Love's Trials

CHAPTER 25 A New Beginning

Angela P.O.V.

           It's been a month now and a lot of things happened. Jace was out of the hospital 2 weeks ago. We got back together and this time it's not a secret. Luke seems to be having a liking for Aesha, I would like it if they end up together. Nikki was sent to jail, her father tried to use some connections, but my family together with aunt Jenna and uncle Liam destroyed his plan. I have also introduced Aesha to my parents and they accepted her. Of course, the wedding was cancelled and our lives went back to normal, except for the fact that Jace and I are a couple. I am so happy with all the things that happened.

             Today like usual, I am at my office doing some work. It is also almost time for lunch, but of course being me, I still work for every second that is left. Just then, my phone rung. I looked at my phone and saw that it was Aesha calling. I answered the phone and put it my ear. "Heyyyyyy Girl!!!" She says. " Hey Aesha" "Can we please go out today ? Pleaseeeeeeeeee Angela." "But I still have work Aesha." "So are you saying you love your work more than me?" "Of course not. I love you. Okay fine, I'll go out with you." I say taking a sigh. She sometimes acts like a child. "YESSSS! Thanks girl. Wait for me, I'll pick you up for shopping." "Okay, I'll be waiting bye." "Bye" Then she hung up. I sighed as I tidy up my desk.

              After tidying my desk, I checked myself too. I retouched my make- up and straightened my suit. I fixed my hair a little and took one last look at myself in my phone. When I was ready, I went out of my office to tellwmy secretary that I'm going out. I waited for Aesha at the ground floor of the company. After some time, she arrived. She went directly to me and hugged me. Of course, I hugged her back. I noticed that she's very happy and excited today. "Heyyy girly!!!" She says as we broke the hug. "Hey Aesha!" "You ready?"I smiled and nodded. She took my hand and we got to her car.

                 The car ride was fun. We sang with the music of the radio and talked about random things. Aesha is so fun to be with and you will surely enjoy her company. We reached the mall and got down from the car. I haven't done shopping for a while. She took my hand and we ran towards the door. We first went to the dress shop, shoes, accessories, make up, beauty products, skin care products and all girly stuff. Being a woman is hard. We bought so many stuff. We went to my house and I checked the time. Wow! We shopped for 5 hours!!! I guess time really pass so fast. We went shopping 10 in the morning and it ended 2 in the afternoon.

                 " Being a woman is complicated." I groaned at Aesha. "I couldn't agree more Girl." "What's up with you? Your smile never left your face the whole entire time." " I'm just do happy today and it's been a long time since we got to go shopping together." I smiled at her " Ohh okay." " Gela, let's go to the music studio. I missed going there." " Ohhhh that's a great idea!! I missed that place! Let's go." " Let's change our outfits. You should wear that red off shoulder knee length dress. It fits you perfectly. It shows a tiny peek of your cleavage while it complement your skin tone." " Okay Aesha. I'll go to my room and change, you just go to the guest room." " Yeah sure!"

              I dressed up in my new dress, retouched my make-up and  curled the ends of my hair. After a few minutes, I was done. I took my clutch and went downstairs to Aesha. She was already waiting for me on the living room sitting on the couch. " Did I took so long to finish?" I asked her. " Not really, I have also just finished my own preparation." She replied. " Okay then, let's go"

               We walked out the door and got to her car. I insisted that we use my car, but she wouldn't budge. After a few minutes of driving, we stopped in front of the music studio. This music studio is a very special place for me. There are times when I sneak out of the house just to go here, only Aesha and Jace knows about it. This is the place where I learned how to play musical instruments. This place already have a place in my heart.

               We got down the car and walked to the door. " Angela, I have visited this place yesterday and there are many changes. So, I want you to put a blindfold on, so it'll be like my own surprise for you. Pleaseeeeeeeeee Gela." Aesha says to before I could even open the door. "Okay fine." She put the blindfold on me and she guided me to the door. After entering the door, I heard some music playing, I think it's from a piano, I have a gut feeling it's from a piano.

               She told me to take the blindfold off and I did what she asked. I was amazed by everything. The music studio did change, it was so wonderful. The studio was decorated with flowers and ribbons. The setting is just amazing! " Wow, I guess we're lucky today! Maybe they have a program or something." Aesha said to me. " Yeahh, I'm sure there's a important event today. Let's go! I missed this place you know." I said to her. " Okay, okay. You just go ahead, I'm going to restroom. " " Uhmm Aesha, which way? Right or left?" " Go to the right girl." She replied with a wide smile. " Thanks, I'll wait for you there."

                 There weren't many people. I walked to the right hallway and was surprised and amazed at the same time. Many pictures of me and Jace in frames was hang on the walls of the hallway. The hallway was also decorated with my favorite flower - white roses. There were also different kinds of flowers, but lesser. I continued walking through the hall, there were still many pictures of me and Jace together. I am shocked and confused at the same time.

                  When I reached the end of the hallway, it was a dead - end. There were still pictures and decorations. I also noticed that there was some curtains on one side of the hall. Just then, I heard soft music play and the curtain slowly opened to reveal a shadow of a tall man. I saw his polished shoes and his black tuxedo. I was shocked to the core, when I  finally knew who it was!!! It was Jace!!! He's holding a bouquet of white roses and was smiling at me. " Jace?!" I asked dumbfounded. What is he doing here?!

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