Miss Assistant

Twenty Six:

"Are you sure?" I ask as Annabelle hands me a beautiful midnight blue dress. It is a halter neck, and tight around the bust. A ribbon separates the shirt from the skirt. The skirt then flares to the floor. I slip it over my head.

Annabelle pouts. "What?" I ask, and she breaks into a wide smile.

"That looks so much better on you than it ever could on me!" Annabelle slaps my shoulder.

"Don't say that! You are absolutely gorgeous!" I smile widely at my good friend. She is wearing a light pink dress that reaches the floor. It is sleeveless and tight also around the bust. It then flares out into a more glittery pink fabric until the floor. She looks beautiful.

We both do our make up. She does a smokey eye and adds some pink lipstick. I decide to go mainly natural, so I add a light pink lipstick, with some very light brown eye shadow and black mascara. I leave my hair in light waves, while Annabelle ties hers up, leaving a few pieces down.

"Ready?" She smiles. I turn and nod.

"I am. How are we getting there?" I ask, looking at Annabelle.

"Jason is picking us up." She answered. The door to the hotel opens. "Speak of the devil." She mutters and Jason arrives. He grins as he sees his wife.

"You look absolutely breathtaking." He smiles and pulls her into a kiss. You can feel the love between the two. His eyes finally land on me as they break up from the kiss.

"Alex!" Jason says in surprise.

"It's good to see you again, Jason." I smile and he hugs me.

"What a small world." He whispers. Annabelle and I both burst out laughing, I don't think we were meant to hear that. I feel a bit bad, I am interrupting their couple's evening, I suppose.


The gala was held at an extremely beautiful venue, however, it must have cost a fortune to hire it. Annabelle leads us inside and I'm flabbergasted as I walk in. We are a bit late, so most of the room is full to the brim of dancing dressed people. The woman's dresses are extravagant and wherever you look, there are diamonds wrapped around necks, and decorating ears. The men are all in tuxedos, each of them looking smart. I spot Annabelle's parents talking animatedly to guests. Her mother looks beautiful in a red gown, and her father matched his wife with a red bow tie and black tux. She is wearing a breathtaking diamond necklace around her neck and long white gloves. I almost feel underdressed, when compared with the beautiful woman who almost twice my age. Arnold, Annabelle's father grabs a champagne glass and hits it softly with a teaspoon to gain the crowd's attention.

"Friends!" He says in a big voice, "Thank you all for supporting this great cause and this event as a result. I hope you enjoy your evening with us, and please, we are donating to the respective charities, so please, be generous. Otherwise, enjoy the evening." He smiles and the guests go back to laughing and speaking and the room comes alive once more.

Annabelle and I stay close together. I am not quite sure where Jason has gone off to, but I don't mind. I have Annabelle. She turns towards me and smiles.

"Caught the attention of some handsome foreign men I see." She says and tilts her head in the direction of a group consisting of three, extremely handsome men. "The tallest one is the son of an Italian billionaire." I look at the tallest man. He has deep sea green eyes, tan skin, and dark brown, almost on the verge of black, hair. His tuxedo reveals that he is well built, as it shows off his broad shoulders.

"I believe his name is Giovanni Romano. The man with the striking blue eyes is Dominic Rousseau. He is the son of a very rich and powerful family in France." I immediately see a pair of stunning blue eyes staring in my direction. "The other man, I did not mention, is clearly taken. I don't know who he is but, I can see a wedding ring on his finger. Dominic and Giovanni, however, are free as birds. Just you wait. They will be over here soon. " She predicts.

I take a moment to study Dominic, in his blue-eyed glory. He is handsome, he towers above most men in this room, save Giovanni and a few others. He too has broad shoulders, but it is clear that he is more built than Giovanni. He is paler, and his hair is more black. I swoon at the sight of such a handsome man.

Sure enough, as Annabelle predicted, the three come staggering over to us.

"Annabelle, it is good to see you again." Dominic smiles widely and turns to me. "And who is your lovely friend here?" He asks, and his eyes glaze over mine. I take the chance to speak. 

"Alexander Evans, but my friends call me Alex." I smile and hold my hand out in greeting. However, he takes it into his hand and brings it to his lips, my fingers tingle as his breath tickles my skin. As he releases my hand, my eyes shift over to Giovanni who rolls his eyes.

"Giovanni." The sea-eyed monster says to me after Dominic lets go of my hand and I turn to Giovanni. I can tell he is more introverted, and a little bit cold, but he has a fire to him, the same fire which burns within Dylan.

"Pleasure." I smile slightly at the sight of the two very handsome men. I suddenly feel self-conscious about how I look. How I feel, but I brush the feeling away and look at Annabelle instead.

Jason walks over and asks her to dance. She smiles and takes his hand as soft music plays in the background. Dominic, the blue-eyed monster walks forward.

"Care to dance, mademoiselle?" His thick French accent makes my knees go weak. How could I refuse? Even though I have no idea how to dance. I take his outstretched hand in mine, and he sweeps me off to the dance floor. 


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