Long Way Home.

Chapter Seven: Together we Stand!

La Mawo!

It was morning already, and Ephraim had not woken up yet. Some of my friends were worried that I brought an enemy back to where we settled, and some could say, maybe he’s the best way to know what was going on around La Mawo…

I decided to take a walk alone, this time I was more careful. I didn’t want to meet some other Ephraim character guy to deal with on that early morning. And after some time, Sophie came after me…

“Hey, are you okay?” she asked as she reached my spot.

“Yeah. I guess!”

“What really happened last night? Where did that guy come from?”

“Ephraim!” I clarified to her.

“What… ooh… yeah right. Sorry! I mean, where did Ephraim come from?”

“I don’t exactly know where he came from… but all I know is, he was with his friends, I guess they were hunting for the outsiders as mom said. And he saved me from his other friends. He gave his life to save mine, I mean, what if Rafael killed him… he would have died saving me!”

“Hey, don’t say that. Ephraim is okay! And he’ll wake up soon, and maybe you can explain to him what happened and I’m sure Rafael will apologies!”

“I hope…” I sounded hopeless.

"So. Did you realize that we soon shall need food maybe… I mean, we should figure out some way to get food, or else we'll starve!"

“I know. But I’m not in charge here…”

“No one is. And all those guys followed us, they followed you actually! They knew it’s either they walk away with you, or they stay behind and die… and they chose you.”

“Sophie please, don’t do that.”

“That… trying to make me have a purpose in everything that happens!”

“Okay, fine! But we should definitely come up with a solution about this, or else those guys will have no one to kill soon!” we laughed after Sophie’s response.

“Hey, Meg… your guy woke up!” Rafael yelled from a distance.

"Seriously!" I was shocked by how Rafael referred Ephraim to me.

“Just let it go…” Sophie said.


“What happened!?” Ephraim asked in a confused way, he wanted to react, I could tell, but I think something was holding him together.

“Don’t worry Ephraim, it was an accident.” I bent my knee as I was close to him, and held his shoulder.

“It was…”

“It was a tree branch, it fell… and hit your head!” I interrupted Rafael as he wanted to confess to Ephraim.

“Yeah, it was a tree branch…” Rafael played along.

“And you helped? Like you took me in, just like that!?” Ephraim kept on questioning.

“Yes. Count it as a favor in return… you saved me, and I saved you. From a tree branch!”

“Ha-ha, so funny!” he smiled, and Rafael walked away.

“So, are you going to leave, or…”

“Nah, I think I’ll be sticking here for a while…” he interrupted my question.

"Okay. Good! You can be of good help." I smiled.

After all that rough conversation, I had to call upon all the available people on that area, and we had to discuss important matters now, if we can’t fight them, maybe we can survive instead.

“So, guys. I had a talk earlier with a friend, and we thought soon or later we all are going to need food, water and a good place to sleep, maybe. No more forests and trees for a home.” I began.

“And so, we’ll have to choose some of us to go and get some things that will help us through for the next few days until we get a proper place to settle.”

"Seriously, who's going to accept going in town, walking in the streets that aren't safe for us… streets that aren't safe from the people like him!" one of the classmates spoke while pointing Ephraim.

"Ok, listen, guys, Ephraim isn't a bad guy here. He saved me, remember! I could be dead now if it wasn’t for him. And now isn’t the right time to start choosing sides of who’s with who, or who can trust who… if we all want to survive, then trust me, it’s the only way we have, trust our allies, and survive from our enemies!” I replied.

"She's right guys, we have to do this together. We're just teenagers, we were used to getting everything from our parents, from home. We had places we could call home, and now… we have this, and we can't just back out from the fight. We have to get our way through and get back to our parents and families!" Rafael added.

"Thank you, Rafael, I think everyone got that clearly."

“Okay, now that we’ve been motivated… who’s ready to accept any of the choices that will be made?” Sophie stepped in front and asked.

And thank God, hands began to be lifted and people were now ready to cope with whatever that’s going to be decided. I’m not saying I should be the one deciding for them, but for now, it’s what we need to keep on surviving. Someone has to step in front and make choices for all of us… that’s the price of surviving together!


When everyone was now getting ready for anything that’s going to be decided, I had sat down near a tree, and it looked like thoughts had taken me away from the forest. Far, far away with my family and most importantly, my sister by my side.

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