Maya : The Obsessed Lover

First Meet

So once Amy got a chance to perform at Maya's Fashion Magazine as a main model, she was too happy to get the chance and wanted to share this happiness with Asher and went his home. 

There she told Asher about the chance she got, she said “Asher! Wow, I'm so happy... I'm getting a chance to perform in Maya's Fashion Magazine!”

Asher asked “Maya... You meant Maya Roberts? That most famous Lady? I just saw her in interviews only”

Amy excitedly said yes! 


And in next morning, when she was at her photoshoot she was performing well, and there photographer was clicking pictures and then Maya came there to give a look at the work. And there after a work of 30 minutes they took a break, and then that photographer went in a corner and started to check his camera, there Maya noticed it all, and thought about to check his camera because his reaction were turning while checking the pictures. There Maya went and introduced herself and photographer also did the same. 

Maya said “let me look at your camera, may I see?”

He said “but why mam?, It's all how you want mam! I won't do any mistake”

Maya said “no, as I've all rights, so I can check! You don't tell me what to do and what to not! And just give me camera”

Then Maya took his camera and checked and she noticed dirty pics of those models from another angles. And shouted on him 

“How can you do this? Is this your work? Such a bastard you are! Shame on you, men like you don't even deserve to earn! I called you for this only? Just get out from here or I'll destroy your leftover life”

After listening this, and photographer also knows that how's Maya, he ran away from there.

And then Maya told her workers to find a nice photographer with a passionate working mind and respect for females. 

After listening this all workers answered “mam, it's impossible to find such a nice photographer! And how can we see inside a person?”

Maya said “then for what you take salaries? I pay for your work, so your work is to do whatever I want! Just find however! Or you all can leave this company I can get more and more employees”

After this all, all said okay... But Amy was thinking about Asher only, and stopped Maya and asked a few minutes from Maya. And said 

Mam, my cousin is an ideal photographer as you want! And I can give guarantee mam! He will never make a mistake”

Maya said “um, well! He can give interview tomorrow at 10AM” 

Amy was so happy after that and thanked Maya. 

And noticed strongly that Maya is not only strict but fullo of ego, and such a boss,.. and the most important she doesn't like men with bad intentions. 

At the end of work, she was waiting for Asher to pickup her, and he came. In the way to home, she told everything to Asher and asked him to give an interview to Maya. But Asher refused for that, because his previous interviews were so bad and now he don't want to try again in this field.  But Amy pleased him and convinced him.


In night while doing dinner, Asher told this to his mom, and his mom was so happy after that. 

Next morning, he was ready to go. 

And went for interview in his car. 

He reached and parked his car at Maya's parking spot. And started to make his hairs in the mirror window of car, but Maya came and saw someone parked car in her parking area. She called the guard and asked “who the hell is this?”

Guard replied sorry mam, I'll talk to it's owner. 

Maya said “next time I don't even want to see this, you take salary at right time, so it's only your responsibility to see everything”

There guard told Asher to remove his car. Asher came and asked why? There Maya was also seeing everything and said “its my area! How you dare to park here?”

Asher said “your name is written here?”

Maya said “no need to talk nonsense with me, just remove your car, it's my area only! So don't dare to make it yours!”

Asher said “no! I won't do”

Maya said “last time I'm telling you to remove it, or I'll remove it in my style, you don't even know what I can do”

Asher said “threatening me?”

Maya said “whatever you think!”

Asher said “okay! Lady with ego!” 

And removed his car from there. And Maya parked there. And went in office.. 

Asher told himself “so much hot body, not just outside but inside too! With a beautiful face, but high ego as high a mountain... Dangerous woman, as similar as Amy told me about her! But I'll do work under her? Seriously?? No!! I'm an independent bird!! How can work under this sexy egofull lady??” 

Then Amy called Asher and he answered the call, there Amy was forcing him to give his best in interview. An he said okay. 



















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