Maya : The Obsessed Lover

Chapter 8

Next day, Maya called Asher in her cabin.

Asher asked “may I come in?”

She said “yes”

He asked “may I sit?”

She blushed and said “ya, sit”

Then Maya told him to introduce a new project. 

Asher asked “why me?”

She said “its a good chance for you,.. everybody will appreciate you after this!”

He said “ya, I'll find an idea!”

Then he went in his cabin and started to think about an idea but started to make a sketch of Maya in a sheet, after a time Maya came and saw the sheet on his desk and took that sheet. Asher saw and said “sorry, while thinking I made”

She said “mistake!”

He said “ya, I won't repeat!”

She said “ya, next time make it on a large sheet!” and left from there with a smile.

He was confused but again started to complete his work. Work done. He came his home.

And Amy also came to meet him, there she greeted his mother and bro and asked if where is Asher?

She told her that he's in his room.

Amy went inside his room and saw Asher is in towel.

She asked “you take shower this time?”

He said “everyday,. And by the way I'm just going to sleep”

She said “no! I came to talk with you”

He said “okay, wait! Lemme just wear something”

She said “no, need... I'm comfortable with that!”

He said “oh really?” and walk towards her, she also takes her steps back and he came more closer. But at last she felt that wall is behind her.

Asher came more closer and hold on her chin, Amy closed her eyes, but after some seconds she opened and saw that Asher is covering his mouth like he wants to laugh!

Amy made a disappointed face and said “ya ya! Laugh!”

He laughed out loudly! ... He was just trying to control himself and said “your face Amy!” and again laughed... 

Amy changed the topic and asked about how was his day. Asher took his t-shirt and answered her, that his day was good. And also started to tell about how Maya gave him a project. 

Amy said “that's good... Do your best!”

He said “ya, but I don't have any idea!”

Then Amy started to tell about that she wants to work in a French fashion magazine. 

Asher asked why?

Amy said “ya, ya,. I really like French culture, the dress they wear, the types of shoe they wear and so on!”

Then suddenly Asher hugged Amy in excitement and said “thank you, Amy!!”

She asked if what happened?

He said “i thought about to mix American and french culture!”

She said “wow,.. it's amazing!“

He took her hand and started to dance with her in excitement and told her to come at presentation. Amy also excitedly said yes!.

Next day Asher presented his thoughts and Maya was impressed with it. Also all workers liked that idea. 

Asher started to work on his project. It took a long time, and sometimes he did late night work in office. He started to not to answer for Amy's calls and whenever Amy tried to meet him in his home and she found him sleeping. Amy was happy to see that first time Asher is taking his work seriously and decided about to not to disturb him. 

Maya was also with Asher everytime to help him. He didn't even left him alone in office. And at last Asher finished his project.

After many days he answered Amy's call, Amy asked if how is he? He answered “i am well! And I want you to come at my representation to see me!”

She said “why not!”

Asher smiled and disconnected the call. 

Maya was listening everything.

Next day on representation, Asher wore the suit chosen by Maya, both came inside the representation room with holding hands. Maya was happy for this. 

Her employees all noticed that first time Maya is letting a man touch her! 

All were in shock, and Maya was so happy and smiling.

There Amy was also ready with a beautiful dress and just coming to his office. 

Maya saw her coming and told guard to stop enteries doesn't matter how much they're important.

Amy came but guard stopped her. She pleased him but told her that enteries are now closed. She said “please! I want to see my friend, he's representing!”

But guard said “no! Maya mam, told me to not to allow anyone doesn't matter how much they're important!”

She pleased him a lot but he didn't.

In representation Asher, represented with confidence and everyone loved it! But Asher was only finding Amy there. His eyes were only from here to there for Amy only! 

Maya saw Asher that Asher is finding Amy, then she took his hand and introduced him with every guest. 


It's 9PM and Amy was still waiting outside. 

And there Maya asked Asher for a coffee night together. And Asher couldn't refuse so said yes.

Amy was waiting in a hope that Asher will come and hug her but her friend called and she came to a side because of disturbance. 

Asher came out and thought that he'll see amg waiting for him but he couldn't find himself anywhere.

Asher was disappointed after that went for a coffee with Maya.

In coffee shop, both were sitting and drinking coffee, Asher was looking at his mobile and Maya was staring at him only. 

Suddenly Amy called him and he ignored it coz he was upset with her. 

Asher was again and again ignoring her calls... And Maya was getting angry on Amy. 

At last he was going to pick up the call but Maya asked in middle “why don't you tell this person that you don't wanna talk?”

He looked at her and switched off his mobile.

There Amy was thinking about if why Asher is doing this, and she was shivering.

There Maya was not leaving him. And at last she noticed that Asher's eyes are red and heavy, he's so tired, and wanna sleep,.. so she said “Asher you're so tired! Let's go home!”


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