Living Underwater

Chapter 7

I heard a few faint noises, coming from my right. I opened my eyes and acknowledged my dark surroundings. As I tried to sit up, my stomach started hurting, which caused me to lie down again with a brutal pull of gravity. There was a big round window on my left, and I saw many fishes moving here and there in the water. So, I am in a submarine, that obviously means it was the reason for my unconsciousness. The room in which I was lying down on a small but, comfortable bed was of black colour, with many wires wrapped up on the walls of the submarine. With much great difficulty I was successful in sitting up on the light blue coloured bed with a pillow of the same colour. On sitting up I came to know about the soft and warm quilt draping my body from my trunk. My stomach was hurting a lot and I dare not touch the place to check for the wound, because I know the wound would be pinkish.

I removed the quilt and was shocked to see my clothes changed into a beautiful black knee-length floral frock. But, who changed my clothes? Was it Sam? Just thinking of it makes me feel embarrassed. I tried to keep my bare feet on the metallic floor but, in doing so, I fell down with a loud thud causing the strangers, in the next room to shut their mouths. Now, I was lying on the cold metallic floor with my legs making a ' V ' shape from my knee. I looked up and saw, it was a bunk bed with one above the other, and I was lying on the top one, and forgot to check my surroundings properly.

The door to my right opened and what I heard as footsteps came towards me.

" Leela? Are you okay? "

" Did you fall down from the top? "

" Uh!! Yes. " I tried to get up but my butt was paining. I didn't wanted to embarrass myself in front of these strangers so I covered up my pained expression. The one who asked me wasn't Sam, but a female with dark brown hair and yellowish eyes.

She was wearing a dark black shiny one piece, which traced each and every part of her, making her look beautiful and dangerous because of the weapons attached to her belt. I stood up and saw the bunk bed where I saw Sam sleeping quietly on the bed under mine. I never noticed him.

" Well, by the way who ... ? "

" I changed your clothes. "

" Oh! Then I am relieved. But, how were you people driving the submarine that you almost killed someone? "

" Sorry for that. Actually, we all were having a little bit of row over a mission, and while fighting we forgot about the submarine, and dashed with you. We're so sorry about the crash. Hope you can forgive us. "

" Well, that's ok. I forgive you. By the way I should thank you, cos, because of you all I got to be in this submarine. And it'll be even much more better, if you could help with finding my father's dead body. "

" Oh! So you were searching for your father's body, but why isn't the search team of Dwarka doing this? Look at you, you are too young for such a dangerous thing. "

" The search team already searched for it, but they failed. So, I decided to do it myself for my dear father to whom I didn't even get to say a final goodbye. "

" I am sorry for your loss. We can help you and if you want you can also join us on our mission to do a deep research of the golden Dwarka nagri. "

" Definitely, I am in. So, when are we taking an action to complete our new mission? "

" Today, itself. You'll know it. But, before that we are going to search for your father's body. "

" Okay. Thanks. By the way, what's your name and how do you know mine? "

" Oh! My name's Laila, and Sam was the one who told me. He's our teammate. "

With this she moved out of the room leaving me confused about their profession. Are they scientists or archaeologists?  Never mind. I went near the window and observed the beauty of Nature. Different kinds of fishes were moving here and there either in search for food or escaping from their enemies. The plants underwater were also very beautiful. This is my first time seeing the aquatic life from a submarine. I was lost in precieving the underwater life, because it was so beautiful. It calmed me down completely. I still am not able to understand Nature, how it works? Who gave it the colour? The powers? Etc. The submarine was moving a little fast, because of which I missed noticing some of the details. The stress from before is all gone along with hyper tension on my mind. I am filled with complete positive energy. I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I turned around to see that it was Sam.

" Oh! So you are finally awake. "

" Yep. Are you feeling any better? Or is your stomach hurting a lot? "

" Much better than before, but my stomach's still hurting a little when moving physically. Nothing else. "

" Ok, that's good to hear. By the way let me give you a proper introduction of mine. I am Sam Cooper, an archaeologist working for the government. We are currently on a new mission which you probably would've known by now, and must have met my teammates? "

" No, not all of them but, Laila. Well, I am Leela Parmar, a 19 year old ambitious and adventurous girl. "

After, our formal introduction we both started talking so many fun things, he told me jokes, which made me laugh a lot while my cheeks started paining. He made me forget about my father, the tension and all other negativity is all gone to hell now. This was the first time I laughed hilariously after knowing about my famliy's tragedy. It felt good and refreshing. Sam stood up from the floor while he placed his hand in front of my face, I put my hand on his and stood up. I looked out of the window but nothing was visible because it grew darker and darker. It must be the time of dusk. Sam asked me if I wanted to see the submarine or not. I replied yes and then he took me first to the control room where his allies were sitting on 10 chairs while controlling the submarine. Their eyes were painted with seriousness, as darkness made its way, which was cut through by the rays of the submarine's headlight. There were many wires attached to the side walls and numerous buttons was all I saw on the board in front of those controlling the submarine. While proceeding further he took me towards their dining room, where there were many food capsules, and other preserved food items were kept with a few chairs lined up in front a long brown table. Then he took me at the end of the submarine where various missiles, were lined up and various weapons were planted on the side walls carefully.

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