Lover's Courage

Chapter 14


Vivek wanted to get to the institution on time. Even though the receptionist Pooja would be present at the center, he needed to arrive there soon.

Pooja wouldn’t be able to answer to the students who came to enquire about the subjects as she wasn’t a technical person. On several occasions, some students had returned as Pooja hadn’t convinced them of the benefits of studying at the coaching center.

He went to the living room; his mother was seated on the couch.

“So, how are things at work?” His mother asked. “You said the students’ enrollment has improved?”

“We need to attract some more students so that we can teach them in batches.”

“Okay. What are you going to do?”

“I’ve told Arjun and uncle to assemble at the center this afternoon. I've got a few strategies that I would like to discuss with them.”

“How are Snehal and Pooja?” his mother asked. “Are they loyal to you?”

“They’re good. I don’t think they’ll act against my wishes.”

Vivek’s mind filled with Snehal. She was attractive and her eyes always sparkled when Vivek spoke to her. She had been helpful to him since she joined his center. Vivek had observed her while she had conducted her classes. She was confident and extended her teaching period by a few extra minutes. But I shouldn’t get carried away as she is engaged to someone. Arjun would be let down if I tried to attract her.

Snehal’s above average height and elongated face with fair skin were very attractive. Even though her makeup was not overly done, her full and open lips glistened with lip gloss and her dark, large eyes matched with the black eyelashes applied with the mascara. Vivek must thank Arjun for sending Snehal to him who had two years of teaching experience and had such a beautiful look.

“Vivek,” his mother said, alerting him.

“Yes, Mum.”

“Come home for lunch.” She raised her voice. “You have made a bad habit of eating out.”

Vivek gently hugged his mother. “Sure, Mom.” Though Vivek wasn’t interested in coming home, he couldn’t stop lying to his mother.

Vivek drove his car out of the garage and headed down the main street.


It took about ten minutes for him to reach his center. He parked his car in the parking lot and went to the institution, carrying his leather bag.

Pooja smiled at him. “Good morning, Sir.” She rose.

Vivek gestured her to remain seated. “Good morning.” His glance shifted to a dozen youngsters seated in the open space. “Are they waiting for me?”

“Yes, Sir,” Pooja said. “They want to know the course details.”

“Okay, please send them to my place.” Vivek went and opened his office door. Snehal was conducting her class.

Pooja ushered the students to Vivek’s office then went back to her place.

Vivek slid a couple of pamphlets to the students and gave them brochures. “If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.”

He interacted and convinced them they will be taught with experienced teachers and told them their money would be returned if they were not satisfied with the course. Eventually, Vivek managed to register those students and collected the first installment of their fees.

After the students left, Snehal came to him, heaving a sigh of relief.

“Are you exhausted?” Vivek asked, smiling. His chest lightened seeing Snehal’s fair face and chubby cheeks.

“I conducted a special class for two hours.”


“The syllabus was lagging, and students wanted to complete it as scheduled.”

“You’re very diligent, Snehal,” Vivek said.

Snehal smiled. “Thank you.”

She was beautiful in her yellow sari with a matching blouse and cream border. Vivek’s adrenaline rushed through his veins when she held on to her gaze with his for a few moments and then shifted her gaze to the floor, shyly. He reminded himself again - I shouldn’t get carried away.

Vivek kept a close watch on the main entrance, where he expected Arjun and Pankaj to arrive. A few minutes later, they entered into Vivek’s office.

Vivek motioned them to the seats in front of him.

Arjun sat beside Snehal. “So, what is going? It has been more than a week since we assembled here.”

Vivek cleared his throat. “We’re getting a good response after we gave a demo in the colleges. The number of students enrolled is encouraging, but I further hope we can attract some more.”

“Have you planned anything towards achieving it?” Pankaj knotted his brows.

“You know that I’ve gained enough practical experience in creating projects in different languages. The existing centers are simply conducting the classes and providing the lab facilities.”

“And what are we going to do that is different?” Snehal asked.

“That’s what I was about to tell you. I’ll develop a few projects using these languages and packages. After the course, we’re helping the students to create projects and make them learn programming and coding.”

“Wow, that’s interesting.” Snehal straightened in her seat. “No one has this type of coaching method in the city.”

“I agree and this is going to be a major change,” Pankaj said.

“Vivek,” Arjun said. “I know, you’ll never give up in making your dream come true.”

“I like it, Vivek,” his uncle said. “Please go ahead. You’ve full support from our side.”

“Snehal,” Vivek said. “I think your current batch ends in three months. Tell your students that they will be taught coding by working on live projects.”

“Sure, Sir,” Snehal said.

“I told you don’t call me sir.” Vivek smiled. They all laughed together.

Vivek was determined to make his venture a success.


Later in the evening, Vivek waited for Snehal to finish her class; he wanted to speak with her.

To his surprise, Snehal came to him instead of going to her office cubicle soon after finishing her class.

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