Love's Trials

CHAPTER 16 Unexpected Arrival

Angela P.O.V.

             I saw Luke went out the cafe and after a while Jace came back to our seat. "So, what happened?" I asked.
" Luke likes you and when he likes something, he will do everything to get it. " "Ohhh noooo. " "Don't worry, I will never give you up. I love you so much Angela." "I love you more Jace. It's just trials of love. We can get through this." He smiled at me and I smiled back. We decided not to tell my parents about us for now, because Jace doesn't want them to get angry with me.

           We decided to part ways. He went to his company here in London and I back home to the house ( the house that my parents also live in). I went directly to my room and locked it. I didn't had my lunch and dinner, because I had no appetite. Jace called me when I was about to sleep. "Hey babe, how are you? " He sounded worried. "I am fine. So how's your company's problem?" " Ohhh its fine now. " " Of course my boyfriend is there to fix it." I smiled to myself. " Not just any boyfriend, it's your hot and handsome boyfriend." He says chuckling. I bet his smirking right now. I giggled. " Ohhh yeah my awesome boyfriend." "Much better." I laughed. " Good night babe. Sleep tight. I love you." " Good night my awesome boyfriend. I love you too." "1,2,3"

         I fell asleep very satisfied and with a smile.

Jace P.O.V.

           It has already been two days since the meeting with Luke. Yesterday , Angela and I met at a cafe to have lunch. Our time was limited, our meeting only lasted for an hour. I miss my girlfriend soooo much.

           Luke and I also haven't talked since that meeting. I know he won't tell his parents or Gela's parents that Gela is my girlfriend, because his parents would surely cancel the marriage. His parents also like me so they won't want my girlfriend to get married to their son. I also wanted to contact them and tell them, but Luke stood in my way. When I called them, Luke changed his parents numbers and I can't even go to them personally, because Luke hired some guards and I don't want to hurt some people by forcing the guards. They might get fired by Luke, I know they have families to provide.

          So now, I am in my office and doing some paperwork. When suddenly the door opened and I see Nikki confidently walk towards me. How on earth did she know I'm here?! "Hey Jacey baby. I missed you so much. Why didn't you tell me that you are here in London. I could have gone here with you." " What are you doing here Nikki? " "Of course, I came because I missed you." She says as she walks to me and tried to kiss me, but I pushed her away.

        "Uhhhh, why did you do that Jacey?" "BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO KISS YOU! THAT SIMPLE! " "Don't you think I'm beautiful?" She says as she lowers her head. " Just get out of my office." I say as I control my temper. "But Ja--" I cut her off " I SAID GET. OUT. OF. MY. OFFICE!!" "Fine, but I'll be back! I'll never give you up!" I took a deep breath and sighed. This is really a big problem because Nikki is here. I put that aside and continued my work.

            Angela and I will be going to meet in some restaurant I booked. I am contemplating whether I tell her about Nikki or not. I am now in my car driving to the restaurant. I got in the restaurant and took my seat in one of the tables. I waited for Angela for about fifteen minutes. As usual, she makes my wait very worth it. She looks gorgeous, she is wearing a black pencil skirt, a white blouse and a brown coat. She also putted her hair in a bun and wore light make up.

             " Hey babe." I say as I went to her and hugged her. I took her to our table and pulled out a chair for her. She gave me a sweet smile and I gladly return it to her. We ordered our food and began talking about our day. When we finished eating, I noticed Luke with someone in the restaurant. Luke was with a guy, I think he's a business man. After they finished talking, they both shake hands and Luke accompanied him to the door.

             Then Luke noticed us and came up to us. I guess Angela still haven't noticed him. "So my fiancee is now having lunch with Mr. Willams. " He said in a sarcastic tone. "What are you doing here?Are you following me or something?" Angela asked glaring at him. "But it's true, you're my fiancee." "I have never and will never agree to that marriage." She said as I can sense some anger  in her tone. "But you don't have any choice. " "This is my own life and I can decide for myself. " Angela grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the door. I glared at Luke and he does the same thing to me.  

Luke P.O.V.

         I saw Angela and Jace having lunch together and I also saw Angela's happy face and beautiful smile. My heart aches as I see her with my best friend/ brother aka Jace. I can't help myself and walk towards them. Angela and I argued, then she grabbed Jace's hand and walked out. Jace glared at me and I did the same thing.

            Suddenly, I heard someone spoke and saw Nikki. I hate her. I just simply hate her. She is obsessed with Jace. "Hey Luke- " I cut her off " We're not close and I didn't give you permission to say my name." " Fine. Mr. Millans, I am just gonna be straight forward with you. Let's form an alliance to seperate Jace and that girl. You like that girl and I like Jace, so, it's a win - win situation, don't you think?" I thought about it and decided to agree. I loved Angela for years and she's obsessed with Jace. "Fine" I say as we both shake hands 

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