Love's Trials

CHAPTER 6 One Week- 3rd day

Jace P.O.V.

      I was so  glad to see her so happy. Today, I plan to bring her to the riverside in the province to have a picnic. And now I am already in their living room waiting for Angela. It's already been 50 minutes, I think. Girls always take so long to get ready, but when they come back the wait is always worth it.

      Then she came down stairs wearing black leggings and yellow blouse, she put her hair in a ponytail and wore white sneakers. She always amazes me, she always looks stunning.

      Then she came to me and as always hugged me. Of course I hugged her back . "Hey Gela, miss me already?" I asked in a teasing tone. " Ohhhh of course" " Bye bye girl" she said to Aesha. " Bye girl, have fun!!" Then she sent Aesha a flying kiss. Hand in hand, we went to my car. As usual, we stopped when we were near our destination and she putted the blindfold on. And then when we arrive there, I guided her to the river side. " Wait here Gela and don't move an inch."

      "Okay then, if you say so". Then I went back to the car to get the picnic basket and blanket. When I returned, Gela was still standing on the same spot. " Hey Gela, I am back. You can take your blindfold off now. " " Ooooh, I am sooo excited. Woooow!! Where are we? This place is amazing!!" She jumped up and down she she exclaimed. I was so happy.

     " We are in the province " " OMG, the provinces here are great!!!" " Yeah, I come here every time I feel tired of the city." She was so fascinated of our surroundings. "Let's go and prepare the picnic now" " ooooh okay". Then she helped me prepare the picnic. " Wow, so many food. Who cooked all of this? They looked so yummy!" " Ahemmm, of course the one and only" I said winking at her . "Really??! You can cook?? I didn't know that the famous Jace Lyndon Willams can cook! " She exclaimed and I know she's teasing me. "Hahahaha, of course I can cook! " I proudly stated. " And you should be honored, your the first person that I cooked for" I added with a teasing tone.

      We ate while talking. Then after talking for a while, I layed down on the ground and felt that Angela also did the same. We just stared at the blue and clear sky. I felt really contented at that moment. 
            I woke up, as I fell asleep with Angela on the ground a while ago without even expecting it. We both woke up at the same time.

      " Hey, Lynd I guess I fell asleep." She said stretching her arms. " Yeah, same" Then we sat up and relaxed as we appreciate our surroundings - the fresh air around us, the sweet breeze, the clear river, the blue sky and the trees and plants. Nature really feels great. " Why don't we go fishing?" I asked her. " Ohhhh, exciting...... But...." " But what? " My brows furrowed. " I don't know how to fish" she said softly while lowering her head. " I can teach you" " Really? Your not joking?" " Of course I'll teach you" " Yehey, I am going to learn how to fish" she said standing up and doing her happy dance, I think.

    I  went to the car and took out two fishing rods. " Here, use this" " Woah, it's my first time using, seeing and also touching this" " Hahahaha, duh you said you never knew how to fish... Of course you don't know a fishing rod. Also one reason is YOU ARE Mary Angela Whites. Do you think she goes fishing?!" I said to her with a teasing tone.

      " I guess your right, but I was just wondering, How did Jace Lyndon Willams know how to fish?" " I always go here and thought that learning how to fish would be awesome." "So do you mean you learned how to fish all by yourself??!" She asked me with wide eyes and a surprised look on her beautiful face.

       "Yeah, I learned it all by myself and now I am going to share my knowledge with you" " Yes! Thank you Lynd. Your really the best " and she hugged me so tight. " Of course Gela, I would do anything for you" " What did you eat today, why are you so sweet?" she asked me. " Come on Gela, don't tease me!"" Fine, but your so cute when you blush!" She said still with a teasing tone. " What? No!! I'm not blushing!!" I denied looking away. " Okay okay, if you say so" she said winking at me.

        Then I taught her how to fish and I have to admit ...... she's a fast learner. We did a competition on who can fish more fishes in 20 mins. And I can't believe it, it was a TIE! I was fishing for many many years and Angela just learned how to fish TODAY! And she can already compete with me. She is really amazing. We went home about 8:00 in the evening. We really enjoyed each othe's company. 

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