Long Way Home.

Chapter Eight: New Journey Begins!

La Mawo, outside town Mall!

Before I go on telling the story, I think I should be telling you what has been gathered by me, Sophie and Rafael since the last talk we had with our fellows. Well, from the explosion at the resort, we lost some of our friends, meaning they died… and we can’t say exactly how many, but some died and some were just gone after the rest of us got up.

For the total of all that we aren't sure of is fifteen, it means only thirty-five of us were left. And my sister was among the lost, actually can't tell if she's dead or lost, but my hopes just yell at me that she's fine but in danger.

And now, back to where we are right now. We had arrived outside the town mall, six of us… me, Sophie, Rafael, Ephraim and other two boys from our class who were chosen to join the team. Ephraim had ensured our safety after he had said his friends are not the noon hunting kind of friends, as they were making their silent ambush, but not in a clear open. Though the malls, shops, small businesses and more were shut down, not even one was open, no people walking around, it was like everyone had hidden from the face of the town.

Cars burning, some of the street walls were graffiti painted with harsh words towards the outsiders.

“Okay, I’m sorry to bring this up, but… why are you guys doing this!?” Rafael asked Ephraim.

"What!" Ephraim got shocked by the question.

“Is this the best time for that?” Sophie asked.

"Yes, it is. How can human beings do such an unexplainable thing to their fellow humans!? It's sad and harsh…"

"Dude, listen… if you think I'm the bad guy here, then you're wrong!" Ephraim replied.

“Then what are you? If you aren’t the enemy, then tell us who you are!”

"Fine. My people are doing this because they believe it's best for them and their lives. People here in La Mawo, are facing the highest rate of unemployment, poverty is increasing, and their families are depending on them… then what do you want them to do in such a scenario?”

“Them, or you!?”

“Does it really matter?” I asked.

"Yes, it does Meg. You met someone a few hours ago, and now you're playing food hunting together, believing he's a friend.

“Okay, I can’t deal with this right now!” I walked a distance away from them.

“Guy, you’ve got to chill out…” Ephraim tried cooling Rafael while holding his shoulder.

“Let go of me… you can’t be serious killing people just because you’re unemployed!” Rafael kept on yelling and pissed off.

“Listen, everybody does what they do because of their own reasons… you can’t just blame every one of their acts. You can’t be speaking as if you’ve never done something stupid and selfish for once in your life!”

“Ooh, so now you agree that what you’re doing is stupid and selfish as how you all are!?”

“Don’t call me stupid and selfish!”

“Or what!?”

“Guys, stop…” Sophie tried to stop them.

“Stay out of this Sophie…” Rafael yelled at her.

They both moved close to each other as they wanted to start a fight, I could just tell myself to let them do what they want. After all, they're all men, if they can't fight the enemies, let them fight themselves, I'll count it as a fighting practice. And suddenly, I heard a scream from inside the mall, it was a female voice and a very familiar one…

“Charlotte…” I yelled.

“What!” Sophie turned to me.

“I heard Charlotte’s voice from the mall. We’ve to go inside…” I ran away and went inside.

“Meg… wait!” Ephraim called and ran towards me.

"Wait up…" Rafael too and all others also came inside.


We were all inside now, and no one could yell or speak a word since we weren’t sure of who else was in there with Charlotte.

“Charlotte…” I yelled.

“Shush…” Sophie reminded me.

“Sorry. I’m worried.”

We kept on walking and suddenly, Charlotte appeared, walking towards us from in front, and she had raised her hands up with tears flowing out her eyes.

“Ooh my God, Charlotte!” I wanted to run towards her.

“Stop right there, or I’ll shoot…” a man joined her from behind her and he was holding a gun pointing to her head.

“Ooh my God.” I was so worried.

“Denis!” Ephraim yelled a name.

“Ephraim!” the man yelled back.

“You know that guy!?” Rafael asked.

“Yeah, he’s my foster brother!” Ephraim replied.

"And the party has just begun ladies and gentlemen!" Rafael said.

“What are you doing with them?” Denis asked Ephraim.

“They’re just friends… they can’t harm you!”

“I thought, dad, said every outsider was an enemy… we can't let them live, we'll all be poor again!"

“No. Some of them are not here to steal our jobs or lives. They’re just here for vacations and having some fun. We can’t be killing everyone!”

"We can't let them be free on our lands… they must die!" Denis finished up and he was about to pull the trigger and boom! A gunshot sounded and everyone was shocked after that sound, for me, all I could think was, oh my God, Charlotte is dead!

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