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I got to work the next morning and tripped almost three times. I'm not proud of it, but it's true. Today, I'm wearing a grey dress, with black strap heels. They actually look really nice. Dylan has very very good taste. Nevertheless, these heels are killing me and this dress prevents my free movement. It's driving me insane. I can't wait to get home and put on sweatpants and let my feet have a break.

Teddy is staying with my parents for the next three days. They said they wanted to give me a break. It feels lonely though. Really lonely. The house is empty. Silence can be really really loud. I keep waiting for the pitter-patter of his feet, or the squealing laughter which bounces around the house. The house is alive when he's in it.

I sigh and finish up my work. I get to fetch my exam results today. My graduation is on Wednesday next week, granted I have passed. I worked extremely hard, so there should not be a reason as to why I did it. I have invited everyone special to me to come, even Dylan is going to be there. He insisted, as he commented that he might be paying for my studies.

I walk into Dylan's office. He is sitting behind his desk, looking bored. I smirk. This is my chance to tempt him. "You want to kiss someone don't you? Are you getting your player urges? It's the withdrawals I'm telling you. Well, if you want to feel better, go ahead! I totally understand!" I tease interrupting him from his thoughts. I smile innocently, as he narrows his eyes.

"Sweetheart, I bet that you want to flick off those heels and put on sweat pants! Go ahead! I don't mind!" He mocks and I raise an eyebrow and laugh.

"You know I do! At least I can admit it." I laugh and shake my head. He narrows his eyes.

"Alright. Let's be off." He motions for us to leave, as he gets up from his desk.

"Off?" I question and Dylan walks out the office. I follow suit and grab my handbag.

"We are going to fetch your results. I didn't forget you know! You could be an investment!" He walks outside. "Where are you car keys?" He asks and holds out his hand. I dig around in my handbag and find them. He snatches them out from my hand. When we reach my car, he unlocks it and climbs into the driver's seat.

"Hey! Just what do you think you are doing, driving my car?" I ask as I getting into the passenger's seat, "Where is yours?"

"I believe that the guy should always drive around the girl. Not because she can't drive or anything, but because I can hold her hand as my other hand is on the steering wheel." He explains. I never saw Dylan like this. He's so romantic. It's so sweet actually. Really sweet.

"Why don't you say things like that more often? You sound like much less of a jerk when you say cheesy things like that. It's attractive." I blurt. Dammit Alex.

"Did you just call me attractive?"

"Is that all you got from the speech? Seriously, and no. I don't find you attractive." I fire back. He looks at me pointedly and laughs.

"You do, and you know it! Admit it, Alex! You find me hella attractive." He smirks, looking pleased with himself. I scoff. He drives out to the university. He looks at me and winks. 

"Keep your eyes on the road, pretty boy!" I scream, as he dodged another car. He rolls his eyes.

"Oh you have such little faith! I also hate to tell you this sweetheart, but you just called me pretty!" He nudges. I shake my head but stay silent. You cannot win an argument with his massive ego. I feel sorry for his future wife. Eventually, we reach my university. I climb out the car and walk to the hall. I am handed my report, in the form of an A4 envelope. It seems to burn my fingers as I walk back outside and climb into the car.

"I'm so nervous." I whisper, "You look." I give him the thick envelope and bite my lip. My heart speed up as he grins and tears open the envelope. His eyes move from left to right, as I watch him. I bite my index finger, as he has no expression on his face as he looks up at me.  Then, his features break out into a smile.

"Alexander Evans has completed her degree in Medicine with a diploma. Congratulations on this great achievement and all you hard work! We will see you at the graduation ceremony on Wednesday Morning at 10h00." He reads. I squeal. I did it! I had done it! I had passed my degree! Dylan looks at me excitedly.

"You did it Evans." He smiles, looking a little sad.

"Hey, why are you sad?" I slap his arm. "I passed my degree! You can get rid of my smart ass!"

"That's the thing Alex. I don't want to get rid of your smart ass." He says sincerely. My eyes widen.

"Naah. I get on your nerves!" I brush away his confession.

"You might, but I still don't want to get rid of you!" He admits, grinning, "But only because I will have to hire another useless assistant who can't do anything except sit there and look pretty."

"I did more than just look pretty!" I smack his arm, and he looks pointedly at me. I shrug. "You wouldn't care though would you?" I ask, with a sigh. He shakes his head.

"Not even a little. Well, on the bright side, I won't have someone who will tell me the hard truth, and not even care if she will be fired." He states.

"Sometimes," I say and pat his arm, "The truth hurts." He narrows his eyes and scoffs.

"Whatever Alex. Let's get back o the office. I have work to do."


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