Mr Billionaire wants me

Do I like Him

They say love is patient
But that applies to those that wait
They say love is potent
But what happens if your late...


Precious POV

A breezy afternoon and I'm sitting in a cafe, holding my coffee. I've tried to stop thinking of him. For crying out loud, two months have passed. The paparazzi died down when they didn't get any story from me and I guess Ethan's got his life back. I mean it didn't even reach a month and he's already dating. I guess those who rush are those who hurt.

I haven't heard from Ethan at all. No phone calls, no text, I guess he's just fulfilling my wish. My stupid wish. 
So I went to his office a week after our chat and I just got more hurt. He was there but with a woman in his legs. Ironic isn't it, you say you like someone and the person turns away for sometime and your already sleeping with another.
Standing up, I pay the bill and decide to go to the park. It's Saturday after all and Funke is funningly busy.

Reaching the park, I just decide to walk around and clear my head. I've had two exams in this two months and to say I'm good in business is an understatement. I had the highest and so it just remains 5 more months (I don't know how long a master's program is in New York so I just made mine 7 months).

Standing there, I saw kids playing around, hmmm... I want that. I like Ethan I know that now. But we can't all get what we want right?. I've dated two guys in the university and let's just say I wasn't really lucky. Guys never took me seriously because I'm short at least that's what they say but I don't let it get to me. I love myself and if a guy doesn't like me the way I am he can suck it.

My phone buzzed in my bag snapping me out of my reverie. Weird. Why is rose calling, we haven't spoken since the Ethan's company party.
It buzzed again and I answered it

"Hello Precious" she sounded excited

"Hi Rose, how are you doing and how's Ryder" I've missed her even if it was just a night. They are nice people

"Oh we are fine darling, It's been so long since we saw and talked. How are you doing" am i even fine

"I'm great, hope everything is okay" worried something is wrong

"Everything is fine dear, I just wanted to invite you to dinner tomorrow night, if that's okay with you, I mean it's been awhile and we missed you" I can't see Ethan, not now, I might blow up

"I'm sorry Rose, I don't think I can make it" hoping she'll drop it

"I won't take no for an answer, so I'll see you tomorrow at 7pm dear. Please come and I know something is not right between you and Ethan because he's changed if you say no,I'll tell Edwin our driver to pick you up anyway" changed how, now I'm worried and she won't take no for an answer.

"Okay Rose,I'll be there" sighing she said thanks and ended the call.
Oh joy, I'm done for.

I'm doomed. What was I thinking to say yes. I'm not ready to see him again. I mean come on he said he liked me and it wasn't even up to a month and he's already dating Brittany. It's already 4:39pm and I'm not dressed. My nerves are all over the place. My door opened and Funke walked in

"Hey prey, what's wrong" I turned to her and told her about the phone call. She already knows what happened between me and Ethan.

I am doomed funke, what do I do" I sat down defeated

"You are gonna go to that dinner and eat food and stand up to Ethan if he tries anything stupid, got it. Now I have just the cloth for you" shes a life saver and my best friend and I couldn't have asked for better

Standing up, I take the dress she gave me and wore it

My love for Ankara never ceases. So I tie my hair down and put on my black heels. Grabbing my purse and phone I leave the house.

Taking a cab, It took a whole hour to get there. 
Ringing their door bell, I felt so nervous. Liya opened the door and she squealed and hugged me so tight. And the hugging begins.

Stepping into their mansion again, o see Rose and hug her then I shake Ryder. I totally misjudged this rich people concept.

"Come on, dinner will soon be served" Rose said smiling and we all head to the dinning room.

Food. My only love, varieties of food sprawled on the table looking so delectable. I could feel my tummy grumble in excitement but that soon changed as I saw his beautiful eyes staring at me. My tummy instantly fell. He just stared at me while I froze.

Brittany cleared her throat snapping me out of my shock and I took my seat.

"Who invited you, isn't it a family dinner" Brittany's eyes shone with anger

"And who says you are family, I invited her, do you have a problem then get out" Rose smiled too sweetly

She looked embarrassed but angry. I hope Ethandoesn't get angry. His eyes were so cold.

"Okay, dinner isn't gonna eat itself. Let's dig in" Ryder stated and I just remembered how hungry I am.

The maids served us, I mumbled a thank you. And I dug in. It was absolutely heavenly.

"This is amazing" I was really enjoying this food. Rose smiled and Ethan continues to eat.

We made small talk during the dinner and it was fun although Ethan didn't say a word. I was starting to get worried but why should I. 
When we finished, the maids came in to clear the table and one of them poured wine on my legs.

"Oh my God" I stood up quickly

"I'm so sorry ma'am, please, I'm sorry" she looked so teary and her eyes were begging me. I felt bad for her. She started cleaning my legs with her hands. What. I noticed some wine on her too

" No stop please, thank you and don't worry. I'll clean it myself, why don't you go clean yourself up. Don't worry about me." She opened her mouth gaping and her eyes widened.


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