Miss Assistant

Thirty Seven:

"What the hell are you doing here?" I hear my voice says as my eyes spot her walk into the room. Yes. Delilah, the woman from Paris, walks into the room.

"I could ask you the same question." She retorts, her features contorted into a frown. My eyebrows raise skyward. I turn towards the guilty culprit. 

"Well?" I ask Dylan, Walton for an explanation. His eyes dart between Delilah and me, as if he can't decide who to explain to first. I place my hand on my hip and sigh. His eyes settle on me.

"She is also on my emergency contact list." He states and I sigh deeply, biting my cheek as I do. Remain calm Alex. Remain calm.

"Alright." I answer quickly. "Alright." I whisper again.

"I am his girlfriend, so of course I am on his emergency contact list. Oh, Dylie! I came as soon as I heard!" She says, now ignoring me, and running toward Dylan. She placed her arms around him, and kisses his cheek. My eyebrows raise further up my forehead.

His girlfriend? I thought that was my job description. I'm pretty sure we just made up right? Hell, we just confessed that we love each other, but I want to hear what Dylan will say. He owes that much to me, if anything at all. So I seal my lips, no matter how much my body is screaming at me to say something.

"Delilah," Dylan starts, but pauses, "You and I broke up a long time ago. We are long over. I've just never bothered to check my emergency contacts."

"I thought we got back together?" She pleads, "What about the other night?"

The other night? Oh shoot. My blood feels like it's starting to boil. My hands clench into fists, and my breathing deepens. Is he didn't have the decency to actually wait. I thought I meant something to him. Obviously not. I know we weren't together but I thought he missed me. He said he did.

To prevent myself from blurting words I know I shouldn't, or something that I will regret, I turn on my heel, and walk towards the door.

"Alex! Wait! Ale-" I hear, and I stop in my tracks and turn around to look at Dylan, to see why he was cut off suddenly. I almost burst into tears, as Delilah crashes her lips on to his. So, I walk out the hospital room and I walk to my locker, grab my bags, and leave the hospital. I don't bother to say goodbye. I'm done. He has made his decision. He has made his choice. I've given my heart away to too many people, and so, I decide right now, that I am going to build walls so high, no one will be able to climb them. I'm finished. I'm done getting hurt, and I'm done with pretty boy guys with ugly hearts. My heart cannot afford to be broken anymore.

I climb into my car and shut the door. A loud sob escapes my lips, and the tears stream down my face. I can't take it anymore. I'm so done with men. I'm done with romance and I'm done with love. If I let one more person into my life, if I let my heart decide it wants to love them, I know now, from experience, that my heart will break again. I cannot afford to take the risk. If I do, I might not be able to put back all the pieces. Hell, I can hardly do so now.

I pull up to my parent's house after I had gone home. I have packed a huge duffel bag, with both my and Teddy's clothes. I think I need to stay with my parents for a while. I need their support. So I do. I arrive at their house, hug my godson as he runs out to greet me and pour my heart out to my parents. I really needed this. I tell them everything. Everything.


Over the next few months, I see Alex a few times. Jason and I were at a two day business conference meeting, along with my parents when we got the call about Dylan's incident. He then preceded to tell me all about the things that happened between him and Alex over the past few months and I understood, everything. My brother is an idiot. That's the lightest term I can possibly come up with. He's an idiot for letting her go, for hurting her, and for ever thinking he had a chance with someone so amazing as her. It sounds harsh, but he has destroyed her.

I look at Alex in front on me. We are out for lunch, but she looks empty. She seems to have sunk into herself slowly over the past few months. Her eyes have almost lost their constant twinkle. When she smiles, her face seems to light up again, but I'm her eyes, you can tell the smiles aren't sincere. She has almost lost herself. Her eyes look sunken, and even as I speak to her, even though she is physically here, her expression tells me she is somewhere else. She looks like she is in constant pain. How I wish I could shield her from the atrocities that she has had to face over the last months.

Men have hurt her and left her alone and bested up. This girl in front of me is not Alex. She is not the happy and carefree character she always was. She's quiet, and doesn't say much. She has built up walls so high no one can get in, and she can't get out. She has built her own tower and locked herself inside it. She's too afraid to come out, because the world has beaten her up and thrown her away. She has given up.

If only I could change everything. If only I could turn back time and stop Delilah from ever setting foot into this family and wrecking this family apart. She hurt Dylan, and that's why he became who he became. It's all her fault, but deep down, deep down I know it's not all her fault. It's Dylan's, and it's my own. I could've stopped him. I could've prevented him from becoming the cruel womanizer he is.


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