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Friendly warning, this chapter is pretty sad, I cried my eyes out while writing it, don't judge me. Anyway, I think this is the most sad chapter, I promise, it only gets better hon. Sorry in advance.


My phone rings. It's an unknown caller. I pick it up.

"Hello. It's Alex speaking." I say.

"Alexander Evans?" The voice asks.


"I am very sorry for your loss ma'am. I don't know if you have heard, but your sister and brother in law were in an accident. They both died on impact." The phone drops out my hand. No. No. They can't be serious. They can't be serious. No. No. 

"Miss Evans, are you still there?" The phone says on the floor. I feel a large lump form in my throat as I sink to the floor.

"Y-Yes." I squeak. Shock, disbelief and utter despair run across me. No. No no no. I curl into myself, leaving the phone on the floor.

"You are the godmother of Thomas Adams are you not?"

"I-I am." I manage to make out, even though my throat feels like it is constricting.

"Well, as his parents are deceased, you now have full guardianship of him. He is currently at my office. I'm the family's lawyer. It says in their will that He is under your guardianship now. Please come down and fetch him."

Everything comes over blurry. I can't even think straight. I somehow manage to ride my motorcycle to the lawyer's office. My sister, Tabitha, is-was, one of my two siblings. My other, is my older brother, Sebastian. He is currently working with my parents at their bakery. We are all so close, I love them so much. Thomas, or Teddy, as I call him is my godson, as my brother is not good with children.

I arrive at the office. Teddy, my tiny nephew, and godson, is sitting on a couch, happily playing with a car, oblivious to the current situation. He is only four years old.

"Aunty Alex!" He shouts and rushes over to me. I pick him up and hold him close. A tear runs down my check. He looks at me. "Why are you sad Aunty Alex?"

"Umm.. I need to go and talk to the man inside the office. Will you stay outside and be a good boy?" He nods eagerly. I walk into the office.

"Ah, you must be Miss Evans." I nod, "So down to business. I know that you must be in shock, and that it's a lot to take in. I assume that you probably have no idea what to do, which why I am here to help." I nod. Shock preventing me from doing or thinking anything.

"Thomas passes into your care. A social worker will be there to help you, and make sure that you are suitable to take care of him. Which brings us to the second thing. The will of your sister and brother in law. The house falls to Sebastian, your brother, who will inherit it because he is living in a rented apartment. However, Thomas's furniture falls to you, which of course will help you a great deal. Mrs Adam's car, an Audi Q3, also falls to you." He lists a few other things. My mind hardly ever capturing what he says. I just nod and stare at my fingers. I'm all Teddy has. I'm his parent now.

The lawyer finishes and introduces me to the social worker. "Hello. My name is Rachel. I'm here to help you and Teddy settle in. Does he know?" I shake my head. "I think that it will be a good idea to tell him yourself. Can you do that Miss Evans?" I nod. I walk outside. This is a test. No mater how bad it sounds, they need me to do this to see how I handle Teddy. I walk up to him, and sit on the floor in front of me.

"Teddy," I start, looking at my nephew heartbroken, "Today is a very sad day." I continue. He stops playing with his car.

"Why?" He says. I take his little hands in my own.

"Kiddo, mommy and daddy were in a car accident this morning." I say. "They have gone to heaven." A tear runs down my cheek. I will never see my sister again, and the thought sends a sob throughout my body. It hurts. My heart feels like it's been cut open with a knife. This is so much worse than Devin.

"Aren't they coming to fetch me Aunty Alex?" He asks. I shake my head.

"No honey. They have gone to live with God. They can't leave Heaven. So that means that you have to stay with me. They can't come back, but they love you very much, and that love will always be in your heart forever. They will always be alive in your heart and your mind." I hope he understands.

"Oh." His face drops. "So will I ever see daddy and mommy again?" I shake my head. A tear drops down his cheek, and I pull him close, as sobs rack both our bodies, and I hold him tightly as we cry together. I have him. That's what matters.

"I'm sorry baby. I'm so sorry." He says, and sobs into my shirt, making it all wet. I don't care though. I hold him close, and I'm thankful for the comfort he brings, even though I meant to be comforting him.

"So does that mean that now, you are my mommy?" He asks, through his tear face and I suck in a breath.

"Yes. It does." I say. I'm a mother now. His mother. The responsibility puts a heavy weight on my shoulders. How am I going to do this?

"Okay Aunty Alex. I have you now. You are my family." He smiles. I just sob quietly.


The social worker drives Teddy to my home, as I had to take the motorbike. She understands that I will get a car, which I will now have to drive Teddy around in.

I let her inside the house.

"So, as you well know, I don't have any furniture for Teddy's room, but I have already made arrangements to get it today. Let me show you where his room will be." I lead her to the guest room. She nods in approval.


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