Luna Raine

I. One Year

Raine’s POV:

My avatar is the biggest, weird-looking character I could make. It got muscles that I could never obtain and skill I could only hope to appear one day magically. In this world, it’s a possibility. The eyes of my avatar would narrow with each zoom, bright yellow complemented by the palest red.

I smile when it turns its head, and its hair drifts across its terrible complexion.

The looks don’t match mine, though.

I can look much more wrenching than that.

In that world, I am almost a God with power, influence, and the ability to change nearly anything I want. If others cross my path, they would simply drift into darkness and despair.

A chip enters my lips.

My devious smile only widens as I crack the skulls and behead the enemy with my sharpened sword.

I scratch my flabby belly and scrunches my nose.

“Shoot him!” I scream, “Shot that, motherfucker!” When I cursed, no one would bat a lash, or perhaps I believe no one would since I can’t see my teammates from behind the screen.

He misses.


My eyes flicker to scan the surrounding, heart pounding as I turn around towards the corner, “How can you miss him?!” I cursed my partner once more.

“How the fuck should I know he was behind that tree?!” His voice booms with pure strength.

I got more agitated, probably a lot more than him. Then again, why should I? I wasn’t the one who missed it. “Because I told you - Watch out! He is behind that tree! - Why don’t you ever listen to me?” I screamed. Another enemy beheaded, but it only came with more bickers.

“I take orders from no one!”

“Hi!” I said a bit too loudly, allowing him to sense my continuous agitation. Mom says it’s not healthy for me to feel so emotional over a game, but I always do.


“Hi! I’m fucking no one, now shoot our damn enemy behind the wall to your left!”

I smiled in satisfaction when he did according to what I said.

I threw my arms in the air when we won the game and screamed: “Yeah! We won!” I’ve always been a sore winner, never a sore loser. If I lost, it’s my partner’s fault. People had always said I’m a lousy partner, but who cares. If they want to leave the group, there will always be others. Lose one, but a thousand will line up.

“You got served!” my partner shouts, hollering over the headset. It feels good to meet someone who enjoys bragging as much as me. I don’t feel judged when we win, and I’m the only one bragging.

I grab more chips to enhance my flabby belly. I got to celebrate the win somehow. “I’m so sorry for cursing you guys,” I apologize after some time. I usually do that when the other side doesn’t curse back. I want to brag, not potentially push whoever it is towards suicide. 

What if they’re having a bad day and was trying to wash it away through video games? 

I don’t want to be labeled as someone who indirectly murdered someone online.

“We are from America,” Chicken grumbles.

“We will see your asses next time! Count on it!” Nugget shouts. I can hear an item thrown across the room.

“Yeah! We will own your asses!” Chicken screams.

On the screen, their names disappeared. My partner and I met Chicken and Nugget roughly three months ago. They told us they met a few months back on this other gaming site. When they were creating their usernames for this game, they were both eating Chicken Nuggets, so it kind of just stuck.


HotChicken and BakedNugget

Chicken said that his wife was the one who suggested it and forced him to put that in, then she kept harassing Nugget until he agreed.

“You’re a bitch, you know that?” my gaming partner said.

I smirk, “Oh, please, you are nothing without me.”

“Little Piglet, you better watch your back,” he growls.


My gaming partner is a werewolf.

How do I know?

Well, he typically growls whenever he is upset.

I stare at my username: BaconhaveRice2.

I have no idea why I decided to choose that username.

“Oh, I’m so afraid, Mister Alpha wannabe,” I said sarcastically, waving my hands in the air even though he can’t see it.

I glanced at his username: IamtheAlphaBxtches.

I met him half a year ago in this random online gaming chat room, and we instantly hit it off. We argue all the time, but I feel some odd connection to him, something comforting.

“I told you I am an Alpha,” he stated in a stern voice.

“Oh yeah, sure you are, and I’m a flying dolphin who breathes out fire,” I said.

“Why don’t you believe me?” he whines.

“What pack are you in charge of, Alpha?” I hummed.

There was a long pause on the other side. I couldn’t hear anything except the music from the game mixing with echoing noises in the background, similar to mine. “I can’t tell you,” he mumbles.

I rolled my eyes and threw the remote on the couch. “And why not?”

He chuckles, “Because you would fall in love with me if you knew, and I can’t have another person stalking me,” he whispers seductively.

I can feel the chills running down my spines. “You have such a hu-” I was cut off by a voice on the other side. I couldn’t hear much, except for some murmuring.

“Little Piglet, I got to go, see you at the same time next week?” He said quickly.

I bit my chip, “Okay, see you, Wolfie.”

My partner logs off, and I place the headsets down on the table. With a single belly flop, I was on the old couch. Before I could close my eyes, the doorbell rang. A single grunt left my throat before I dragged my legs towards the door. I peek through the hole, and with the deadlock still on, I crack the door open. “What do you want?” I said in a deep voice.

Quinn Catcher

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