Lǐwù and the teardrop stone

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The abandoned village

Heng a Healer and nephew of the Head Alchemist Junjie has been helping Longwei search the archives for anything which could shed some light on the strange teardrop stone after his uncle decided to go and see the Grey Dragon Yogiri who lives on an island far to the east after it occurs to him they dealt with a Demon in the time of Dampa.

All the Father of the Gods and Heng have found is roughly the same warning the young lady had. Then Heng finds one which mentions a village that was cursed, Dampa writes, The mortals seemed to be going around in a daze, none of the crops or the dead livestock had been seen to. There was an odd mist hanging over the village. This is when I meet my first Dreamer who was questioning the king, who appeared to be in a sleepy state. He had unleashed a Desire Demon who had been trapped in a cave for centuries. The Dreamer used a stone to re-trap the Demon which broke in to fragments, one was taken to fortune tellers and two of them were hidden in the village. Once all the people had snapped out of their dream like states we helped them to move to next village so they could begin a fresh start.

On the back of the scroll they discover he had drawn a map showing exactly where caused village was, so they decide to go and investigate. All they find are the remnants of houses slowly being consumed by the desert. The one thing they would have found disturbing if they had the emotions, a large meeting hall right in the heart of the village lay untouched by time, it looked like it could have been built yesterday.

They both look through a barred window to see a stone table lies on a raised platform with floor cushions down either side of the centre of the long room.

Then something sparkling catches Heng’s eye and he says in a soft voice, “What’s that?”

   “What have you spotted, dear boy?”

The Healer points his slender left hand through the bars and replies, “There’s something shinny under the table.”

The Father of the Gods also takes a look and replies, “Yes, I see it too. I wonder what it could be?”

Heng tries to open the doors only to discover they are locked, he peers through a gap to see a wooden bar has been placed across the middle, he informs Longwei who also takes a look and replies, “They didn’t want people getting in.”

The Head Alchemist takes a few steps back then leaps on to the thrashed roof to discover a small hole lies near the centre, he pokes his head through to see in the dull light there is nothing below him and he says, “I’m going in.”

   “Just you be careful dear boy,” comes Longwei's, voice from below.

Heng manages to make the hole bigger by pulling a large chuck of the straw to one side, then climbs through going on to use his telekinetic abilities to float down and land without making a sound. He walks over to the table, crouches down to see it is another stone, he picks it up and the moment the light coming through the window touches it, he notices it has a water like appearance.

   “How strange,” he says, walking over to the window to hand the strange stone to the Father of the Gods.

   “It’s very petty and quite similar to the other one Lǐwù was given. However, this one seems uncut.”

   “I agree Longwei. I’m going to take a look around."

   “All right dear boy,” replies the Father of the Gods, going on to place the stone inside a cloth bag.

Heng has a walk around the meeting hall, all the cushions are covered in a thick layer of dust, but the odd thing is, none of them are showing any signs of decay or been nibbled or used as bedding by mice, he listens and says, “I can’t hear any wildlife?”

Longwei also listens and replies, “You’re right there’s nothing... Could a Desire Demon do this?”

The Healer looks through the bars and replies, "You're guess is as good as mine, great grandpa," turning his attention back to the cushions, to spot something sticking out from under the middle one to his left, "Hello what's this?"

"What have you found?" Longwei asks, watching him through the bard.

Heng carefully lifts it up to discover it is piece of cloth, with it looking so fragile he decides to use his telekinetic abilities to pick it up and notices it is covered in old writing, he takes it over to Longwei and says, “Look at this, can you read it?”

The Father of the Gods also uses his abilities to float it through the barred window and replies with a hint of a laugh, “I’ll do my best as this writing is older than me.”

   “Oh my goodness. In that case I will say do your best, great grandpa,” replies Heng, watching Longwei give him a hint of a smile.

The Father of the Gods sets the piece of fragile cloth down on a nearby bolder, he removes a small bamboo scroll from the inside pocket of his top robe along with a piece of charcoal and starts to write.

The Healer carries on looking under the other cushions for any more pieces of cloth or a bamboo scroll and finds nothing. Heng lines himself up under the hole in the roof, crouches down then jumps to go shooting through it to land on the thatching and jumps down; he walks over to Longwei and notices he appears to be frowning this makes him ask, “What is it?”

   “This isn’t good, it reads, I have brought something terrible upon my people. I should never have ordered the opening of the cave. If only I had left it alone. What have I unleashed upon my people?"


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