Merlin's Forgotten Tale: Book 1

Maidservant To A Prat

"Merlin, will you get up already. You are going to be late." Groaning and burying my head under my pillow, I attempted to block out my uncle's nagging to no avail. I yelped in shock at the ice cold water hit my skin from the bucket Hiaus just tossed on me.

"Uncle..." I whined pitifully, grumpily crawling out of my soaking blankets.

"Maybe next time you will get up the first time I call." He snappedmarching from the room as I pulled out the simple dark and light brown, A line dress that Gwen had given me, (Since i only had one dress.), and swiftly yanked it on. Grateful that i didn't need a corset with it. Smoothing it own and arranging my hair to fall lightly down my back I made my way to the kitchens for Arthurs breakfast.



"Rise and shine Arthur." I cheerfully sang throwing open the curtains after setting his breakfast on the table. Groaning and burying his head under his pillow, I sighed as he attempted to fall back to sleep.

"No way dollophead. You have way to much to do today for that." When no response seemed forth coming I smirked mischeviously grabbing one of the jugs of water on his tray and swiftly emptying it on his head. Much like Giaus did to me this morning. Yelping and falling off the bed in a heap he glared up at me. Grabbing the nearest object and chucking it at me. Which I dodged as i pulled out his clothes for the day. I was seriously grateful for Gwens lessons the day before on what to expect. Really made things easier.

"Now that his pratness has decided to grace the day with his presence you should hurry and eat. The King is expecting you in the council rooms in 15 minutes for the council meeting. He will not be happy if you arrive late. Than the knights will need to be trained, and than..." Grumbling and getting groggily to his feet he grumpily sat down at the table listening to my ramblings about the schedule. After a moment he sighed glancing over at me with an annoyed expression. 

"Do you ever shut up." I paused my cleaning, frowning in agitation as I glared at him.

"Honestly why are you even still here? Its obvious you don't find it an honor to serve me, nor do I find it a pleasure having some annoying little girl as a servant. So just do us both a favor and quit already." Mouth hanging open, I stared at him in shock. The shirt I had been holding fluttering uselessly to the ground as I balled my hands into fists. It took every thing I had not to give him donkey ears. Though seeing as I don't prefer being burned alive I restrained myself. Instead I swiftly gathered up his laundry and turned to leave. Gritting my teeth together to keep from snapping at him. 

"If you will escuse me prince prat." He frowned at that but nodded as I made for the door.

"Oh, and Merlin." I paused in my escape peeking tiredly over my shoulder, one hand resting on the door handle as I waited for his orders. 

"Don't forget to polish my Armour,  walk my dogs, Polish my shoes, wash my clothes, clean my room, muck out the stables, groom my prized horse, and be back here to serve me lunch. I will tell you the rest after lunch." 

"Don't you have stables boys to care for the horses?" 

"Yeah but I want you to do it. Oh and after lunch I want a bath so you will have to prepare it while I am eating.  If I see you asking even one other person for help with your chores, you will be placed in the stocks everyday for the next week." He laughed smirking at my growing irritation.

"Yes your highness." I spat smoke pouring angrily from my ears as I left before I did something to get me arrested. 




Tiredly dragging my feet up to the prince's room, dinner in hand, I yawned exhausted. It had taken me the entire time to even get half of the chores Arthur wanted done, done and I still am not finished even after serving Arthur his lunch and preparing his bath. Not to mention I still have to clean the leech tank, and gather herbs for Giaus. After all that the dollophead had me participate in his training as the target. With nothing but a flimsy shield to protect me from the arrows and maces flying at me. My whole body aches in places I didn't even know could ache. Not to mention all the mud now covering my dress from the number of times Arthur pushed me into the mud. At least now the day is over. I just need to serve him dinner and I can finally go home.

"Here is your dinner sire. Is there anything else you need me to do before I leave for the night?" I tiredly enquired setting the tray down on the table and turning to face him. I frowned as I saw him inspecting his armour, a scowl on his face.

"Merlin what is this?" He asked irritation clear in his voice.

"Your armour?"

"Yes Merlin, but why is there still dents in it."

"Arthur you just got done training an hour ago I haven't had a chance..."

"Haven't had a chance!? That is no escuse. What have you been doing for the last hour. No doubt being lazy. I don't know why my dad hired you. Your nothing but a useless little gi...." He froze mid word, noticing the angry tears building in my eyes.

"Merlin I..."

" great big pigheaded selfish, clotpole."I cried cutting him off as tears slid freely down my cheeks. My baby blue eyes flaming with both anger and pain. 

"Excuse me." He sputtered forgetting his guilt for the moment.

"You have to be the most aragont person I have ever met. I am sorry I am only human. I can't be everywhere at once. For your information I was delievering medicine for Giaus, Gathering herbs, finishing the other chores from this morning. I haven’t even had time to eat yet. You know its only because everyone keeps telling me how  much of a good person you are that I didn’t run the moment I met you. Its only because Gwen begged me the night before to give you a chance that I didn't quit immediately.  Yet so far you have done nothing but prove that you care nothing about those under you. If this is the type of king you will be than I fear for your people." With that I turned on my heel and fled the room sobbing.

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