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s I walk into the office, and I finally manage not to stumble. I have almost mastered the art of walking in heels. It's a learnt skill. Today, Dylan made me wear high heeled boots, and a turtle neck dress which is actually really pretty. It's navy blue, and the ankle boots match perfectly. They are actually really pretty. It's flippin cold outside though, so I have a coat on, along with a scarf. I sit down and busy myself with my work.

I was just about to call back another company who had asked for an appointment, when I am interrupted. "You must be Alex." A voice says and my head snaps upwards. It's Annabelle Montage. Dylan's sister. I smile.

"The one and only!" I grin. "You must be Annabelle. Congratulations on your wedding!" I smile and stand up to walk over to her. The resemblance between the Blake siblings is undeniable. Annabelle is a female version of Dylan. She is shorter though, and more petite, while Dylan is more well built and towers over me. Her blue eyes match the sky, while Dylan's match the ocean on a clear day.

"Thanks. I hope you don't mind, but I'm a hugging person." She smiles and pulls me into a hug. I laugh quietly. She really is beautiful. The genes must run in their family. The door to the elevator opens again, and Jason, from what I have seen in the pictures on Dylan's Instagram page, her husband, walks inside my office. 

"This must be Alex." He smiles widely and reaches out to shake my hand. I quickly take it and nod.

"Good to meet you both." I hold out my hand.

"I've heard about the bet." Annabelle states, and wiggles her eyebrows. 

"Oh?" I smirk to myself. "It's safe to say I'm winning. I've worn a dress and heels everyday."

Annabelle and Jason burst out laughing. "Yeah. Did you hear about the rewards for the winner?  I think that my reward is too hefty. I feel like I should ask fro something less. It really is a lot." I admit guiltily.

"No Alex! It's nothing. Dylan earns more in a week." She explains and rubs my arm. That is a lot of money. I suppose he is a billionaire. I cannot even imagine that amount of money. Hell, I can't even imagine that many people.  "Besides, Dylan is getting something which is much more valuable. He's maturing Alex, and I can only assume that's it's your doing." She argues. I smile and brush it off. 

"I appreciate that. Thank you. How are you doing?" I ask her, even though I don't know her form a bar of soap. She smiles.

"I'm very good thank you. Would you like to come out with me for lunch? We can get to know each other a bit better that way. I need to learn more about the person who has changed my brother so much!" She offers, and bounces on her heels.

"I would love that! I will just go tell Dylan I'm taking my lunch break." I smile. I walk up to his office. I smile and cock my head and knock. He is sleeping. Like literally sleeping. I cough. "Dylan." I whisper, and try not to laugh at the grown man who is asleep in his chair. He is s o peaceful, and i enjoy the silence without his snarky comments. "Dylan!" I say louder. He doesn't even stir. I raise an eyebrow. "DYLAN!" I shout. He does not even move an inch. He is out for the count. I wonder what he is dreaming about... Girls... Probably. I roll my eyes. I quickly write him a note.

"Hello Sleepy head. I've gone out with Annabelle for lunch. If you need me, you know what to do -A" I write, and draw a smiley face, and put it on his laptop. I grab my bag, put my beanie on my head and head out. It's starting to snow outside. Annabelle smiles and leads me to her car. It's a gorgeous red McLaren. I hop into the front passenger's seat. "What about Jason?" I ask.

"He's got his own car." She smiles and we drive off. I don't think that it is such a good idea to drive with her in the car, because she's technically a racing driver. Which might not be such a bad thing. If she is a racing driver, that mean she reaction time must be insane. However, she drivers extremely fast as she speeds through the traffic, but, she seems to be a really good driver so I don't say anything. She bursts out laughing.

"What?" I ask. Annabelle just laughs harder, and looks in her review mirror. 

"You should see your face!  You are nervous aren't you? Especially since I'm Dylan's sister?" She proposes. I shake my head.

"No. I'm nervous because of the speed you are driving!" I tease. She bursts out laughing.

"Oh man! That's even more funny." She grins. I like her. She's sweet. She's nothing like I imagined her to be. I thought that they are all snobs, stuck up and arrogant. I guess I shouldn't judge or make assumptions on what the tabloids say. In fact, I will never ever read one of those things again. All they do is tell lies. I should not be so quick to judge either. Don't judge unless you know someone, and everything about them. 

We arrive at a fancy restaurant and walk inside to eat. I smile as the Christmas decorations have already been put up everywhere. I love Christmas time. I sigh happily. It's only in a few weeks, and I need to do my shopping.  "I love Christmas." I smile. Annabelle nods eagerly.

"Me too." She smiles, "We have a Christmas party every year. I will send you an invitation. You deserve it! You've helped Dylan a lot. He is always under so much pressure from my parents, that I am not sure if he is even himself anymore. I think that's why he plays girls. He uses them as an outlet. However, since you have come, and changed him, and I know you are not romantically involved or anything, because I would never like you to be caught up with my brother who has hurt so many people, you have helped him to see that his stress can be taken out in other ways.He's more happy, less cold. Thank you Alex, for doing that for him. Even my parents are noticing the change in him." She smiles. I catch sight of her ring. It's absolutely beautiful. I cock my head to the side.


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