Love you 2

Chapter 1

Yael's POV


We're now on our way back home,and I couldn't help but to secretly glance at Carson who's currentky driving. My mind continuously skitter back to the scenario few minutes ago. Mrs. Luther was Caileigh's mother,no wonder why the scheme of enlistment came our way. I didn't really expect that things will be this worse because of the unreasonable obsession of that girl over Carson. His leadership was at bay because of that,and now,the mother wants an enlistment of the two prestigious categories in SIS,we are now both in misery and shame.

The campus' concept was not that good at all,because connection is always at bay with how the things walk in our lives as students,of course,Mrs. Luther wants to put us in shame because of her daughter,the connection could be that worse and the blame will end up in you alone even if connection has something to do with that.

I feel like it was my fault in the very first place,if not because of me,Carson will not be in the situation whre we are now,leadership is important for their family and now,his situation is at stake because of what had happen. In my own alone,I wouldn't mind that,I had no one to appreciate my works with. I suddenly stopped frim my rendezvous when Carson stopped the car,and the next few seconds robbed the oxygen in my lungs. Before I realized what happened,I already feeling Carson's toned arms around me,he's.......he's hugging me,is this for real??? I fekt his long fingers in my cheeks,and then I realized that I'm already crying.

"Shhhh please don't think much about that anymore",he cooed softly,I felt his hit breath fanning my face,I gulped unconciously. "I-I'm sorry,I just couldn't help it",I said,he cupped my face and look at me straight in my eyes,"No don't think of that anymore,everything will turn out the same just,just please not think something else",I nodded at him. After that we continue our way on the road,"Yael",he called out,"Hm?","If you think that was your fault,you're wrong,the system is the one we must blame and you knew that",he said.

I stared out of the window before replying,"i know that,but I'm just thinking of you,what will Uncle Chance say if you'll not be able to get the leadership award?",I asked out,I felt his hand gripping mine,my heart skipped an inch at the contact,okay calm down Yael that's just Carson. "Don't think of that anymore okay?",he said in a voice so calming it made me assure that things will be fine soon. Sometimes,I'm silently wishing that he is my boyfriend for real,I feel like I'm falling in love with him again and again especially at times like this.

Tomorrow indeed,I hope things will become fine right away.


The next day our classroom is in chaos because of the sudden election,that scheme had been announced in the flag ceremony. I'm just sitting quietly in my chair,Carson's not still here. "Yael what will happen now between you and daddy Carson? Surely you two will be in shame if the election turn out different",Shion,a close friend rants at me,I just shrugged my shoulders because I either didn't know what to think anymore.

"Goodness,the other members of Medieval Seven will shriek at the discourse",Ara adds. Our conversation was interrupted by the entrance of someone,"This is all your fault Yael,only if you let Carson to be with Caileigh this will not going to happen",I stared at Knisha,startled at what she said,wait what? "Hey you don't have the right to blame our friend of what was happening,blame that to that slutty Caileigh",Shion furiously stormed back,"Hey please Shion calm down",I whispered to her when suddenly someone slapped me,hard on my left cheek,"Serves you right slut",I looked back tp see who it was,it was Clarisse,one of the Seven,I unconsciously clenched my fist.

"That's not enough,our ranks' at stake",I heard Knisha's voice before I felt someone pullwd my hair damn it. It damn hurts,I feel really helpless that I mght burst in tears,someone pushed me back that made me stumbled unto the chairs,the pain seared at the bottom of my spine and it hurts like hell. "What do you think you're doing with my secretary?",a baritone voice boomed out the four corners of the room and the crowd became dead silent.

My tears started to flow when I realized who it was,it was Carson. I feel his presence around me,then his arms,and after few seconds I felt like I'm floating in the air,he.....he carried me,he fucking carried me in bride style for Pete's sake!! "Listen to me,this incident will be reported in the Guidance office,I'll make sure ya'll pay for what you've done to my girl,I' m still the president if you forget that",he coldy said to them in particular before stepping out with me in his arms out of the room.

"Are you fine? Did you feel anything?",I stared up at him,"N-nothing,I'm f-fine thank you",I replied. We ended up in the clinic,he put me in the clinic bed and started to look for the medicine kit. Then he begin to clean my bruises that I didn't noticed. "I'll--","Shh",he cut me in my sentence and continue to clean my bruises. I heard him sigh,""I'll not let this thing to happen again,Yael goodness this is too much",he said frustatingly. I just stoop down,"Let's get out of here Carson,the election's probably starting", i said after a few seconds of silence.

"Are you sure you're fine?",he asked,I nod at him in assurance. Seems like he's already convinced since we walk out of the clinic. I remembered what Knisha said,maybe it is indeed my fault,if not only I let Carson to be with Caileigh,this will not going to happen.

We're already in the covered walk when a person stops in front of us,I immediately recognized who is him,yeah,the man in Carson's phone. How come he's here? I saw Carson's face turned white,maybe because of shock,"Hi Carson,I met you finally",now I wanted to rip his face ,that guy,he successfully made my blood boil in seconds,what the hell?


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