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Christmas seems to be approaching very quickly. I bought Teddy a moving train set, which we will place around his room because he absolutely adores them. I also bought him a little bicycle, which doesn't have any pedals on it, but he has to make it move by pushing his legs on the floor. I have already wrapped up all his presents because his little prying eyes seem to discover things they shouldn't. He likes opening cupboards. I have had to child-proof the entire house, and yet his little fingers still seem to get into things. He loves climbing as well. I have found him on the kitchen countertops, where he balled his eyes out because he "got stuck".

I grab my bag, throw on a beanie, and find Teddy. "Let's go. I need to get one last present for Dylan. Do you want to come?" I smile. He nods eagerly. "Alright. Let's go then." I smile.

"What are we going to buy him, Mom?" He asks.

"I'm thinking about a new watch. He loves them." I explain. Teddy nods eagerly in the back seat.

"Just like he loves you!" He squeals. I roll my eyes. He is so precious. We arrive at the mall and I lead Teddy inside. I look around, and then finally find one. The man gave me a discount, even though it cost me a lot of money. I don't mind though. I just won't eat as many Oreos. Oops. Once I have bought it, the dancing toddler became twitchy and restless, so I decide to walk Teddy into the toy shop. He walks around wide-eyed as he walks in and pulls me around the toy shop.

"Will Santa still bring me presents mommy? Will he find me at my new house?" He asks innocently. I laugh.

"Of course baby. I have his phone number. I called him up to make sure that he knows. He's definitely coming." I improvise. My phone rings and I allow Teddy to look at all the toys, but I keep a close eye on him.

"Hey." I answer.

"Listen, Alex, I need to ask you a favour. I need you to come to my parent's house. They want to meet you." He begs. I sigh.

"Yeah. That's fine. Can I bring Teddy? My parents are away." I ask.

"Yeah. Can you be there in 10 minutes?" I ask.

"Yes. Alright, I'll see you then." I put down the phone and drag a very upset Teddy outside. Luckily, I forgot to take out one of Teddy's bags full of things for him to do out of the car, so I still have that for him. I check the time. It's already 5 o'clock.

I think I should quickly dash home to change. I drive the car home very quickly, grab Teddy's pajamas, his dressing gown, and slippers. I usher him to the car, and I quickly drive to Dylan's parent's house. Man alive that's a mouthful.

It's beautiful. It is a flipping huge mansion. Teddy squeals in awe. "Look at it, mommy! It's so big! Even bigger than our house!" I smile at how cute he is. I park in the drive. I unbuckle him from his car seat and grab his bags. I take his hand and lead him to the front door. "Is this Mr. Boss Man's house?" He asks.

"No. This is his mommy and daddy's house. We are coming to visit them and Mr. Boss Man." I smile silly to myself as I think about his innocent made-up nickname. The door opens to reveal a causally dressed Dylan. I realise now that I forgot to change. The hassle of having a child. I have a grey beanie on, a pink sweater, and on top of that, a black jacket, and finally blue jeans, which are paired with some high heeled boots. Dylan has cancelled the dress thing because as it gets colder, the more impossible it becomes to keep warm in a dress. Nevertheless, the whole high heel thing became worse. He is now forcing me to wear six inches. He pulls me in for a hug.

"Hey. You look really beautiful in that beanie. It's adorable." He compliments and tabs the beanie.

"Thanks." I gush. He bends down to picks up Teddy, who screams in delight. Teddy kisses Dylan on the cheek and snuggles in his arm. He is a very affectionate human. Dylan looks at me with wide eyes, as if he can't quite believe the love he has just been shown. I smile and give him a thumbs up. He opens the door for me, allowing me to step inside and he enters after me and closes the door. I wait for him to walk, but he stays stationed in the main entrance.

"Listen, I need you to act as my girlfriend. Please, just for tonight. My parents think I have one, you know with all the Er..."

"Player ways?" I raise an eyebrow.

"Please, Alex. You are the perfect person." He begs. I sigh.

"Fine, but then we will be even for the bet, for an ulterior to wearing dresses okay?" I reply. He nods.

"Thank you so much."

Then, he leads to the living room. Proving this moment to be one of the most nerve-racking things I will ever have to experience. I don't quite understand why I'm so nervous, I mean, I'm not even his actual girlfriend!

We link hands, while he still carries Teddy. He looks at me for permission. I nod. I might as well enjoy it, just for tonight. It's only one night, and it's only holding hands.

We walk in and I'm faced with two very smart, rich looking people. I gulp. It's alright Alex. This is all put on.

I put on a big smile. The parents eye Teddy. I know what they are thinking. Why is their son going out with a girl, who has a child, and isn't married?

"I'm Alex. It's lovely to finally meet you both." Dylan nods in approval. They both look a bit sceptical, but shake my hand.

"Mom and Dad, I know that you are probably wondering about this little monster." Dylan starts, tickling Teddy, who giggles. I roll my eyes. Dylan looks to me for permission. I so appreciate the fact that he does so, and I give him a nod. The parents watch our ordeal with curiosity.


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