Living Underwater

Chapter 2

I was really getting into depression. I never ever wanted my new year to start with such sad things. I really wonder where's my dad? Has the Yama the God of Death already knocked at his door? If so then that's horrible. It would be worst. No, that must not be it. I haven't asked them yet, it might be something else. I wanted to ask them what happened to my father and why nobody informed me of this? Though I am 19 years old I do have the right to know about my poor PA's condition. I wanted to yell at them at the top of my voice and ask them about my dad but I was afraid that the answer might be something which will pull me into the oceans of sorrow and grief making my happy soul drown in the depths of forlorn and anxiety. No, I must be strong I can't let the horrible news defeat my happy soul. I will never allow that to happen.

Then finally like I was filled with courage with my own thoughts I spoke up to my granny," Granny, what happened to father? Where is he? Why is he not here with us? And how come I was not acknowledged about my step father? " My voice slowly and gradually sinked into the tone of rudeness and exasperation.

The colours of happiness on their faces which contrasted the bright blue skies turned pale and only sadness got plastered in place of it. Turning the beauty of emotional colours upside down. The bullets of sadness were gashing through my heart and with every passing second it was getting harder to breathe. The nature no longer seemed to please me as I was drowning into the darkness, the darkness full of pain and hatred. It took my full self control, to stop my brimmed eyes from crying. Granny sighed heavily and I saw hint of tears in her eyes. She stood up from her place and came near me. She was going to come and hug me but at that I quickly stepped back not wanting her to hug me unless and until she tells me about my pa. " No, granny not today. First tell me what happened to him. "

As I said those words I could no longer hold my tears back from falling and they made their way out rolling from my cheeks and all the way to the ground. It was clearly written in their eyes, that he was dead. He is resting in peace forever. He left me alone in this world of lies and he is alone travelling the fourth dimension. I wasn't able to balance myself and so I fell on my knees which caused my skin to tear apart and that allowed the red warm liquid to make its way out. Every body quickly came towards me. Obviously for calming me down. But that is never going to happen, cause they didn't even bother to tell such a big thing to me. Wait, why am I thinking like this? I shouldn't be cause dad taught me that there is always a reason behind something that is done by your elders.

" I am extremely sorry Armaan, I apologise on behalf of my spoiled daughter." Said my mom to my step father. How could she? I really have started to hate that woman. She doesn't understand my feelings. I wonder what changed her in just 1 year. Is it the death of my father or something else. " What? " Said my step father ," why are apologising on behalf of Leela? And there is no need to apologise. The poor girl has got a big shock right now and you're calling her a spoiled daughter? She by no means is spoiled. So please just stop saying all those ungrateful words."

He is actually very nice unlike mum. She is just so rude and in her eyes I can only see darkness. I could clearly see that her good heart had burned and turned into ashes. Then that means that she no longer has a heart to feel. Mum, I swear to myself that I will soon be replacing the ashes with a pure angelic heart. I won't let flames of darkness eat you up. But, for now I am sorry I will have to be rude with you and when the true time comes I will replaced the grey powder.

Father came and patted my back in order to soothe me. Though the tears already dried my heart was still crying. I got up with a strong desire to know the reason for my father's death and if it was a murder then I am not going take revenge because father always taught me that we should never take revenge or avenge someone's death. He was totally filled with positivity and that's the reason his aura was miles and miles from his skin. I have the ability to see people's aura from my childhood but I didn't knew anything about what I was seeing and so I thought that it must be because of the light but no it was actually the light of that person. Father had ability to see people's death and there have been a few cases where he had actually saved a person's life by predicting his death. But, that was the biggest mistake of my dad as he broke one law of nature. As he broke the law he was supposed to be punished and that punishment was sacrificing his 6th sense as a result he lost all his supernatural abilities.

" What caused his death? " Said I with an emotionless face which made my family members shocked. " Ugh, um actually his death is quite mysterious. Infact, the police has not found his body yet and we don't even know if he's lost, dead or he left me. But one thing I am sure about is that if he comes back I would for sure leave this house and move with your step father and if you want to accompany us then you are more than welcome. It would be better that you accompany us as I can't live without you Leela. I love you a lot, to actually leave you." My mum continued," however the decision is in your hands, but remember I can bare the horrendous pain of not being able to see my lovely child, if you choose to live with your pa."

The words that she spoke actually filled me with hope. That hope was really like a rope thrown into the oceans of despair to help me, to pull myself up outside of the dark oceans, leading me towards the surface where I can get a healthy amount of fresh spiritual oxygen to breathe. Now I know the reason why my maa was acting like that. She is angry. But, look at what anger made her do. She married another man. I wonder what must my granny feeling at this second of her going- to - end- soon life. It must be painful. Dad can also be alive if his dead body is not found. But, what happened? I need to know and also where did it happen?

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