Love's Trials

CHAPTER 24 Truth

Jace P.O.V.

           I was so shocked when Gela told me that Luke let her go. I was the first one who let Gela go, but why did he let her go? I am so confused right now.

            I still feel a bit of pain in my heart. I remembered the photos that were sent to me by an unknown number.

             "Gela, I couldn't keep these questions in me anymore. Have you ever fallen in love with Luke? Have you ever dated him? Kissed him? Hugged him? Snuggled close to h--" I asked out of the blue. "What?! What are you talking about? I am not in love with Luke. I haven't dated, kissed, hugged and even snuggled close to him. Where did that came from?" She asked with shock all over her face.

                 " Remember the day we were supposed to meet in the cafe? An unknown number sent me photos of both of you doing all that." I say to her. " Are you accusing me? That day an unknown number also sent me pics of you and Nikki together doing....... Uhmmm..doing...It hurts me to think about those pictures." She said back to me.

                " Gela, I would never cheat on you. I love you more than my life. That's why my heart broke when I saw those photos. My heart will never stop beating for you Angela. It will always belong to you." I say looking directly into her eyes. " I also would never do such a thing to you Jace. I love you with all my heart and soul. These past month was the worst, it was torture for me. " She says looking back at me.

                  "I am sorry for not having enough trust in you Lynd. I should have listened to you first. We would have not suffered this much." She says as her eyes show how sincere she is. " I am also sorry Gela, but always remember that my love for you will never fade and my heart only belongs to you. "

                  We both smiled at each other and leaned in for a kiss. Her soft lips against mine. I missed the sweet taste of her lips. We pulled back, breathing heavily. "I love you Babe." I say to her. " I love you too." She says as she smiles sweetly at me before giving me a peck on my lips. I smiled and pulled her in my arms for a hug.

                 " Okay, I think that's enough babe. We still need to let your other visitors come. "She says. I smiled and just nodded my head. Then, the door burst open and I see Aesha come in. " Ohhh Jace I need your help!!" She exclaimed. " What is it Aesha?" I asked with a worried look. "Please, oh please, tell Angela to eat something! She hasn't eaten and drink even a tiny bit of food or water!!!!" I looked at Gela and raised my eyebrows. " Okay fine, I'll eat now. But you.....have plenty of rest okay?" She says and I nodded.

                  Aesha gave me a thankful smile and went out of the door with Gela. After a few minutes, the door opened and Luke came in. "How are you bro?" He asked me. "I'm fine. Luke, did you really let Angel-" I wanted to ask if he really let Gela go, but he cut me off. "Did I let her go? Yes, I did. I let her go." He said with a small sad smile. I stared and raised an eyebrow at him, wanting an explanation.

             He sighed then said " I saw how much love you both have for each other and I don't want to come between you. When you got shot, she cried so much. I hate to see her like that, that was the only time I saw her cry that much. I also realized that you love her more than yourself. You deserve each other. So, I return your words back to you. Jace, take care of her. Love her, protect her from danger, cherish her and be with her." He said with a sad smile. " Thank you so much brother." I said as I spread my arms wide for a hug. He smiled and came to me. We hugged like there's no tomorrow. We talked about random stuff and he left after a while.

                   A few minutes after Luke went out, the door opened and Mr. and Mrs. Whites came in with small smiles. "Ohh Mr. and Mrs. Whites, please have a seat." I say as I struggle to get up and welcome them. "Oh no dear. Don't worry about us. Just stay in bed, you need plenty of rest to recover." Angela's mom said to me. I stopped struggling and a look at them with a smile. " Uhmm Mr. Willams-" Mrs. White said but I cut her off. " Just call me Jace, Mr. Willams is too formal." I say to her with a warm smile.

                     She smiled at me and said " Okay then. Jace, we want to thank you for saving our daughter's life. We owe you a lot. You know she's our only daughter and we love her." Mrs. Whites said. " It's nothing Mrs. White-" I said but she cut me off. " Oppps just call me aunt Maria, Mrs. Whites is too formal." She said with a smile. " It's nothing Aunt Maria, I would do anything for your daughter. I have a confession to make Aunt Maria." I said with a smile. "What is it dear?" She asked. "Aunt Maria, I love your daughter. I love her more than my life. Please give us a chance to be together." I said softly.

                  Aunt Maria smile at me. "Do you mean it Jace?" She asked. " Yes, I do aunt Maria. I mean it wholeheartedly." "Make sure you don't hurt her or else you will suffer the consequences."Mr. Whites said in his strict tone. "Of course Mr. Whites." "Just call me uncle Anthony." He said with a smile. " Okay Mr. Wh--, I mean uncle Anthony." I said smiling. " Where did you both first met?" Uncle Anthony asked me curiously. " We met in New York, when she went there for a business meeting." I said with a smile. "Ohhhh Yeah! Then our plan worked!" Aunt Maria said with a happy face.

                      I was confused. What plan are they talking about? How did it worked? " We forced Gela to go to that meeting, saying that it would help her gain more knowledge about the company. It's true, but we also wanted for her to meet someone." She said with happiness in her voice. Ohhhh, so that's the plan they were talking about.

                      I smiled. " Then thank you so much aunt Maria, uncle Anthony, if you hadn't forced her, then I would have never met the love of my life." I said. " Ohhh that's so sweet of you to say dear." She said. "But we are sorry. ." She added. " For what aunt Maria?" I asked her. " We're sorry for forcing Angela to marry someone she doesn't love." She said with sadness in her voice. "It's fine aunt Maria. That became a trial for us and made our love stronger. So, I also have to thank you for that." I said with a small smile on my face. "I am happy that my daughter met you Jace." She said . I smiled and nodded my head a little.

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