Loving you has always been one way......

3.Her ordinary but fascinating lifestyle-2

Dylan walks forward toward the bus and in a gentleman, style said " After you..." 

Sofia smiled and she gets on the bus as she was pretty familiar with his attitude as sometimes he is narcissistic and even thinks that the world revolves around him but he has an outgoing personality and is pretty joyful he loves Sofia's company as he finds this girl very interesting and usually hangs out with her.

Till 8:05 a.m. they reached the school their school was St. John High School in Ontario, Canada as just by seeing the school one can tell that the school doesn't admit normal students as it was reserved for the elite class of the society the school has the look of old architecture as it was built around 1805 it was spring season ground was covered with grass or else in winter ground, the whole architecture gets covered with snow but that view is also breathtaking as snow is cold but somehow only by seeing it you felt warm inside. In school, every student was driving their own luxurious cars wearing clothes of a well-renowned designer holding the latest technologies handphone the atmosphere at high school was quite comparable to the school of magic in the harry potter series.

Sofia's parents hold a respectful position in society as her mother was the renowned ice skater Charollete Martin and her father Lucas Martin is in the judiciary as a judge of The superior court and is known as the youngest judge in the country. So, she held an important position in society but as a  socialite, she never revealed herself as a renowned personality instead she loved to remain low key. On the other hand, Dylan loves to show off his wealth as his dad Liam Wilson is now a renowned business tycoon in the market of jewels, real estate, and many more fields he wants his son to be more responsible and be the heir of the kingdom that he built up from the scratch so he wants him to understand his responsibility.

They were standing outside the gate as the bell had rung this school has its rules and regulations and it didn't matter from where you come from discipline was the main principle of this school and once again they were late gatekeeper again saw both of them and started nagging.

"You two brats!! how come you always are late this is the third time in this week" he said

Sofia didn't say a word she started looking here and there as she was trying to sneak in on the other hand Dylan who is not used to listen to other persons nagging he decided to solve this situation in his own way.

He looked at the keeper and said in a cute tone "Uncle it seems like you are not having your meals properly look how fragile you have become if you will be this weak than who will properly guard our school" 

the keeper was confused Dylan continues "so, uncle you have to take care of yourself to keep us safe " he took out 1000 Canadian dollars showing to the guard "here take this and maintain your diet and be healthy and open the door and take us in," he said it with an innocent smile on his face in his opinion as long as money can solve the problem it is not worth to be worried about it.

But to his surprise gatekeeper got angry he was known for his honesty but this time this student has considered him as a corrupt person only for getting inside the school he was so furious that he shouted him "You brat what do you think of yourself, just because you have the money you can do whatever you want."

Dylan pouted as he was wronged "What did I do it's just the system of society why you are being furious for this trivial matter"  his words made him more furious he came out of his cabin and it looked like he was going to beat them up Sofia pulled Dylan with his hands and they ran away.

The keeper was furious he yelled at them from behind "I will see both of you"

She led the way and they came to the backside of the school it was a small alley with no people around she leaned on the wall and was catching her breath but still she was holding the hand of Dylan.



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