Maya : The Obsessed Lover

Chapter 7

Next morning in office,. Asher saw Maya in her cabin and wished her morning in his regular style, there Maya also replied “good morning Ash”. and started to do her work, there Asher went in his cabin and thinking “maya called me ash?? Ash?? My short name?? Of course Asher you're damn attractive it's not her fault that she has fallen for you” 

Maya was just continuely looking at Asher, and Asher was not aware of that... 

In afternoon, Amy called Asher and Asher answered her call and started to talk but he was doing his work also. Maya noticed him and perceived that he's talking to a girl. She entered in his cabin, and stood in front of him. Asher also noticed her and stopped talking and disconnected the call. 

Maya said “you were talking! Why stopped? Continue!”

Asher said “seriously? I thought you don't allow! By the way thanks!”

Maya said “shut up! Who was she?”

Asher said “my friend.... But how did you know that it's she?”

Maya recognized the situation and blinked her eyes, and said “i am a girl so it's easy for me... By the way never repeat it again” 

Asher nodded his head... And Maya went out from there and slapped her head like she did a mistake... 

Asher thought “she is not just dangerous but extra dangerous, she has super natural powers that she caught me!!!”


After finishing her meeting Maya came out of her meeting room, and saw Asher is just leaving his cabin... Asher was just going to home, and Maya went to the guard and edicted him to puncture one of the tyre of her car and he did. Then she stood there and Asher saw her standing near her car. He walked to her and asked “what happened? Counting stars?”

She said “no! My car's tyrs is punctured”

He said “oh... Well I can help you”

She looked at him 

He said “if you want?” 

She smiled and said “thank you”

He said “yeah, come with me”...

He dropped her off to her house. She said “bye...”

He said “yeah, bye!”

And she was smiling... 

Then in the way to his home he saw Amy on a way standing near her an ice cream shop... He stopped and asked her “what doing here?”

Amy said “i came here to buy vegetables”

He said “vegetables? Wow, he sells vegetables also? Cool!”

She said “hehehehehehehhehe!! Nice joke!”

He laughed and said “i also want to eat”

She said “then buy and eat”

He said “i meant to say, you'll pay for how much I'll eat!”

She said “okay! I know you don't earn haha”

He smiled and said “now just do whatever I said!”

Then they both ate ice cream... And Asher was cracking jokes there and while laughing Amy pushed him and his ice cream fell on ground..

He looked at Amy,...

Amy continues eating her ice cream... Then again looked at Asher and asked “what happened? Why aren't you eating?” 

He said “can't you see what you did?”  

oh ya! Don't panic, just pick it up and eat?” Amy said and laughed...

He made an annoyed face then Amy said “aww, don't worry little kiddo, I'll buy one more!” and laughed...

He smiled and said “no, you finish yours then we will go”

She said okay, then he dropped her at her home and went for his. 


Next morning, Maya was waiting for him. 

He came and wished her as always he does.. Maya also replied back,... 


In afternoon, all Maya, Asher and other some employees were in meeting. Actually a female employee came there to represent her company's ideas. There Asher also gave his view and that girl appreciated it. So there Maya liked her idea and allowed her to work with them. And meeting was end so everybody came out.

 Asher came in washroom to set his hairs. Suddenly she also entered there and started to flirt with Asher. There Asher was also enjoying but he was not touching her. And Maya was listening everything from outside near the door. She was getting angry and angry. 

That girl asked his number and Asher gave. Maya's anger was increasing. 

That girl hugged him and asked for a date. Asher said “okay,.. whenever you're free just call me. I'll be there!”

Then she said “ya,. Why not!”

She again hugged him and going to kiss him, but he stopped her and said “i think you should go!” 

She said “okay! Catch you at date!”

And came out of there. 

Maya was drinking coffee and saw her coming to her to sign some documents. She entered.

She asked Maya to sign, Maya said “ya, come here”

She came and gave her documents and then Maya also knowingly fell coffee on her feet. 

She shieked in pain.. 

Maya said “i am sorry, it slipped from hand”

She said “ah, it's okay”

She removed her sandals, coz the coffee was so hot... Then Maya called her assistant and said “give something to Ms Olivia, she's hurting”

Alina said “okay mam”...

And Maya smirked at her...




Maya called Asher in her cabin and gave him more work and said “you have to complete them,”

Asher asked now?

She said “of course,.. you should!”

He said “it's time to leave!”

She said “i am here to wait for you!”

He said “why you?”

She said “i mean, my car is for survice today so today again I was thinking about to go with you... May I?”

He said “ya ya,.. why not”

Then he went out for there and did sigh...

And was completing his work. 

After doing his work he was leaving and asked Maya if she is coming?

She said “ya, I'm coming”

She was just coming to him and suddenly slipped but Asher catches her, and asked “are you okay?”


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