Married To The Badboy Superstar

Liquid Courage



The big day had arrived and Kyle was as nervous as he was the first time.

I know I was only ten years old when he showed me the engraved wedding band he intended to give his intended. Maya was in hospital the same time as me and if you can recall, Kyle rescued me from a minor boating accident. I know you must think it wasn’t so minor if I landed up on my back and with a cast, on my arm and leg but-this is my story and I’m sticking to it.


“Ready?” I asked my friend, straightening his tie. He was looking overly anxious. “Don’t tell me you have jitters dude. This is like the third time you’re doing this.”


“Have you ever renewed your vows before? Like in front of five thousand people?” he countered.


“No, but you’ve performed in front of stadiums with over twenty thousand people. This should be a walk in the park,” I chuckled softly and helped him put on his jacket.


“Honestly? I’d prefer that to what I’m about to do right now.”


“Don’t talk crazy,” I rolled my eyes. “Maya loves you.”

“But her first love is back in the picture now. It was better of when she thought he was dead-no offense.”


“I think you need a shot,” I turned to his mini-bar in the corner of the hotel room and poured us both a triple shot of whiskey. “Drink this. It will make you do things you never thought were possible. Some may call it liquid courage.”


“To liquid courage,” he smiled and we clinked glasses before drinking the burning liquid in one gulp. “I need another one. Just in case.”


I laughed and shook my head but gave the man what he wanted. “You’re a bad influence Kyle Kinley.”


“That’s rich coming from you,” he scoffed, tousling his hair.


“I’m rich alright,” I winked, handing him another glass. “Filthy, dirty, obscenely-”

“I get it Webster’s,” Kyle groaned.


“And it’s all thanks to you,” I added.


“Don’t do that JC. Save the sappiness until your best man’s speech,” his lips twitched.  “I don’t want to smudge my mascara with tears.”


“And they say I’m the crazy one,” I gave a lopsided grin. “Besides, you’re going to cry bucket loads when you see what your wife has planned,” I told him. “But as your best man, I got you. Kleenex is on hand-along with my camera phone.”


“I have more dirt on you so don’t you dare.”

“It’s strictly for recreational purposes,” I snickered. “Promise.”


With one last look in the mirror, he nodded. “Let’s do this.”


Lorenzo appeared just then and I stepped out of the room to give them a moment. I’m sure his mascara would be running by the time they were done.

I decided to go and check on the bride and maybe steal a kiss or two from the maid of honor. I would probably want more but it would have to wait until later, when we could have drunk, wild sex. I lived for those moments but I had to curb my dirty thoughts until-



Scratch that cos my wild thought s came full force when I laid my eyes on my wife.

Just like her, her dress was exquisite. A backless, floor-length silk sheath in champagne gold that hugged all the curves of her delectable body. It was held up by tiny strips with tiny pearls and a sweetheart neckline. Her raven black hair was tied into an elegant knot that I was so tempted to undo, just to have the pleasure of watching her hair cascade down her shoulders.


“Wow, yourself,” she blushed and sauntered over to me. “You clean up nice Carter…minus the Vans,” Lana glanced at my shoes disapprovingly.


“You should the groom, his rocking his Converse and totally owning the look. But not better than me of cos,” I watched her with an amused expression as I took her in my arms.

Her smile tugged at my insides and the ache in my gut intensified when she reached up and brushed her lips over mine in a featherlight caress that pierced me with its sweetness.   

Whoever invented makeup that didn’t smudge or rub off was a genius. A pure genius.


I mean how many guys like the idea of being allowed to kiss their girl without her telling him ‘you’ll ruin my make-up,” or the embarrassing lipstick smudge that was a tell-tale sign you were getting down and dirty.


“I leave you alone for two seconds,” Maya’s voice interrupted. “And this happens.”


“I was just checking in big sis,” I laughed and relinquished my hold on Lana before focusing on the blushing bride. “You look lovely by the way,” I told her, kissing her cheek.


“That’s all you have to say?” She furrowed her brows. “Lovely? That’s the best you could come up with? Like I’m some wallpaper that your interior decorator showed you?”


“You know what?” I said in a conspiratorial whisper. “It’s not too late to back out,” I pointed at my sneakers. “We’re about the same size, so we can dash out of here. Just say the word.”

She giggled and threw her arms around me. “I’m glad I can always count on you, you delinquent.”


“I love you more than life. You know that right?” I said as I tightened my arms around her.

“I love you too but let’s save the tears for Kyle shall we?” she glanced up at me with a mischievous smile.


“We’re definitely on the same page there,” I gave her a fistbump.


“You guys are so wrong,” Lana laughed. “But I’m sure Kyle won’t be the only one crying,” she stared at me pointedly.


“I’m not the crier sweets. We all know that.”

"Uh huh," Lana said without conviction. 


“Positions everyone!” The wedding planner’s voice boomed down the hallway.


“I’ll meet you at the altar,” I kissed my favorite girls one more time and hurried back to the groom.

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

Edited: 30.11.2020

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