruined me the jealousy that girls have always ruins their friendship that's why if you have guy as a friend it is more good then girls. That Banni girl she always seems to very sweet and cute but she was very diplomatic, she was very close to Cindy they were best friends but she used to backbit about Cindy in front of us. The past grudges that I hold towards Cindy I started doing the same, Simii and Kyra tried to stop me because they were aware of their diplomatic nature but I said it was fine because I easily trust everyone so I joined her and that bitc** she showed her true colours she spitted each and every word that I said to her in front of Cindy. We fight again that time it was not her fault I was that stupid person who did this and after I realised this I apologised to Cindy for my stupidity and seek her forgiveness but she was angry so she didn't talked to me for the day but Kyra and Simii were my side I was so grateful for them to do so because they were aware of Cindy rude and arrogant behaviour but this time it was my fault even then they were there with and at that I realised Kyra and Simii are my true friends even I did this they were there for me, to support me. I was so overwhelmed by this so I decided to make my relation with Cindy all good so that our Quint cannot be broken. I apologized again and she forgave me. We all were good again and become friends. 

We all passed our class 8th with good grades ofcourse Cindy and Leo topped the class and I was the medicore student struggling to gain good grades. Banni was a bit ahead of me , Simii and Kyra was same as me but we now share a more close bonding. In class 9th a new student joined us her name was Sana she was a different personality her mentality was different from us. She thought that girls are meant to do household work and take care of the family. She don't have big dreams like us she only had one dream that to grow up and get married. It was not her fault but her family that they have set a mindset in her that women's are inferior to mens they are just slaves of them and they must be always ready to serve them. After hearing all these nonsense from her we tried to change her mindset but it was hard so we left her alone and we started ignoring her but she was not ready to leave the group as she was new but we were so deliberate to kick her out so we started cursing her and told her to leave us immediately. We were good that she left us and we become again The Quint but some days later we regretted taking this decision because we were more bad than her even we don't like her we should have not insulted her by saying she don't have self esteem and all. Tough she was not our friend we should have left her and she can leave us if she want to leave. This behaviour of us was very rude so later we apologized and said sorry for what we have done she forgave us but never came back to our group. I also thought I did the same to her what happened to me when I was new at school this groupism and jealousy was very bad it was eating our friendships. If we want to be a good person we should be good to everyone not only to our friends and loved ones so from that day I left my jealousy and started accepting people with my heart. I opened my heart to everyone and started helping people who are in need and my motto of life become to spread love and happiness to people around me.


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