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"Dylan Blake is still single and more handsome than ever! With Annabelle finally leaving the Blake household to live with her new husband Jason Montage, Dylan's mother, Natalie Blake is pushing him into finding his own wife and finally getting the billionaire playboy to settle down. He is 25 years old, and he will only inherit the company once he has settled down, or at the very least, found himself a girlfriend. So step up ladies! Bachelor of the year is still single, catch him while you still can!"

I put down the tabloid. There is always some new gossip or drama going on with the rich families in New York. However, lately, it is only the Blake family that seems to be featured the most, from Annabelle Blake's accident in the formula one race, and her blown up story, to her marriage to Jason Montage, thus becoming Annabelle Montage, it seemed like the drama never stopped with the rich kids in New York. So much for a normal life huh?

Dylan Blake has a reputation of the billionaire player, he has a new woman every night, and he never has the inclination to stay. I sigh and fling my legs over the back of the couch.

I have one last exam. Only one, until I will finally complete my degree in Medicine. I have been interning as a nurse for the past year, yet the work for it never seemed to get smaller. And as the years of studies are coming to a close, and as of course as a 24-year-old, my bank account was dwindling to a near zero, and the number of student loans had piled up sky high. As much as I hate to admit it, I have to keep my silly job as a personal assistant, along with that of a doctor, just until my career starts up.

My phone rings loudly. It's Dylan calling.

"Hello." I answer.

"Alex, I just fired my bookkeeper. Please hire a new one, by the end of the day." He says into the phone. I groan.

"Alright. I'm coming to the office." I sigh and He puts the phone down. He's so needy. Why can't he do it himself?

I put on a smart pair of black jeans and a white blouse, along with my black leather jacket. I grab the keys to my motorcycle. I grab my helmet and put it over my brunette ponytail.

I started the bike, and kick up the stand. I take my black helmet, buckled it tight, and direct my bike into the never-ending New York City traffic.

I arrived at Blake towers in no time. I walk over to my small office and sit down. I quickly put out a "bookkeeper wanted" advert on a career website and wait. I pull out my textbook and get in a bit of studying. In no time, someone phones the office.

"Hello. This is Blake industries. How may I help you?" I answer.

"I'm interested in the application for the job." A woman's voice sounds on the other end.

"Good. Are you qualified as a bookkeeper?" I ask.

"Yes, I have worked at multiple companies before doing bookkeeping for them." She says.

"Okay. That's good. Please give me your name, send forward your CV, so that I can take a look at it. Are you free for an interview today?" I ask. Dylan won't take her if she isn't, and while he might be a very relaxed and unpunctual person, when he wants things done, he wants them done now. 

"Sandra, and I'm free today." She answers.

"Alright. Does three o'clock suit you?" I ask.

"Of course it does." She replies. Good, she's flexible.

"Well, see you then. Come into the main office, and then ask for Alexander." I say.

"Oh thank you so much." She says and I put down the phone. That was easy enough. Times flies as I study, and 3 o'clock arrives. A woman, who looks in her late thirties walks into my office. 

"You must be Sandra." I smile as she walks over to my desk, and nods. "I'm very impressed with your CV."

"Thank you."

"I've run a background check. You are all okay. Are you up for the hours?" I inquire.

"Yes. They suit me just fine." She responds.

"Alrighty. You're hired." I smirk. Done. Nicely done Alex.

"Thank you so much!" She smiles. I lead her out and show her to her desk.

"This is your desk. Be here at 9 o'clock, Monday to Friday. Your hours are from 9 am - 3 pm. Dylan... Er- Mr Blake... will tell you if he needs you. I will hand you over to the financial manager. He will explain what to do, and help you settle in. If you need anything, don't be afraid to ask." I smile, as I hand her over to the manager, and walk back over to my desk.

Dylan is standing behind my desk and paging through my thick textbook.

"What are you doing?" Dylan asks, referring to the textbook.

I sigh. "I am studying. I have so much to do, I don't have a choice." I admit. Dylan raises an eyebrow.

"What are you studying?" Is he seriously deciding to ask this now? Seriously? I have been working for almost six months!

"I'm studying a degree in medicine. I have already been hired at one of the best hospitals in New York City, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, and I will work there as soon as I have completed my degree. Haven't I told you this before?" I smile, and put my hands on my hips.


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