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The next morning, I woke up and moped around the house. I ate almost a whole carton of ice cream, and called my best friends, Lisa and Mark, who are currently sitting next to me and watching Netflix together.

They have brought me a huge teddy bear, which is taking up half the room. They are currently eating chocolate, popcorn and a whole hoard of coffee. They are both still in their pjs, as I am.

"You Okay?" Mark asks me.

"Kinda." I say and shrug.

"Your phone is ringing." Lisa buts in. I groan, and climb off the comfy couch, and scratch around for my phone. It's Dylan.

I clear my throat and answer, trying to sound alive.

"Hello Dylan." My voice comes out all weird, and then I manage to get into a cough attack, and so my whole alive and normal thing didn't turn out very well.

"Are you okay?" He asks, laughing.

"Yeah. I'm fine. What do you need?" I ask.

"Ooh! She used the fine word! I know something's wrong, but I'm just not going to say anything." I roll my eyes.

"Yeah, now what do you want?" I ask.

"I need you at the office." He says.

"Dylan. It's a freakin Sunday afternoon. What the hell are you doing at the office?" I groan.

"Do you want to get paid or not?" He asks.

"I'm not coming to work today. I'll see you tomorrow." I order. I almost kick myself, I'm talking to my boss like this.

"Damn Woman!" He groans.

"Get your butt home, go spend sometime with your family. For goodness sake Dylan, Annabelle is coming home tonight." I order. He huffs.

"Fine." He puts down the phone. I feel like his mother. Honestly, guys are such babies sometimes.

I roll my eyes and go back to sit with the two friends. I have already told them all about Devin and also Dylan.

"How's the studying coming? Are you done?" Lisa asks. I smile and nod.

"Yeah, I'm done. I've studied everything. Here's to acing my exam!" I hold up my coffee mug. Both Lisa and Mark have finished studying.

Mark is currently working as a building contractor for a big company, while Lisa is currently working at an art agency. Now it's only me who has to finish. I have been friends with these two morons since the beginning of elementary school, and since then, Mark and Lisa have been dating. Sometimes, I feel like I'm always third wheeling, but they don't mind. It's sometimes one of those awkward moments where they kiss each other, and I'm just there like, this is freakin disgusting. Honestly, but they really are very cute together. They suit each other perfectly.

"Alrighty." Mark says as the show finishes.

"I'm leaving. You two need some girl time, even though I'm best friends with you Alex, you need some of Lisa's advice. You look terrible. No offence." He says. I shrug.

"Hey, I only expect honestly from you." I punch his arm. He gets up from his seat and hugs both of us, sneaking a kiss with Lisa.

"Bye you two." He says and we wave him goodbye.

Lisa turns to me.

"Go and shower. I'm going to do the same." Lisa grabs her backpack and heads to the guest bedroom. I stomp up the stairs and let the cold water run over my body. I soak my hair and get out the shower. I throw on a sunflower sun dress, and leave off shoes, then I tie my hair into a French plait.

Finally, Lisa comes into my room. She puts her hand on her hips.

"Right. Here's a bag, we are putting everything and anything that reminds you of Devin in here. We won't throw it away, but we will keep it out of sight. That's the best way to get them out of your head." She hands me a bag and starts throwing all the gifts I got from Devin over the two years. She takes the photos of the wall. Then she walks over to my jewellery box.

"No!" I shout. Lisa stops in her tracks.

"Why? Come on Alex." I shake my head. I walk over and hold up my necklace. It's in the shape of an infinity, and on the back it says forever yours.

"I don't have the heart to throw it away. It will be the last thing that I will still have which will remind me of him. He still is a part of me." I state. Lisa sighs.

"Alright. That's everything then." She says and she chucks the bag onto the very top shelf of cupboard, and she pushes it far back, out of sight. I sigh. It's done. I can't ever get it back. I don't think that Devin and I will ever be a thing again. Never.

Lisa looks at me up and down. "We are so going shopping!" She squeals, I groan.

"Honestly? Why? Do my clothes suck that much?" I ask.

I raise an eyebrow. Isn't it cheesy? It's like every time someone has a break up, let's go get a freakin makeover y'all! I roll my eyes. She is not going to put me in heels. I refuse.

"Yes. They do suck." She states.

I pout and slap her arm. "That's offensive."

"Well, I'm meant to be truthful right?" She says. I narrow my eyes at her.

Lisa smiles at me, innocently. "Well you are working for an ultra hot billionaire, so I would think you would at least try Alex."

"No! Why should I try for some stupid guy?" I state.

"You like him!" She gasps.

"Do not! I'm not a teenager Lisa. I do not have crushes anymore." I pout.

"You do and you do still like him, come on, even I will admit he's hot. Don't tell Mark." She squeals.


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