Maya : The Obsessed Lover

Chapter 10

In morning, Asher opened his eyes and saw that Maya is looking at him and her eyes are pink.

He asked “when did you wake up?”

She said “i didn't sleep,..”

He said “but,.. umm,... Oh ya! I'm sorry I slept in middle”

She said “no need, you were tired yesterday” and smiled.

Ella entered in room with food and said “Maya Sweetie, first you eat something then you've a checkup after that”

Asher said “ya Maya, I'm also going to home”

Maya said “if you don't wanna go office then take a leave for today and rest”

But Asher refused to take leave and told Maya that he'll go to office.

Asher came to his home, and asked his mother if where is Amy. His mother told him that Amy went for her home in early morning.

Asher said “mom, is she fine? Coz I called her many times in the way to home”

His mother said “umm,. You don't need to worry”

He nodded after did bath, then went for office.

There he also tried to call Amy but Amy wasn't answering him.


Asher's day as good in office and now he thought about to meet Amy. And went to her home to surprise her. But noticed that her house is locked.

Asher again tried to call her and again Amy wasn't answering. Then he called his mother and asked “mom, Amy is not at her home!! I'm trying to call her but she's not answering to my call!! Can you just please tell if where is she?”

His mother said “Amy is with Brent!”

He asked what? Why?

She told him “ya, she was getting bore so went outside with Brent!”

He asked “but I'm here to spend time with her,. Mom why didn't she asked me?”

She said “coz son,.. you were BUSY!”

He disconnected the call in anger and called his brother Brent.

Brent wasn't answering, but answered at third time. 

Asher asked “Amy is with you?”

Brent answered “yes, with me,.. but why?”

Asher asked “what is she doing with you? And from when you started to roam with her? How's her hand now? How's she? She took medicine? And where are you both? And why she's not answering to my calls from yesterday night?? ..... Brent why are you silent,?? Say!”

Brent answered “bro, you're not letting me answer you!”,

Asher said “ok tell me”

Brent answered “ya, bro,. She's with me,.. you don't need to care about her, do your work,... Ok? Now I'm aborting! Bye.. take care”

Asher tried to stop Brent but Brent disconnected the call then Asher said “why shouldn't I care? Is she's not my Friend??”

Then Asher went to a park, where Maya saw him walking and went to him.

She asked “Asher, had dinner?”

Asher said “ya,. I'll”

She asked “not yet?... Why? Eat now!”

He said “ I am not hungry Maya,. I'll eat later”

She took his hand, and went to a store and bought something for him to eat.

Asher was refusing to eat but Maya forced him to eat.

She was feeding him with her hands. And asked “Ash, something happened?”

Asher was silent but suddenly speaks up “Maya,.. what were you doing outside,? You should rest!”

She said “what a coincidence, I went outside to roam but I saw you,.. and now feeding you,..”

He said “umm”

She asked “by the way, you ignored my question very well,..”

He told her “Nothing Maya,. I'm really fine,”

And left from there. Maya was little angry on that.

Asher came to Amy's home and saw that still it's locked. He started to wait for Amy there. But slept outside.

Near 1AM, Amy came to her house, and saw Asher.

She came to him and awaken him, Asher opened his eyes and saw Amy then hugged her.

He asked sorry to her.

Amy said “Ash, first you come inside please”

And took his hand and came inside the room. And told him to sit, till she's boiling water.

She gave warm water to him to drink. He drank and said “tell me”

She asked what?

He said “you know very well, that what I want to ask!”

She asked “you don't even know what you've done still you asked sorry??”

He said “i am not able to understand that what was my mistake?”

She made a disappointed face and told him to go to his home. But Asher refused to go.

Amy pleased him to go but Asher said “i won't go till you'd tell me!”

Amy said “ok,. You don't go,.. I'm going”

She was going but Asher held her and pulled her towards him, and hugged her. He said “i don't want to let you go, please try to understand!”

Amy said “leave me Ash”

He said “no, I won't leave,.”

He hugged her more tightly and rubbing his face to her neck,.. he wasn't leaving her,.. but Amy said “leave me or I've to push you! Ash you just go from her”

Asher moved back and said “why are you behaving like this?”

Amy didn't say anything and went in her room and locked it inside. Asher knocked many time but Amy was asking him to leave from here.

Asher asked her reason but Amy said “if you won't go, I promise that I'll cut my wrist nicely”

He said “no no Amy, you don't need to do,... I'm going”

He came outside and sat near a shop. 

He asked himself “what Asher? What you did? Which of your mistake forced her to behave like this?”

Tears came from his eyes,.. 

Asher came to his home. His mother asked “where were you Ash? Why weren't you answering to our calls?? And what happened? Why your eyes are red?”

He went to his room without answering to his mom. His mom came inside with food and said “eat Asher,. I'll feed you,..”

He looked at his mom and asked “mom, why Amy behaved like this? What I've done?”

She hugged him and said “look son,.. we always get angry with those people, whom we expect to make us when we are angry,... And think about anniversary's night carefully then you'll catch something,.. now eat and take rest”


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