Lover's Courage

Chapter 16


Snehal had been very supportive during their visit to the engineering colleges. She was enthusiastic and self-motivated. She gave a good presentation to students and appealed to them efficiently to enroll in the courses offered to gain further knowledge in computer science.

Vivek often found her stealing glances at him as she spoke to his uncle and Arjun. Her face blushed when Vivek asked for her opinion about the marketing tips. She seemed attracted to me.

Arjun had said she had been engaged, but Vivek hadn’t asked anything about her personal life during the interview. He believed she came from a well to do family; she behaved so politely with everyone in the institution.

His eyes filled with fatigue as he worked until midnight to reading the project details and writing the computer programs. He had gathered enough information on the internet that should enable him to develop the projects for the courses he offered. He was proud of himself for the initiative he had taken to make his venture stand out from the rest.

He went out of his room and his mother was preparing breakfast. She found fulfillment in serving him the food on time and she tried to keep Vivek happy.

Vivek also made sure she remained cheerful by spending a couple of hours with her in the evening.

He stood near her in the kitchen. The smell of hot idlis and sambhar masala wafted over. “Hi, Mum.”

“Breakfast is ready.”  She turned to him and smiled.

“Thank you.” Vivek inhaled a deep breath. “I know, you will not let me eat out in the restaurants.” He sat by the dining table.

“What were you working on so late in the night?” Prabha served him the idlis. “Don’t stress yourself and spoil your health. You must sleep well to stay fit.”

“I have told you already, I’ve planned to teach students how to develop software projects at the end of the semester.” He took a bite of idlis and chewed. “I was implementing a few programs in the night. I hope students will like the concept and some more will get enrolled.”

“It’s good that you’re offering something useful to your students. I’m sure you’ll be successful in your endeavor. Good luck with your initiatives.”

“Thank you.” Vivek smiled.

“Be cautious when it comes to spending money.” Prabha knotted her brows. “It will always be wise to save instead of paying for unnecessary needs.”

“I know.” Vivek took the last bite of his breakfast. “I’ve noted the expenses made so far and planned well for the future.”

“How are your colleagues, Snehal and Pooja, doing?”

Vivek’s chest tightened. Why is she asking about them?

“They are doing well.” He controlled his urge to speak about Snehal. He wiped his hands to a pink napkin and went to the living room.

After exchanging a few more words, Vivek left for his institution.


The road was crowded with cars, motorbikes, and taxis. He had to stop his car for a few minutes until an inspector in white-khaki uniform cleared the crowd. The smoke from the vehicles choked him. He raised the windows and started the air conditioner.

At his institution, Priya rose to her feet. “Good morning, Sir.”

“Good morning.” Vivek focused his gaze on her. “Have any new students approached in the morning?”

“No new enrollments, Sir.” She paused and then said, “Snehal is conducting her class.”

“Okay. If new students approached, send them to me.” He went to his office.

Vivek, standing near the door, looked at Snehal. She was writing on the whiteboard, describing the subject. She was beautiful in her pink silk sari with a pale red border.  Her long entwined hair was tucked with a jasmine string. Her fair face glistened in the daylight streaming through the window.

While Vivek continued to stare at her, Snehal shifted her gaze towards him. She stopped teaching. She came out of the classroom.

Vivek was embarrassed as Snehal might ask why he was standing there, looking at her. He hastened to enter his office. Should I tell her the reason why I was standing there?

“Hello, Vivek.” Snehal’s face lit up.

“Yeah, Hi.” Vivek composed himself.

“Do you’ve something to talk about?”


“Yes, tell me,” Snehal said, her voice soft.

“I need to talk to students for a while.” Vivek sighed. At last, he found some reason to tell her.

“Now?” Snehal arched her brows.

“After you finish your class,” Vivek said.

“Another half an hour, and I’m done.”

“Sure.” Vivek sounded confident.

Snehal went back to the classroom.

Vivek sat on his black, leather-cushioned chair. His heart was still racing after meeting Snehal. He has attracted to her seductive smile and the fragrance of the jasmine perfume lingered. He hadn’t expected Snehal would come out of the classroom to see him.

Snehal seemed interested in him. But Vivek needed to know more about her before he made any conclusions. He would talk to Arjun and ask about her personal life.

Snehal was studious in her profession and conducted classes regularly. She had a good command of her subjects and taught with confidence. Having her in his institution for the basic languages would be an added advantage. And her percentage-based salary worked out well. It’s a win-win situation for both of us.

Had any students enrolled for Java and .net subjects, he would have been busy mentoring like Snehal. He hoped some students would approach and register after he announced his new project-based teaching concept.

Vivek spent the next twenty minutes going through the list of students and the fees paid by them.

Snehal approached, holding her C++ book. She smiled, her gold earrings dangling. She placed the book on the table and sat in front of Vivek.

Two weeks before, Snehal never took a seat without Vivek’s permission. Now, she behaved rather close to him. She had become friendlier.

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