Mergers & Acquisitions

Chapter 12

                Celine watched Tim pulled Reese away. She sighed because she knew that Reese would probably cry again because of Luke’s words and yet, she could do nothing to help her.

“Reese seemed to be strong but she’s a very fragile lady,” she said as she threw piercing glares to Luke’s direction.

Luke scoffed. “Don’t you think it was all an act to gain your sympathy?”

“Mr. Luke Gomez, how long did you know Reese?” she said as she folded her arms across her chest.

“Ever since I was young? She was pretty famous ever since she entered primary school. She’s got a beautiful face, always at the top of the class, always winning gold medals in every competition she entered, very kind and humble. She’s so flawless—too good to be true,” Luke narrated with hostility in his voice.

It was her turn to scoff. “You think you know her just because of that news about her—”

“I knew her based on those lies.” Luke cut him off.

She sighed in disbelief. “Therese is my friend. Didn’t you think I probably know her better than you do?”

“No. I think you are a dog who wags her tail and turns around in the presence of her master.”

She clenched her fist when she heard an insult directed at her. The guy knows no bounds when it comes to mocking someone which made her blood boil with rage. She heaved another sigh to calm her then shook her head in disappointment.

“You are hopeless.” She walked towards the direction of the door but she stopped on her tracks when Luke spoke.

“I don’t understand…”

She turned to Luke who was staring at his shoes as if it was the most interesting thing in the world as of the moment.

“Why is everyone defending her?”

She scoffed once again. “Because she deserves it.”

“Deserve?” Luke said in disbelief.                                   

“You don’t know what she’s going through!” she snapped. His mocking tone really got to her nerves and she wasn’t that patient to begin with. “You don’t know how she cries herself when she’s alone or how sad she is because everyone are either taking advantage or envious of her. You don’t know how distrustful she was when I first met her or how tall the wall I needed to climb just to show her my sincerity. She’s so lonely that it broke my heart while watching her.” She wiped her tears that pooled on her eyes when she remembered how she became friends with Reese. “And you know nothing about that. You only saw what she wanted you to see so don’t judge her from that little information that you know. You were nonchalantly hurting her but she would never hate you! She’ll question herself and think about what she did wrong even though she did nothing!”

She walked outside and stopped when she notice Tim and Reese near the emergency stairs. Reese’s face was buried on Tim’s chest and her shoulder shook as Tim caressed her back.

“She’s still crying?”

She rolled her eyes towards Luke. “She’s very hurt. Just imagine how it feels if those words were directed at you.”

“Then why aren’t you there, you are her bestfriend right?”

She shook her head. “No, not yet. She’d just pretend that she’s fine if I showed up. I still have a wall that I need to breach.”

“Doesn’t that mean that she still don’t trust you?”

She glared at Luke. “It’s actually the opposite. She doesn’t want me to worry about her so she’ll act tough. She’s just like that.”

“Just like that?” Luke arched his left brow.

“She was raised to be tough so she’s not really a crybaby but lately, life had been hurting her simultaneously and she doesn’t want me to worry that much.” A warm smile surfaced on her face.

“I’m sorry…” She raised her brows as she looked at Luke who was looking at the floor “… for judging and for hurting her. I didn’t know that she’d cry because of me. I thought that she would insult me behind my back.”

“She’s not like that. She would never badmouth others because she knows how painful it is to be talked bad behind her back. And you should apologize to her personally.” She smiled proudly like a mother talking about her daughter. “She told me that you must have your reasons for hating her and she wanted to know so that she could fix herself. So, what is it?”

Luke held his nape and smiled awkwardly. “I think it’s best if I’ll tell her myself.”

She shrugged and continued walking. She’d let Tim handle Reese this time because she knew that was what Reese needed. Tyler left a huge space in Reese’s heart and she knew that Tim could take that space.  She actually noticed Tim’s affection for Reese since the beginning but she decided to just watch them silently.

“Took you so long to come down,” Carlyle’s annoyed expression made her smile.

“But you still waited for me.” She grinned and wiggled her eyebrows. Despite being busy with work, her brother still takes time to be with her every time they had the chance.

“Why wouldn’t I? My younger sister is still inside a VIP Room with two guys and it’s already 8 PM. I need to make sure I’d bring her home,” Carlyle said as he hung his arm on her shoulders.


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