Love you 2


Yael's POV


"Hmm this is him",I take a glanced at Carson who's now holding his phone in front of me,I checked the picture pasted in that screen,hmm not bad,but I don't feel like seeing him going out with that guy,I leaned back,"Gorgeous",I simply replied,he just chuckled. If not for the sake of this numb-gorgeous gay I wouldnt mind of him flirting with boys,but things were different,I like him.

For Pete's sake okay,I'm not a bisexual to get things clearly,I'm straight girl,but I couldn't resist the magic Carson had when it comes to me. But I bet,with those looks of his,no one would ever bet he's a gay. Carson Uriekha Liaño is one of the gay hearthrob of Saxon's Inetenational School.....and he is my ultimate crush. Well they would say I'm lucky because I'm one of those people who get's tp know more about him,being one of the Medieval Seven of our campus,speaking Medieval Seven,it's a prestigious ranking system here in SIS,wherein you are lucky if you get into even top 7 because of your academic premises.

And I got the second spot while Carson is the top 1. We're also together in ruling the student government in SIS,him being the president and I being his secretary,so lucky indeed. I gpanced back at Carson who's currently checking out the picture again,ugh.."If I were you little kitten,I'd finish my research before the deadline right away",I said. I've been in a group with him because of the high standards this school has,well,advancement you know.

"Wait,ugh there's Caileigh,again", he said fuming out in panic,I simply looked out of the window,okay,seems like we're going in a theater again,I smiled. "Well what are you waiting for",I said at him. He just shrugged and move out a chair,grasp me on my waist and let me sit in his lap,side ways,omygoodness,I hope he'll not notice me blushing like a baby ughhhh.

Caileigh ans her red funky troops entered the room,her face turned ugly in fury upon seeing me and Carson in that position,you'd bet girl. "The hell,you slut!",she angrily spatted at me while I just flashed my smile at her,she glanced back to her girls,"Let's get out of here,such a slutty day!",with a raised brow,they stormed out of the room,ha ha ha. Few seconds after that we began laughing our hearts out,"Hey man did you saw that,the reaction is priceless",I said laughing out at him.

He brush his hair before answering",Yeah goodness thanks for that,my beauty got saved again",he said with a soft chuckle. Yeah,you're right that Caileigh is obsessed with a gay like Carson,the girl who's calling herself a queen in this campus like eew. And for her to not get into Carson,we made the campus believed that Carson and i are in a relationship,who says gays can't get their own girlfriend right? How we ended up like this started when were in 11th grade,that girl Caileigh nearly raped him in the SSG office when I left them alone in there. Since that day,I never leave Carson's side again,and that relationship thingy immersed after the incident.

    "Girl,promise that you'll never find some new friend when we graduate okay?",he said out of the blue,we're now walking in the field,while he erhhh holds my hand,I mean I used to that but still it gives me the tingling feeling ever since the day I knew that I've got a crush on him. "Yes why not,I promise Carson",I replied,"So nice of you darling",he said befpre pinching my cheeks like oh gosh my heart. After that we passed by on the bulletin board. 'SSG election tomorrow at 8 am' My eyebrows creases upon reading the memorandum,what? Election in this midterms? I looked back at Carson and saw the same reaction,something's wrong in here.

"Paging Mr. Liaño ans Ms. Sy,you are needed i the office of the dean" As expected,our former SSG adviser's voice echoed in the hallway,probably talking about the election that will happen tomorrow. The pace is too fast,our term in this school year isn't ending yet,then why is that they're having an election tomorrow? "Something's up here Yael,let's find it out",I heard Carson said. He gripped my hand without waiting for my answer and head out in the office. We arrived and saw dean amd Ms. Lasso,our former adviser inside the office.

The dean cleared his throat before checking the two of us out. "So I expected but of you to be flabbergasted regarding the election tomorrow yet your term are not finish. Well the election was suggested by one of the stockholder of the campus,Mrs. Luther......" he didn't finished his sentence and glanced at Ms. Lasso who became tensed like she already get what is the dean wants her to do. Okay this is not right,really.

    "Uhmm",Ms. Lasso began,"Mrs. Luther wants to change the list of the SSG officers as well as the Medieval Seven",before she finish her sentence I heard Carson cursed under his breath,I gripped his hand to calm him,I guess we're in trouble now. "But why?",he busted out impatiently",We all knew that Mrs. Luther is one of the major stockholder of SIS,her demand shouldn't be delay at all costs,she didn't said the reason,we don't have a choice but to give her demand",Ms. Lasso continued,ignoring Carson's question.

My knees trembled at the thought of enlistment,there is a high possibility that we were not be able to graduate as officers in this year,or worse banging the fact of being one of the Medieval Seven. In my case,I have nothing to worry about since I'm just a nobody and not famous,but for Carson,how could that be? I sighed.


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