Chapter 1

Sarah was fidgeting, she was afraid of the outcome of what she had done. Why did I hit him with the flower vase, she thought to herself. She had considered running but there was no space, he was all over her. Bella her closest colleague at work had called earlier to tell her that their boss is out of danger though still unconscious but she is worried of what would happen when he regains consciousness. 
Grandma Lucy, do you think he’ll sack me, Sarah asked 
Calm down princess, it wasn’t your fault that he couldn’t be a gentleman besides you were defending yourself 
Kelvin is very rich and arrogant, he wouldn’t care about being gentle with anybody grandma, I have to apologize to him when he gets better, I don’t want to loose my job, Sarah said with a worried expression 
Sarah dear, let’s hope he did be remorseful or you are not going back there to work again 
I don’t want you to work multiple jobs again grandma 
If that’s what it takes to get that arrogant jerk off your back, I wouldn’t mind. Here take the drink, it will help calm your nerves  
I love you granny 
I love you too princess, dinner will be ready in 15mins, go freshen up, grandma Lucy said as she pecked her cheeks 

Sarah Banks was exposed to the reality of the world when she was barely 16. Though not from a very wealthy family, she had always gotten what she wanted from when she was a baby, her life at a very tender age could be described as that of a princess because she was always treated as one, not until her parents were involved in a ghastly motor accident. She was handed over to grandma Lucy during the period her parents were in the hospital. They sold the few properties her parents had to pay for their numerous surgeries but none of them survived.  
Days after she lost her parents, Sarah would stare into space at times mumbling inaudible things and would burst into tears when asked who she was talking to. She became withdrawn emotionally and socially, the once lively and outspoken girl became so reserved and dull. Grandma Lucy knew she was traumatized but was afraid when her condition didn’t improve with each passing time but rather grew worse. She then sold the remaining property which was the house they lived in and relocated to another city with Sarah, away from the horrible memories. She had continued her studies in the new city while her grandma undertook multiple jobs for the years she was in school till she graduated and got her current job. 
Sarah now 23 has grown into a beautiful lady. Golden brown skin, long black hair that stopped right above her waist line, she has the face of a goddess, so beautiful and calm like a stream at dawn. She has a curvy body that will keep you wondering whether she had a body enhancement surgery. These features had earned her the goddess amongst humans tittle while in school. 
Very much aware of her beauty, she had taken to dressing in free size and not too fashionable wears. Though that didn’t entirely cover up her beauty, she was happy she could blend in without being overly noticed. 


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