Marriage Rights: Billionaire's Forgotten Wife

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Chapter 16: Mixed Emotions

Yu Qiao continued to stare at the woman in front of him. The face was familiar but still somewhat different. To him, this woman is beautiful, sporting a seemingly perfect heart-shaped face, flawless high nose, and thin lips. Just staring at her, his throat already runs dry.


"Lihua?" he asked again, his brows wrinkling further, unsure of what to feel at this time. Confusion? Bewilderment? Hurt? Despite having mixed emotions, he is still unable to look away from her face, especially from her eyes. Even though those gems are narrowly looking at him, either trying to see clearly or to glare coldly, Yu Qiao does not mind. He feels like staring at them forever.


Mo Lihua couldn't stand Yu Qiao's penetrating gaze, so she bowed her head and stepped sideways to create distance from Yu Qiao, but he just stopped her from moving further by circling his arms around her waist, keeping her close.


"Tsk. I won't run. You can let go," Mo Lihua seethed darkly as she fights the urge to bite Yu Qiao again. This time she will bite so hard she draws blood.


To show what she is thinking, she even slightly snaps her teeth together, however, Yu Qiao is not afraid. If she bites, then he will just spank her hard. It seems Mo Lihua needs some discipline.


Seeing that Yu Qiao was not budging or at least loosening his grip on her, she gave up.

Aside from the fact that she is already somewhat, tipsy, Mo Lihua is just too tired to even bother.


Pretending that she does not know Yu Qiao will not solve anything. Yes, she is completely aware that the man in front of her is Yu Qiao. It is her hidden superpower to see him even without her glasses, which she greatly hates at the moment.


It would be easier to pretend and to give him an 'accidental' punch to the face as if she is not really aware of who he is. Or an 'accidental' knee to the groin, at least, to make him suffer for a while...


Mo Lihua released a deep breath before speaking. "Chen, can I have my things please," she asked as she lifted her arm to get her stuff from Yang Chen. Before Yang Chen could even hand over Mo Lihua's things, Yu Qiao had already grabbed them from him rudely.


Although she couldn't see clearly, Mo Lihua's face turned black as it was easy to guess what Yu Qiao had done.


"Brother Qiao, my glasses," Mo Lihua requested through clenched teeth, as she tried to endure throbbing her head.


"No. Get in the car. I will give them to you when I'm ready," Yu Qiao stated tightly. The fewer things she has, the better. That way she can't run away.


"You. Leave now," Yu Qiao curtly ordered Yang Chen with hostility, his face during the man to follow them.


Yang Chen did not expect his kind gesture to be taken positively. Instead of answering Yu Qiao, he asked with concern: "Lihua, are you going to be ok? Do not worry, I can speak with your father if you want me to."


"What are you trying to say? That I can't take care of Mo Lihua?!" Yu Qiao exclaimed furiously. 'And what's with the first name basis, huh?!' he thought to himself.


"Brother Qiao! Please, stop!" Mo Lihua shrieked next to Yu Qiao. Mo Lihua appreciated Yang Chen's gesture of help, however, it was probably best to just go home.


"Don't worry, I'll be fine. Thank you for today. See you later," Mo Lihua said softly to Yang Chen before she got in the car. Her unhappiness with the situation was very much in evidence on her face.


Meeting Yang Chen was not so bad. She was able to talk to him comfortably and to exchange numbers with him. The man was probably kind enough to help her as a fake boyfriend. Who knows, it might eventually become real?


Too bad that she was not able to get to know Yang Chen a bit more, but her decision is final. Her feelings towards Yu Qiao should come to an end soon, and she will use all available means to make it happen.


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