Love's Trials

CHAPTER 10 Seven days-7th day

Jace P.O.V.

        This past few days was the happiest days of my life. Being with Angela was amazing! She is so smart, funny, kind and of course gorgeous! It's true that she is shy at first, but when you got to know her more, you will see her true self. Today I plan to have a date with her again- this time this is a date and not just a meeting. It's a date between a boyfriend and girlfriend. I grinned as I think of it.

        Today I plan to bring Angela to the cinema to watch a movie together. As usual, I wait in her living room and she goes down the stairs being herself- gorgeous, we hug each other and do a quick kiss, hold hands while walking up to the car, me opening the car door for her, she goes inside and I drive while holding her hand. It's like our routine, but it's gonna end the next day after tomorrow, which makes me sad.

        She's wearing a peach floral dress - which looks amazing on her. She let her black shiny hair down and wore her three inches heels. She never fails to look stunning.

        " Babe, where here at the mall" " Didn't we come here yesterday?" She asked. " Yesterday we did shopping, but today is different. Just wait and see." " If I give you a kiss will you tell me?" She says as she bring out her perfect puppy dog eyes. It was REALLY hard to turn down but I want to surprise her." Nope, but you can just kiss me anytime" then I winked at her. Then she chuckled and gave me a kiss on my cheek.

         We hold hands as we enter the mall and I took her directly to the cinema place. " Ooooh, are we going to watch in the cinema?" She turned to me with her sparkling brown eyes that for me, makes the stars go dull. " Yeah babe" I said as I kissed her hair. " Thank you babe. This is my first time going here!" " Strict parents?" " You know it."

        We went inside the cinema with our hands intertwined and my other hand holding our popcorn. It would be funny to see the multimillionaire sharing popcorn. We decided to buy only 1 bucket of popcorn to share. I felt her tighten her hold to me. " What's wrong babe?" "I asked her. " Is it normally dark in here?" " Yeah, don't be afraid I am here by your side." And pulled her closer to me. I also gave her a kiss on her hair. Her hair smells so fragrant. She also snuggled closer to me.

        We reach our chosen seat and sat together. We picked a movie with  romance genre. It's about a couple facing the trials of love and they succeeded in the end. Their love got through the trials of life and love itself.

        She sometimes feed me with popcorn and I do the same to her. In the middle of the movie, I sensed that she was cold. I didn't have a jacket so I just pulled her to my lap and hugged her closer to my chest and I felt her snuggling closer also. " I love you babe" she whispered. And I was soooooooooo Happy or even beyond happy. " I love you too babe" and I kissed her forehead. " Really? You really love me?" She asked. " Yes! REALLY REALLY" and I saw her blush. She's so beautiful and her blush just adds to it.

          I was captivated by her that I wasn't even paying attention to the movie. We stared at each other and leaned forward. We kissed so passionately and I felt the emotions in the kiss- happiness, love, care and passion. We broke the kiss after so long. We were breathing heavily and I just pulled her closer to my chest. She also hugged me tighter.

         When the movie was finished we went out of the cinema. " So babe. Do you have a place you want to go to?" " You didn't have anything planned after the movie?" " I changed my mind, I think it's boring. So any ideas? but if you don't we can jus-" "I have many ideas!!! Lets go ice skating, surfing, board skating, sky diving, hiking and also Zipline!!!" " Okay babe, but first we need to change." " Oh yeah"

      We did everything she wanted. We went ice skating, surfing, board skating, hiking, sky diving and zip lining. She didn't even know how to do all of them, which I glady taught to her. We had so much fun!

       When we were in front of her house and when she was abou to go down, her phone rang. "I'm just gonna answer this babe." I nodded at her. " Ohhh okay, take care girl"she says to the caller. " Bye" and she ended the call. " It was Aesha and some emergency come up and she was needed. She went back to London already. So I'm alone in the house."she says to me. " Are you okay by yourself?" I asked my face showing worry. "Can you stay with me tonight?" She said softly.

        " Are you sure?" And she nodded. "Okay I'll stay with you tonight" and I gave her a small smile. "Thanks babe" and she hugged me. " Your always welcome babe".

        We went inside their villa. " Ohh babe.... What about your clothes?" " I always bring spare clothes in my car for emergencies" " Ohh good thinking." " Babe, you can just wait here or you can take a shower and come down after you finish." She says. " Why?" " I'm just gonna make dinner. What do you want?" " Let's just make it together." "  Okay." And  we went to the kitchen and made our dinner. While eating our dinner, we fed each other and we also washed the dishes together.

         I took a shower in the guest room's bathroom and she also took a shower in her room. When I finished, I went to her room and saw that she was drying her hair. I came up to her. " Let me do it for you babe" " I can manage babe" and she gave me a sweet smile. " But I want to do it for you" " okay" and she gave me the dryer. After I finished drying her hair, I hugged her and inhaled her scent. "Good night babe"  I kissed her forehead and was about to leave when she said " Can you sleep here." She said softly. " You sure?" " Yeah, I am not used sleeping alone" " You still sleep with your parents?" " No, there's always a servant that sleep in the couch in my room and Aesha sleeps here with me or in the other room, but that rarely happens."

      " Of course babe" We slept in the same bed and just snuggled close to each other. "Good night babe" " Good night babe, sweet dreams"  I kissed her forehead and wrapped my arm around her waist. We both fell asleep in each other's arms.

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