Marriage Rights: Billionaire's Forgotten Wife

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Chapter 24: Be Careful What You Wish For


Mo Lihua tried to grab something, anything, anywhere - but all she got was nothing.


She just then remembered that this bungalow has a pool on the side of it, and it is highly possible that the pool is where she is falling. She then closed her eyes, regretting her earlier thoughts. 'Be careful what you wish for...'


Mo Lihua already assumed and anticipated that she'd fall in cold water, when suddenly Yu Qiao was able to grab her by the waist, saving her from the fall.


Yu Qiao hugged her tightly as he pulled her back. "What are you doing?! You almost hurt yourself! There's no water in the pool!" Yu Qiao shouted furiously as he trembled with anger.


His heart leaped into his throat when he saw that she was about to fall into the empty pool! She almost fell down from a 15-foot height, and Mo Lihua just blindly accepted it! Is she killing herself?! He is just grateful that he was able to grab her in time!


There were no visitors in this bungalow so he just advised the caretaker of their stay for the night, therefore there was no need for the pool to be set up. The pool didn't even have any water in it, and the bottom is hard concrete tiles. If he was even a second later Mo Lihua may have fallen into it, face down!


Yu Qiao wanted to blame someone, but who? He can only blame himself for all Mo Lihua's current actions.


"I.. I..." Mo Lihua felt Yu Qiao's anger and she did not know how to respond. After hearing that there is no water in the pool, she also felt terrified just thinking about the possibility of her getting hurt if Yu Qiao hadn't reached her in time.


Mo Lihua could hear Yu Qiao's heavy breathing as well as the erratic beating of his heart, and she immediately understood that he was scared. So scared.


"You almost..." Yu Qiao whispered, sounding defeated. "Fine, you win..."


"Huh?" Mo Lihua asked suddenly, in confusion.


"You win, I will help you learn. Just... Just... Don't try to do anything like this again. Do not ignore me ever again!" Yu Qiao uttered sounding miserable.


After releasing a deep breath, he did not wait for Mo Lihua to respond and just lifted her up bridal style to go inside the bungalow. He couldn't stand staying in the same area where she almost got hurt very badly.


Mo Lihua's arms instinctively circled around his neck for support. "Brother Qiao, I can walk please put me down..." Mo Lihua advised as she squirmed, thinking of stretching her leg down so she could stand. Since she is wearing a dress, that plan is not going to work.


"Hey, Brother Qiao..." Mo Lihua patted his shoulder slightly and she continued to do so before he hissed at her.


"Shut it. I do not want you to have an episode like that again!" Yu Qiao exclaimed in annoyance. He does not want her to walk around again. What if she fell down because of a pebble and suddenly got injured very badly?


Mo Lihua can only shut up as she leans on his shoulder helplessly. Whose fault is it that I do not have my glasses?' she thought to herself - but she did want to point that out, afraid that Yu Qiao will just decide to put her down after giving back her glasses.


Being in his arms as well as having him take care of her is a very small consolation for of all the heartaches that he had caused her this time, added to the fact that she almost got into an accident. Yeah, Mo Lihua definitely preferred to stay this close to Yu Qiao, as long he isn't acting like a dangerous and different man as he did inside the car.


Thinking about that, Mo Lihua's face burned in embarrassment for to a lot of reasons, particularly when remembering his arousal, arousal caused by her. Stupid yes, but a girl can only hope.


After they entered the bungalow, Yu Qiao made Mo Lihua sit at one of the stool at the bar in their lounge before grabbing a bottle of alcohol and drinking directly from its lip.


Yu Qiao felt the burn of the liquor in his throat and welcomed it. He continued to drink and only stopped when satisfied. "Now, let's talk about this learning to be a perfect girlfriend."


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