Mr Billionaire wants me

He's Here??

Love is like the sun,
It lightens the heart...

Precious POV

"Of course I would be delighted to write for you" I said my voice thick with excitement.

"That's great, I will email you the details for the project" Miss Dana replied with equal excitement and hung up. I stood from my seat and jumped up and down like a child, I was super excited to be writing for one of the most renowned publishing companies in Nigeria. Apparently, my novel wasn't only read in New York but extended to Nigeria as well. Ever since I came back home two months ago, I had been getting offers from writing firms and even Agro allied industries as a food processor and project manager, so I had chosen to take the food processing job as my day job and the writing work as a side job since I only write from home, it was better that way but I was tired and in need of a break. Don't get me wrong, I love my jobs because I love what I do but It was tiring sometimes when it came to listening to ideas for write-ups and consultations for food industries. I slumped back on my couch, feeling tired suddenly, I was home alone. My dad had gone to work despite my insisting that he retires but what can I do, the man loves to work, at least he was the CEO so he didn't have to go in everyday. As for my mum, she had decided to go out supervising the side work my dad had put in place. I was proud of my parents, they didn't have to work under anyone at their age, they were their own boss. My brother had gone to football camp for his GLO membership training and won't be back for a month, while my sister had gone back to the University. I sighed and closed my eyes hoping to get some shut eye after all the work I had been doing only for me to snap them open again because my phone was ringing. Groaning, I picked it up without checking the caller ID

"Ife, we need to go shopping tomorrow" I groaned even louder at Funke's loud voice.

"Shopping?, For what" I really didn't want to go anywhere, I love clothes but I hated shopping. Huh, too much walking, that's why I preferred to do a work at home writing job, well, except for my day job which is even more tiring.

"For convocation na, abi you have forgotten it's in a week" she said in a duh time. how could I forget, she had been humping me about what we were going to cook, how we are going to dress, the after party we need to plan and honestly, I just let her do all the talking and pretend like I'm listening. I wasn't a fan of parties but what can I say, it is going to be out departmental get-together so I had to attend.

"I'm not going anywhere, I have more than enough dresses to wear for both the convocation and the after party" I huffed out happy that I already picked the clothes I was going to wear.

"Even if you've picked your clothes, you are going to help me find mine" she demanded

"Why don't you just buy material and sow your dress, I'm sure that would be better" I tried to convince her

"Hmm... Okay, I think that's better. I'm going to get the material. Bye" and before I could reply, she hung up. At least that's out of the way. I checked the time and it was 3pm, I had been working on a book for four hours, I definitely needed to sleep. I packed my laptop to a side and made myself comfortable on the couch ready to sleep until a knock was heard from my gate. My home had a front gate unlike other houses around the avenue, we treasured our privacy. Yes, we got along with the neighbors but we just wanted more security around the house.

Groaning and muttering a curse word, I stood from my position and dusted the invisible wrinkles on my gown, I was wearing a no hand long flowy black gown and my hair was packed in a donut shape. I moved to open my front door and marched to the gate to see the human being that decided to disturb me only for my eyes to be softened at the sight of my neighbors five year old daughter, Ada. She was Igbo, another major ethnic group in Nigeria.

"Aawn my love, how are you" I asked the smiling four year old

"Aunty Ife, one man said I should call you" she replied totally ignoring my question. My face scrunched up into confusion and I looked away from the girl and took note of my surroundings that's when I spotted an Ash coloured Lexus parked by the side of the road. I also noticed the neighbors looking at the car like they could see the person inside was important. I turned my gaze back to the four year old

"Which man dear" I asked softly and she pointed at the Lexus car that was taking so much attention. My confusion grew, was it someone I know. Ada, not getting a word from me left the gate to her house and I walked out closing the gate behind me and walked to the car, however before I got to it, the person must have noticed I was coming and opened his door, stepping out and I was surprised, shocked to see him. Ethan. My legs froze on the spot, my eyes widening as I took in his form. I have never forgotten about him, I couldn't, he was like a magnet following me everywhere, and the fact that he texted me everyday boosted the feeling, the feeling that he still loved me. I honestly thought he would move on, like he did when he first confessed to me but he kept texting me, sending me love messages and even money which I hadn't touched. I stayed rooted in my spot and looked at him, he was to put it bluntly, drop dead gorgeous even the black circles under his eyes which were very prominent and his messed up hair which I figured he ruffled it up himself whenever he was nervous didn't do him any justice, he was beautiful. He wore a white tee-shirt that brought out his muscles and black jean- trousers that made his butt look edible. We both stayed like that for a few minutes until I heard some whispers of who he might be and some fan girling comments at how yummy he looked, I didn't blame them but their comments made me angry. I was jealous, I admit. I was snapped out of my daydream by a hand on my waist pulling me for a hug. He hugged me like he had been wanting to do it for years and I allowed him because I felt the same, just letting us soak in the moment. He was really here, wait, he is here, that snapped me out completely like a bucket of water and I pulled away quickly but still enough to see the hurt that flashed through his eyes.


Edited: 20.10.2020

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